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June 18, 2024 21 mins

Physical Health Made Simple

Your challenge this summer is to get in shape spiritually, mentally, and physically. Check back on July 23rd for the second podcast on Soul Care Made Simple.


Want to learn more about the Summer 60 Challenge? Visit,

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This weekend, Jon Weece from Southland Christian Church in Lexington joined us as a guest speaker for Father’s Day. His focus was that Godly men have their priorities in alignment with God’s priorities.

He listed 6 ways men are biblically called to engage:

1. Grow by crucifying our emotions and appetites.

2. Provide for others.

3. Protect the people that matter t...

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June 10, 2024 42 mins

In this message, we welcome Professor Jamey Gorman to teach about the importance of church unity. Understanding our history allows us to make better decisions going forward. Unity is one of our vision targets as a church, and we are working on supporting other churches also so that more may know the name of Jesus

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June 3, 2024 53 mins

Don’t you love the book of James? It’s filled with challenges and wisdom. It’s raw, real, and more direct than any other book in the Bible and it’s even more compelling when we learn about the man who wrote it. James, the younger brother of Jesus, only experienced conversion after he saw his risen Brother. His conversion is one of the biggest proofs of the resurrection of Jesus. James later became the leader of the early Christian ...

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May 28, 2024 47 mins

 “Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” - Amos 5:24

Want to know God’s opinions on social justice? Look no further than the book of Amos. It’s a harsh book full of warning. God is just. And He links the sins of injustice and oppression with idolatry. This prophetic book is jam-packed with judgments and pleas for Israel, Judah, and the surrounding nations. But, even despite the coming judg...

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This weekend, we celebrated what God has done over the past 10 Years of Love the ‘Ville!


Love The ‘Ville isn’t just a motto – it’s a movement. To Love the ‘Ville means to unleash God’s love into every area of our lives. We started by asking our neighbors, “How can we help?” one Sunday morning, and it has grown into a year-round movement of loving our schools, city, and world!

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Yesterday, Tyler wrapped up our Roots to Branches message series sharing Jesus’ radical views on family undermining traditional and progressive views.

No matter where you came from, or what your family looks like… your family's pain does not define your future.

If you just choose to believe there is a big family here to hold you up!

The Good News is that the blood of Jesus cov...

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This weekend, Terrence gave us the second of two spiritual tools to unleash the power of God in our families. Living a selfless life.

This is the 2nd key to unlocking generational change in our family through God’s power.

So, how do you practice this? Gratitude, humility, and intentionality.

You are a better person and a better Christian, when your life is aiming at the harde...

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The last two weeks, we’ve focused on the past - both brokenness and blessings. It’s vital for us to learn and honor the blessings of the past, but also to redeem the brokenness that was handed down to us. This weekend, we moved from past to present, and Tyler gave us the first of two spiritual tools to unleash the power of God in our families. Forgiveness.

We don’t earn forgiveness by forgiving others, w...

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On Sunday, Tomara taught on Generational Blessings; part of our Roots to Branches message series. Real blessings draw us back to God. She asked us to look back in our lives and find nuggets of blessings and reminded us that we have been blessed to be a blessing. We are to move into the world from blessing, not for blessing.

So, how have God and your parents blessed you? Your challenge this week is the 3 Blessing Exercise. Each day ...

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This weekend, Tyler continued in our series Roots to Branches talking about Family Relationships and focusing on Generational Brokenness. Family relationships are powerful and have a lasting impact and demand on us.

One of the main points of this weekend is that we cannot overestimate the impact your family of origin has had on who you are. We all have things from our family of origin that can be negativ...

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This past Sunday, we welcomed Mark Moore here from Christ Church of the Valley in Arizona to launch our series Roots to Branches where we will dig into developing healthier family relationships. Marked focused on wisdom through the example of Solomon, the wisest man in the world. In Solomon’s story, we see that parenting and relationship failures happen when we stray from God.


Wisdom is n...

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April 1, 2024 41 mins

We loved celebrating our risen savior here at Northeast with you! At Easter, we remember the core of our faith and why we have hope. Because He rose, we have forgiveness of sins, a clear purpose for our lives, and freedom from the fear of death. “He is risen - and so shall we be!”

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Today, we wrap up our message series, A Journey into Captivity—A Study of Galatians. Today's message centers on preservation. Paul reminds us to stay true to Jesus' teaching and not be swayed by others' attempts to add to it or change it. False teaching puts free people back in chains, and Paul points us back to the truth. Let's be a church that stays true to the gospel and helps others find freedom in Jesus, in spite of a current ...

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In this message, Damian Thompson continues our study of Galatians with the topic of Perseverance. 

Persevere through your storms.

To persevere through the difficulties in life is a reminder that God is good, his mercy endures, and he is faithful. Damian reminds us that if the problem made it to you, that’s how you know you can endure it. Because God has already tested it, and He proved that you’re able to bear it. So just hold on.


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Terrence continues in our series “A Journey Into Captivity - A Study of Galatians” focusing on Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a state of being. It’s a reality that you live in. It's living in a restored state and renewed practices of relating to one another. It's the sense that reconciliation requires a group of people to embody their shared identity and walk together toward the same goals and outcomes. And that is established t...

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Mark Moore continues in our series “A Journey Into Captivity - A Study of Galatians” focusing on Mortification.

There is a truth of life that applies in many areas, and that by limiting our freedom we are more free.

We are most free when we are most dead.

Mark highlighted three practices and challenged us to take on one of them this week as a way of combatting the flesh:

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February 19, 2024 19 mins

Lent and this prayer and worship service offer us all the same thing… opportunity. What might it mean for us as individuals, but also as a congregation and as a community, to look deeply into the reality of our souls and be reminded why Good Friday and Easter had to happen? Easter is a season of celebration, but it is also a season of reckoning. It's a time when we come face to face with the reality that Jesus had to die because hu...

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On Sunday, Tyler continued our study of Galatians by focusing on Sanctification following Galatians 5:16-23. Paul explains that the Holy Spirit is present to guide us and produce fruit in our lives as we depend on Him. We must trust in the Holy Spirit for guidance, since following our heart can let us down.


How can we tune into the voice of Holy Spirit so that He will be our guide?

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In this message, Tyler continues our study of Galatians with the topic of liberation. Not only has the Holy Spirit freed us from the Law, He also guides us into the new law; the law of other-focused love. We are warned to not chain ourselves or others back to the old law (Legalism) and also to not selfishly indulge in our freedom found in Christ (Antinomianism). Which extreme do you tend to lean? How can you fix your eyes on your n...

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