Miracle Minded

Miracle Minded

Miracle Minded is a podcast for the inspired and intuitive woman saying YE$ to more. Nichole Sylvester is Master Coach, Spiritual Mentor & 2 x Best-selling Author. Tune in for practical and spiritual tips, tools and conversations to take your personal and professional life to next level now.


May 21, 2024 21 mins

This is a love note for the coaches, consultants, services based business owners AND clients of them. Listen in and let me know how it lands for you. 

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Mark as Played

It's been a wild week, thanks to my intuition and let me be clear I'm not mad at it one bit. As I honored the feeling of my inner-guidance I simultaneously witnessed the voice attempting to keep me "safe" and in my comfort zone of familiar and predictable. Listen in and prepare to question your own fear and limitation. 



Mark as Played

So much has been happening behind the scenes over here, a empowering lessons and plot twists. It's also give given me the opportunity to expand my capacity for surrender and trust to follow where intuition leads. I share the details PLUS there's a change to Money Miracles. Listen in now. 

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Dense energies block money flow. Not because money doesn't want to come to you, but these subconscious states of being transmit signal, "I don't feel worthy of more money/blessings" You may be surprised by the causes of hidden money guilt, shame and other cash flow blocking energy for women.

I break down the reasons many women feel it, then I introduce the emotional shift that changes everything for us. Listen in now. 


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Money is a mirror. Money reveals so much about our relationship to our power, worth and our birthright of abundance. This episode is for the woman ready to breakthrough her very own money thresholds, the energy where you question "wait, is this too much?!" 

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What if I told you a common and well intended money behavior to "help" you can actually limit you from big money breakthroughs...because it's so true for me and many women in my world. Plus, I share a clip from my Money Emotional intelligence program to help you recognize your deeply held money and self-worth belief in your panty drawer. Yep, your panties have a lot to say ;) 

Today's episode is a RICH one. Grab your journal, you'l...

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Money Miracle Season is upon us! This epsiode is for the woman who knows she's here to create a new way, blaze a propserous path and set herself (and others) free. Listen in now. 

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A woman who trusts herself (and Source) moves through life differently. There's a big energy she holds, a greater capacity and undeniable magnetism. SHE is within YOU. Deepening into trust is a process, and it's far from a perfect one. Let's talk about it. 

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MONEY MIRACLES MAY 2024 Early Enrollmen...

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It's been 18 month since I stood on stage at my Newport Beach event and shared the importance of not only living wealthy...but WELLthy.  Wellbeing is the foundation of birthing our greatest dreams!  In this episode I share my in-depth experience answering the call to get involved in the hormone health and wellness space. 

Enjoy this episode and let me know what it inspires for you! xo 

Links shared during the show...

The Morning Ro...

Mark as Played

This conversation is so important. You are inherently innocent. You are Divinity. It's our birthright to remember and live a life from this knowing. It changes everything. I mean, EVERYTHING.  Listen in and be sure to send to someone you love. This episode is medicine for the human Spirit. xo

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I personally know what it feels like to experience self-doubt, hestitation to move forward in a big bold way and the heaviness of feeling unworthy. This has been my journey and I know it's by Divine design, becuase it's given me the gift of knowing exactly how to guide you beyond your own.

There are two primary routes of this experience. One is Spirit, One is matter...let's talk about what that actually means. Listen in now. xo 


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Your body is a gateway to abundance in all forms. The mind supports this process through disciplined focus. 

As you elevate our frequency, you shift the energetic signal you are living and creating from. As you elevate your frequency, you become available to new and abundant information. 

You literally become abundance. 

Abundance expresses through you first, then to you. 

UNLOCKING INNER RICHES: stacking 5 days of energetic breakt...

Mark as Played

You have an infinite supply of INNER RICHES and I'm here to help you awaken and access your abundant inner-treasures. Sharing something NEW and exciting in my world. ALSO, sharing my perspective on money dating dynamics, trusting yourself and Source, and receiving vs being needy and more in my recent interview from Raw & Real podcast with Soni Pelty. 

UNLOCK YOUR INNER RICHES ~ 5 days of breathwork, meditation, hypnosis, lesson...

Mark as Played

When you settle in any area of life, there’s a process that takes place internally. This episode is going to speak directly to this process and how to undo it. You’ll hear examples, of conscious and unconscious settling and how this shows up in our personal and professional lives.

Plus, I share a mentorship moment from this weekend, how I did a thing, changed my mind and prioritized my energy like it's no big deal. As always, I'M S...

Mark as Played

When you walk in realtionship to Spirit you move differently. The great news is, the ball is in your court, always! Today I share why so many of us are feeling exhausted by, overwhelmed or just completely over so much of what is being fed to us online when it comes to growing our business and elevating our life. 

Women of faith crave depth, connection and care. And a new way of doing life and business is emerging for us. We are bei...

Mark as Played

Where your knowledge ends, God's extends. Spirit knows a way, the plan is more prosperous and fulfilling, too. But you must surrender, you must soften into your Divinity and know you are loved, deeply and provided for fully. 

Listen in, it's time to depend on a power greater than yours for a life beyond what you possibly know how to create. xo 

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Mark as Played

Do you feel like you've done so much work, yet things are still a struggle for you? Maybe in business, or money or confidence OR simply in the way you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Maybe you've sensed I know how, yet you can't seem to get yourself to make the necessary moves?  

You've read the books, invested in the courses and even hired the coach to work on your mindset and strategy but STILL you didn't feel ready. Or bel...

Mark as Played

It's been 2 weeks and I'm still lingering in the sweetness from Bali. I want to share my juiciest lessons, observations and more with you... 

A preview of what you'll hear:

- A mini update on what's coming through creatively right now (I've made something for you)

- How I analyze my retreats as a facilitator when I get home.

- Lessons I've learned over the years leading retreats. 

- What happened in Bali, a few observations, lesson...

Mark as Played

There's power in this message. If you're ready to open your heart and mind to greater possibilities and truly walk in faith, PRESS PLAY.  Brave is a portal. Brave is a signal we send to the Divine, "I'm ready, I'm available, show me what's possibile!"  I also talk about walking in faith, the embodiment and truly being available to win in this lifetime. 

Miracle Worker Method 2024 begins Monday Feb 19th. Deepen spiritu...

Mark as Played

Are you aware of your generational patterns? In money, relationships, avoidance, ability to shine or need to hide and so on?  We inherit these ways of being and it shapes our way of living. Even when we deeply desire something new for ourselves. 

Generational patterns are deep groves in our psyche and nervous system and unless we devote ourselves to forging a new pathway and taking real action...we repeat the pattern. Press play an...

Mark as Played

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