Mastering Risk Management Podcast

Mastering Risk Management Podcast

Leading practitioners in risk management share their knowledge and experiences. In each episode we'll cover topical risk issues or interview a leader in the field. Feedback and input are always welcome - tell us who you'd like to hear from and what subjects are of particular interest. Enjoy! Audio track: 'Saturn' by Marsel Minga


July 1, 2024 37 mins

Today's Mastering Risk Management podcast features a special guest, Lisa Carlin, a director at Future Builders Group.

Lisa is known for mentoring innovative leaders and turbocharging strategic initiatives. With a background at Accenture and McKinsey, she has pioneered a culture-friendly approach to deliver over 50 implementations.

Those working with Lisa have the sounding board and expert guidance they need...

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What if your career trajectory could change with an unexpected gift? Join us for a thought-provoking conversation with John Charles, the Senior Vice President at ISSQUARED Inc, as he recounts his unique journey from receiving an IBM PC from his parents to shaping the field of IT security and identity management. 

From the discipline of the United States Marine Corps to impactful roles at AT&T and Microsoft, John shares...

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Have a listen to this fantastic chat with Brad Hibbert, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Strategy Officer of Prevalent, a leader in third party risk management.

With all organisations looking for ways to streamline operations and focus on their core skillsets, there has been a massive uptake over recent years in outsourcing / co-sourcing or just plain contracting out elements of the business.

Whilst this realis...

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In this podcast chat, Anthony shares key tips for successful project risk management, which, if done correctly, means more successful projects!

The ABM Risk Partnership team - Brett Palmer, Tony Anderson and Anthony - recently presented a workshop titled 'Managing Uncertainty - Project Risk Management' at the RMIA 2024 Risk Conference in Sydney.

The workshop was attended by a diverse range of people repr...

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Almost every organisation on the planet is reliant on a supply chain of some description - and in this episode we unpack the challenges and major developments that have affected supply chains.

My guest is Pete Grett - Founder and CEO of the Blackrock Group. His career journey is an important part of his backstory, having started his working career as a temp employee in a warehouse.

Something must have struck a cho...

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As promised when we interviewed Simon earlier in the year, we spoke to him again in this episode to get some insight into the RMIA Risk Management Conference happening on the 13th to the 15th of May in Sydney.

Since we last spoke, Simon and the Conference team have done a great job at securing some top-notch speakers and presenters and finalising what looks to be an awesome event.

You'll hear Simon talk abou...

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In our chat, Rocco shares his vast experience in assisting companies to safely, and with due regard to the environment, retire or on sell end of life computer and network equipment.

As you'll hear, the biggest challenge is not the physical equipment, but rather ensuring that all company confidential or sensitive data is removed from the devices and unable to be retrieved.

Listen for his observation on where d...

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In this episode Brett & I speak to Simon Levy, CEO of the RMIA about his personal journey in Risk Management, his ambitions for the RMIA and the upcoming conference to be held in Sydney in May 2024.
This is a refreshing discussion - Simon has been a risk practitioner for many years and brings that experience to his role as the CEO of the RMIA in promoting and improving the profession.
He generously shares stories of the...

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Welcome back to the first podcast interview for 2024!

In this podcast, I chat with Alex Bovee, CEO of ConductorOne, a firm dedicated to modernising how organisations manage access to their vital systems and data.

In my experience, most organisations struggle with getting their access controls right - trying to navigate the fine line between being too restrictive and impacting business efficiency and too open and p...

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December 27, 2023 26 mins

In this final episode for 2023, I take a look back at the guests that have appeared on the show this year as well as recapping the Podcast Chats which were launched in January.

Also, I share the shows statistics for 2023 - and am most grateful for you the listener getting us into the top 25% of podcasts on Buzzsprout!

I trust you and yours have had a wonderful festive season thus far and, like I, are looking forwa...

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My discussion this episode is with Brittany Allen, Trust & Safety Architect at Sift and delves into the challenges of protecting us all as we live our online lives.

Brittany is incredibly experienced in battling e-commerce fraud and is often consulted as a key source by major publications such as Fortune, Fast Company, Bloomberg, The Hill and Forbes.

Her current role entails developing industry best practices ...

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In this discussion, Anthony Wilson and Brett Palmer discuss what good reporting looks like for Executives and Directors of organisations.

Clearly there are regulatory requirements that Senior Management and Boards must meet and that must be supported by robust Risk Management reporting. The trick is always getting the balance right - too much detail is just as bad as too little.

When reporting to these groups, mat...

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In this podcast chat, Anthony Wilson and Brett Palmer talk about the critical link between Risk Management and Corporate Governance.

In short, to be an effective and sustainable organisation, one can't exist without the other. And this applies whether it's a Private, Public, Not-For-Profit or Government entity.

Firstly, Risk Management needs the imprimatur and indeed mandate of the Board - clearly articu...

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October 27, 2023 33 mins

A must listen episode for all Senior Executives and Directors!

In this discussion, Tim Weiss describes the challenges (and solutions) that organisations are facing in respect to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) requirements that are becoming even more 'front and centre' in the list of priorities.

ESG represents a classic risk - with both threats and opportunities for organisations that take t...

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In this episode, Brett and I discuss the Risk Management Gap Analysis - what it is, how you go about it, what are the key focus areas and why all organisations need to do it periodically.

The key takeaway is that this is not putting a specific risk under the microscope but actually reviewing the Risk Management Program itself and comparing how its performing compared to the ambitions you set for the program.

If yo...

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October 5, 2023 34 mins

This episode features a fascinating chat with Darren Gallop, CEO and co-founder of Carbide. The Carbide team believe that making security and privacy foundational to your business can accelerate your company’s growth trajectory.

Darren started his career as a professional musician touring with his band(s) throughout Canada. That experience fueled an interest in the music’s business side, leading him to found his own record label, an...

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All the cybersecurity challenges getting you down? Struggling to understand the threat much less what you can do about it?

In this podcast with Patrick and Duane, you'll hear about cybersecurity with a refreshing use of plain-English and a dash of humour thrown in!

That's not to say these guys don't take cybersecurity seriously - they are at the front line everyday helping firms better defend their...

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This episode of the Mastering Risk Management Podcast Chats addresses a common misunderstanding we see when talking to organisations that have reached the stage of making a decision as a result of their risk analysis / evaluation.

Do we accept the risk, treat the risk, transfer the risk or not proceed with the activity that could see the risk eventuate (i.e. reject the risk)?

One of the issues we commonly see if t...

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In this episode, Anthony and Brett discuss how to manage risk in projects - be they big or small!

Regardless of size, projects or programs have some very similar 'core' risks - making them ideal for using historical project performance to inform the risk identification process of the new project.

We discuss the key elements organisations need to consider when managing project risk, whether the organisati...

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This would have to be one of the most fascinating conversations to date in the Mastering Risk Management podcast!

Alan usually gives interviews to the likes of CNN, the BBC and Al Jazeera so to get him on the podcast is a real win for our listeners. And the conversation is well worth the listen.

Alan takes us on a journey of what Artificial Intelligence is, how it's being deployed and why we all need to get i...

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