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Novel Marketing

The longest-running book marketing podcast in the world. This is the show for writers who want to build their platform, sell more books, and change the world with writing worth talking about. Whether you self publish or are with a traditional house, this podcast will make book promotion fun and easy. Thomas Umstattd Jr. interviews publishers, indie authors, and bestselling traditional authors about how to get published and sell more books.


June 19, 2024 20 mins

I remember watching Steve Jobs's keynote presentation for the original iPhone. This magical new device, he said, would revolutionize our productivity.
And at first, it did.
But then, along came apps. Soon, user experiences were scientifically optimized to be as addictive as possible. An author's productive output is inversely correlated with time spent on the phone.
In this week's episode, we'll talk...

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Authors around the world are trying to reduce their reliance on Amazon. However, most of us still use and like Amazon. In fact, many authors earn most of their money from Amazon. But any company with a 90% market share can't be fully trusted.
One way indie authors can reduce their reliance on Amazon is by selling directly from their own author websites. Selling directly provides protection from the changes at an internatio...

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One key to becoming a bestselling author is the selling. And one element of sales is the sales pitch. Some authors think pitches are only to be used for pitching agents at writers conferences, but you can actually use a sales pitch whenever you talk about your book.
Your sales pitch convinces readers to care about and read your book. The stronger your pitch, the better your sales.
I’ve talked a lot about pitching novels in ...

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My first DOS computer had no mouse. Its screen had two colors: green and white. Today, computers have mice and complex graphics, and there is no need to be a computer programmer in order to use a computer.
Technology gets easier to use each year. Even though it's easier than it used to be, sometimes you still need help. Many authors find that the biggest obstacle keeping them from writing, publishing, or marketing is techn...

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A few months ago, we released an episode called The Starving Author: How to Market Books When You Have No Money.
After the episode aired, several authors asked me a similar question: “What do we do if we do have money to spend?” You see, not all authors are starving. Some writers have spent years saving money, and they want to know how to get the best return on that money when they invest it in book marketing.
So, how do yo...

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Author Media has a list of over 10,000 subscribers, and around half of them open our emails, which means our open rates hover around 50%. That’s a high open rate!
It’s partly because new subscribers join our email list through webinars I present for writers and authors. By the end of each webinar, attendees know enough to want to open emails from Author Media and me. Plus, the comments, questions, and polls associated with the ...

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An Uber driver's most valuable asset is his car. A photographer's camera is critical. An Uber driver with a broken car can't make money, and a photographer with a cheap camera will slowly starve.
What is the critical tool for an author? What tool will help you earn money and keep you from starving?
Your laptop!
You write, edit, and promote your book on your laptop. A reliable, compatible computer is key t...

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April 10, 2024 46 mins

When readers browse Amazon, they have already decided to purchase a book. The only question is: Which book will they choose? What if there was a way to reach readers at this pivotal moment and persuade them to pick your book from the list they're considering?
There is! It is called Amazon Advertising, and it has become one of the most popular forms of book promotion for indie authors.
However, many authors feel intimid...

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The tools we use for writing have evolved over the centuries, from quill and inkpot to the printing press, to the word processor to AI. Recent developments in AI tools for writers have sparked everything from laughable images to controversy and fear.
Is AI evil? Is it safe?
In this week’s episode, we’ll discuss what you need to know about AI in our current day. You’ll learn

  • How (and how early) it developed
  • What threats it...
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March 27, 2024 18 mins

Almost every traditionally published book goes up for preorder before it comes out. However, the advice surrounding preorders can be confusing for indie authors. Some indies say preorders are critical. Others say having a preorder for your book can hurt sales.
Who is right?
Should you set up a preorder for your book? Are preorders a good idea or a bad idea?
Preorders can help or hurt, depending on what kind of author yo...

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March 20, 2024 32 mins

You’ve heard me talk about the Five Ps of Marketing, and in this week’s episode, we tackle the third P: Place. In other words, where should you sell your book?
Many authors struggle to find the right place to sell their books. Whether you're an indie or traditional author, you must discover the best places to sell.
So, how can you unlock the power of place for your book?
In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the lo...
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The term "self-publishing" doesn't mean that you sit in a cabin in the woods all by yourself and emerge with a published book as if you'd done it all singlehandedly.
It's rare to find one person who has all the skills required to turn an idea into a physical book. We need cover designers, formatters, web designers, assistants, and more. You might be self-publishing, but you will need some help.
But ...

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March 6, 2024 51 mins

This year marks the end of an era.
The Book Launch Blueprint is entering its seventh and final year. Since we began offering it in 2018, it has been one of our most popular courses.
Launching a book is one strategy that works well for indie and traditional as well as fiction and nonfiction.
But why is a book launch so important?
In this week’s episode, you’ll discover

  • Who needs a book launch (and who doesn’t)
  • Othe...
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February 28, 2024 37 mins

How much money does it cost to become a professional author?
Any profession will cost you when you're just getting started. If you're broke, I recommend listening to my episode titled The Starving Author: How to Market Books Without Money.
Assuming you have some money, you need a spending plan. But how much money do you need to budget for the first five years of your writing career? I asked Kent Sanders, host of T...

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Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for connecting with readers and selling books. Obviously, you want a lot of email subscribers, but it doesn't matter how many subscribers you have if they don't open and read your emails.
How do you craft the kind of emails that capture your reader's attention and help you sell more books?
In this week's episode, you'll learn

  • Three elements that m...
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A few years ago, the popular buzzword in the author world was "tribe." Building a tribe of readers was seen as the key to success. Reader relationships are still important for authors, so why did the term "tribe" go out of fashion?
Having a tribe of readers is still an incredible asset that will help you sell your books and raise your profile amongst readers, but you need to know how and where to build a tri...

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February 7, 2024 27 mins

Two authors recently asked me the same question: “What should I do if I have no money for book marketing?"
It’s a question that requires exploration and evaluation. If you have the same question, you may be at a crossroads. You have two options if you want to write but have no money for marketing.
In this week’s episode, we’ll examine the two paths forward from the no-money conundrum. You’ll discover

  • Whether money s...
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January 24, 2024 24 mins

Are you thinking about quitting publishing or writing? You started full of energy and optimism, but it has been a hard road, and you feel tired.
Should you quit? My answer may surprise you.
Maybe you should.
Publishing is an industry where almost everyone has a financial incentive to see you keep going. People in the publishing industry don’t earn money if you quit. But there is a lot of money to be made by telling writ...

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Do you long to see your story on the big screen? If so, I have good news.
Every streaming platform is desperate for new content to give them the edge in the ongoing streaming wars, and traditional TV stations and movie companies are as prolific as ever. Even radio stations and theaters are looking for new content.
But how do you turn a 100,000-word novel, which would be a 12-hour audiobook, into a two-hour movie? Is that ev...

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, but if you're just using basic Chrome, you're missing out on some amazing time-saving tools and assistance.
Wouldn't it be great if you had an assistant who could correct a typo in your email before you hit send? How much time would you save if you didn't have to think of a new password for every account? Would you get fewer headaches if you didn't have to ...

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