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Mystic Witch

Various forms of divination, Tarot, Astrology, etc, in tandem with magical walks of all paths. From ceremonial magic to quick and dirty spell work. Managing to keep it light while still taking ourselves seriously. We will also discuss Paranormal investigations, and supernatural experiences. No matter where you live you can book blue for a reading at Support this podcast:


April 1, 2023 46 mins

Wendy, the Founder of Bruja Power Botanica, created Bruja Power Botanica to support seekers in their journey to magic and power. She believes that awakened humans are a force of nature and the drivers of the transformations needed in the world. Wendy received her Mayan Shamanism initiation in Yucatan, Mexico, and was trained in Curanderismo and Brujeria by her family. She graduated from the Feng Shui Master class of Lilian Too in M...

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Author of the vital work "Brujas: The Magic and Power of Witches of Color" Lorraine Monteagut PHD joins us to discuss Brujx feminism and it's important role in how feminism has evolved in recent years. In this episode she explains the necessity of Brujx feminsm, but also touches a bit on closed practices and why it's important to respect them, her lecture topic at the 2023 Botanica Obscura Conference at 12PM on March 18th, and some...

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February 1, 2023 27 mins

Jennifer Sodini, one of the creators of the very popular Amenti Oracle talks about new deck, Modern Nirvana Oracle and it's many uses. We discuss, the importance of practicing creativity in ones spiritual practice, ways to stay grounded in your ascension process, and the importance of using intuition in the NOW. Amenti Oracle, with it's stunning artwork by Natalie Miller, was a game changer in the Oracle realm for more reasons than...

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New Year, New World!
Better known as social media superstar @floridawitch Lindsay Rose joins us casually for some advice on how to manifest our New Years Resolutions. We discuss living through Mercury Retrograde as a seasoned spiritual practitioner, and talk a little shit about rapists (like Andrew Tate) and similar human failures getting the brutal justice that's been due to them throughout this mRx in particular. In this raw ...

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February 11, 2022 40 mins

2/21 UPDATE: About a week ago IG started rolling out a feature to report these scam account where you can finally tag the person they are pretending to be. If you have this feature available now please use it to take these account down. It generally takes them 3 days to review so the earlier you report the better.

2 Factors you need to look at to identify a scam account. Number one is the easiest tell:
1) The reading i...

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Puerto Rico based Psychic Astrologer, Dr. Veroshk Williams is an Afro Latina Clinical Psychology and Astrology expert born and raised in Puerto Rico. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Cornell University and worked as a brain research coordinator at Harvard University’s Psychiatric Hospital. She later discovered a fond love for astrology in her quest to provide answers and tools where psychology was lacking. She stu...

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The very well connected Producer and Astrologer Demetrius Bagley is an award-winning movie producer, currently in pre-production for film short Black Astrologers Yesterday. He’s been incredibly active in the astrology world over the last decade plus, working on some 30 astrologer conferences especially the groundbreaking Queer Astrology Conference 2020, and going back through the years he has been widely involved in many of the Nat...

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Western New Age practices appropriating indigenous practices is not a new problem but last month a deadly insurrection at the Capitol Building brought light to a man impersonating a shamanic practitioner in a way that is not just harmful but also dangerous. We talk about how this fantasy is harmful with Sagaasha, David Shi, whose book is linked in our show notes as well as his contact for further questions below. David is a spiritu...

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A little about the Leo Full Moon, a little debunking of the recent claims that there is antisemitism behind the Devil Tarot Card’s meaning, and a little catching up with your host, Blue June. What to expect from the show moving forward as well! <3 Stay Mystic, Witches!!!
Blue June is a tarot reader teacher and witch - you can book a reading with her at
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Those Fucking Angels - who are both gifted readers that regularly pull cards for all the signs of the zodiac and offer visual tarotscopes on their YouTube channel (link is at top of show note link list, subscribe!) teamed up with me, Blue June to give some tips on how to deal with out current Q-tine sitch! So without any further adieu here is this super fun - raw doggin ass - crossover episode - between Those Fucking Angels and Mys...

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April 14, 2020 41 mins

Emma Ako is a London raised/Bristol-based creative practitioner in the UK offering yoni empowerment to her clients to have open and honest conversations about our Yoni health. She created Mama Luna as a platform that is all about moving away from silence, stigma and shame to rediscovering, reclaiming and redefining OUR YONIHOOD!

Emma explains in accessible yet scientific terms in this episode what the many many benefits ar...

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Devin Hunter's Modern Witch Podcast was a huge inspiration for my show so having him on is truly a treat!  His podcast has been running for TEN YEARS! Bringing together both divination and witchcraft, Devin discusses in this episode how Modern Witch (podcast, blog, book) came to be, and  his new book under that very same title has been released! You can purchase Modern Witch (released by Llewelyn) pretty much anywhere but...

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In this episode we address some of the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and discuss briefly some actions that can be taken to support your community.  Cristy also talks about the production of politically fueled tarot deck, The Next World Tarot which features People of Color, People with Chronic Illness,  Queerness, Feminism, and Anarchy. for purchase or more info about Cristy C. Road
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In this episode two professional readers weigh in on what it's like to do divination for clients who want their dreams interpreted, some of the psychology that goes into those readings, and why having your dreams interpreted is so very beneficial. Our guest is Lisa Stardust - NYC based astrologer and pop culture horoscope writer, and your host, Blue June - Full time Tarot Reader, teacher, and wi...

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Blue speaks with brilliant Jenn Zarht, PhD about alchemical/astrological talismans she has been putting together, such oil of egg, then move into the topic of being a new mom as an astrologer.
Jenn is an author, publisher, alchemist, artist, poet, and teacher of cultural astronomy and astrology, who has been practicing astrology since 1998. She is the founder of Revelore Press, creative director of Sophia Centre Press, and edit...

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Author of several occult books on various topics, Ivo Dominguez Jr, has been active in the Wiccan and the Pagan community since 1978. He started studying astrology in 1980, and he currently serves as one of the Elders in The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.  His community work is the main obligation of his day to day life and the group currently collaborates with 14 other local covens. We discuss pros and cons of being in a coven...

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Michael Cardenas has been a Professional Spellworker and Medium for over 15 years and in this episode he tells @bluejunetarot about his training in both fields and how they come together in his profession. We also discuss at length what people should be looking for when seeking a professional spell worker, suggests some best practices for newly developing mediums, and recommends several books for psychic protection.

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February 3, 2020 26 mins

"Psychic Witch" by Mat Auryn is truly the book about psychic development and magic that we've all been waiting for! 

In this interview Mat discusses with Blue how the book came into existence, development, and just who can work magic and develop psychic abilities. Spoiler alert!  It's everyone! This book also highlights different abilities and goes into detail on different learning styles as well! ‘Psychic Witch: A Metaph...

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December 23, 2019 40 mins

Extraordinary Tarot’s founder, Calley Nelson, presents tarot as a card game to the guests at her events that everyone can play.  In this episode Calley discusses reading at large events and common misconceptions about event readers. You can book with her at Or connect @extraordinarytarot on IG.

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December 16, 2019 35 mins

Portland, OR based Psychic Channel & Author of “Healing With Serpents of the Unimaginable” Stephanie Ulrich explains how she channels cosmic healing information through snakes, her history speaking with snakes, and her relationship in limitlessness with Ananta. She offers psychic snake readings which you can book, or purchase her book at or find her on IG & Twitter @snakechanneler.
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