Oh, a Podcast!

Oh, a Podcast!

Video games are getting smaller and easier to make every day, and if we can do it, anyone can. Join the developers of Cat President, Internet Court, The Beard in the Mirror and more as we talk about the games we're making, the games we're playing, and how aspiring developers don't have to be "aspiring" anymore; they can just be developers. (And also make dumb jokes. Lots of dumb jokes.) If you have questions about game development or any of our games, e-mail them to podcast@oharock.com, and we'll answer them on the air!


September 28, 2023 55 mins

In this month's episode!

  • Mike the Gripper
  • YouTube copyright triggers
  • Uranium drinkware
  • Co-Author Crush and Cat President: Third-Rate Candidate updates!
  • How ChatGPT is helping us code
  • How ChatGPT is NOT helping us with other things
  • Book pillows
  • Redoing Cat President assets in high-res
  • The red highlighted text in Cat President games
  • The fall of Unity

All this, plus Michael's writing a new book! Yo...

Mark as Played

In this month's episode!

  • The Cat President 3 script is finished!! (Finally!)
  • Which high school clubs we want our Presidents to attend
  • Avoiding copyright dings on YouTube
  • Cats licking themselves
  • Paul's going to be at the Rochester Game Festival on Sept. 9!
  • Buying cat masks in bulk
  • Dr. Arglefumph
  • Paul's freelance videogame work
  • Gamer, commentator, journalist, or developer?
  • The Oh, a Rock! shared mul...
Mark as Played
July 31, 2023 49 mins

In this month's episode!

  • Music and sound in our games
  • The Setback
  • Necks
  • Taking photos of strangers
  • Josie & the Pussycats
  • Local upstate New York castles
  • Michael's cowboy costume
  • The Cat President timeline
  • Real-life politics
  • Board games where you kill and eat your friends

All this, plus a frank discussion on optimal Audacity settings! You won't want to miss it!! If you have questions abou...

Mark as Played
June 29, 2023 55 mins

In this month's episode!

All this, plus how The Rock screwed us over. Y...

Mark as Played
May 31, 2023 53 mins

In this month's episode!

  • Drawing hotspots!!!
  • Eyeballs and arm meat
  • Oh, a Rock's adopted highway
  • Is Internet Court a legal entity?
  • Bad Dog
  • The buyout of Humongous Entertainment
  • Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys
  • Co-Author Crush character reveals! (are not in this podcast)
  • Copyright complaints on free music

All this, plus why Michael is now legall...

Mark as Played
April 28, 2023 49 mins

In this month's episode!

  • Adult beginners' hockey class
  • San Francisco
  • Goosebumps: Attack of the Mutant
  • Home Alone traps
  • How to pronounce "Live a Live"
  • Paul's review of the D&D movie!
  • Michael's review of the Mario movie!
  • The external factors that determine whether you like something
  • Making Mario feel self-conscious
  • Absolutely nothing about game development

All this, plus an ...

Mark as Played
March 31, 2023 56 mins

In this month's episode!

- How do you buy movie tickets?

- The D&D and Super Mario movies

- Michael and Paul's experiences as DMs

- When your characters won't stop talking

- Player-friendly puzzles

- Charles Clarinet

- Goal-oriented gaming

- A pool of liquefied humans

- How we use guilt to motivate ourselves

- Gaming pranks

All this, plus how to unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64! You won't want to miss it...

Mark as Played
February 27, 2023 47 mins
In this month's episode! - Is AI going to write Cat President 3? - AI-generated titles for our games - Evil blobby aliens - Distractions - The Idle Miner Tycoon community - The back part of Spencer's Gifts - What are show notes? Are these show notes? - Goof Troop vs. A Goofy Movie - Continuity problems between Cat President 1 and 3 - Games from our childhood that we still go back to All this, plus... *hold music* If you have que...
Mark as Played
December 30, 2022 60 mins
In this month's episode! - Our favorite games that we made - Lame-duck Congresses - Quick updates on Cat President 3 and the Moms Game - Michael's live stream of The Lost Oregon City Gold - Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper - The difference between publishers and developers - Is Sherlock Holmes too OP? - Comedy puzzles in serious games - Brothels - Our favorite games that we made All this, plus...is episodic gaming over? (Pleas...
Mark as Played
November 30, 2022 57 mins
In this month's episode! - The death of Chief Justice Goober - Trying to remember our own jokes and storylines - Which months are dead-er than others - Februum - Febroom - How a game's interface can screw up your cool haikus - Is it okay to name your son after the family sword? - WWWWWWWWWW - The lyrics to MMMBop - Games we never made (…yet?) All this, plus old men (us) shout at clouds (modern gaming consoles). You won't want to ...
Mark as Played
October 28, 2022 59 mins
In this month's episode! - The ways we indent our code! - Beating up your computer - Sales breakdowns between PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox - Our outline for Cat President 3 - Broadway musicals - Cat genders - Bitter giant artichokes - Coming up with backstories for main characters - Paul's hot take on the Big Mac - Underrated, underappreciated games (like M.C. Kids) All this, plus Bill Clinton plays the sax! We're An-i-ma-nia...
Mark as Played
September 30, 2022 60 mins
In this month's episode! - Twitter holidays - The winner of the Cat President 3 purresidential election! - Is Earl Grey dead? - Potential Cat President 3 titles/subtitles - The 1980 Presidential election - Mixing AI and hand-drawn art - The big Cat President update! - Do we have any tips for making visual novel playthrough videos? - …What about when they're boring. - Paul's embarrassing Return to Monkey Island crisis All this, pl...
Mark as Played
August 30, 2022 52 mins
In this month's episode! - "You gotta monetize your friendships, bro!" - AI art vs. actual real drawings - Having art vs. not having art - Michael should fire his editor (Paul) - Replacing stock photos and music in the original Cat President - Pride and Prejudice and Murder is out now!! - How to get hired for one of our games - Naked holidays in Portland - Illusion of choice in games - Paul and Michael try to figure out some math ...
Mark as Played
June 29, 2022 47 mins
In this month's episode! - Time does not exist - Cats: The Musical (The Dating Sim) - Adapting works from the public domain (into dating sims) - "Does everything have to be a dating sim?" - Naming the characters you date in dating sims - Paul makes Michael uncomfortable - Paul makes Michael more uncomfortable - Making visual novels harder - Michael's hot cowboy friends - How visual novels are like those personalized books you can ...
Mark as Played
May 31, 2022 51 mins
In this month's episode! - Paul's problems with level(s) design - We try to pick our next project: mommies, supervillains, or creepy kids? - Writing during the pandemic - The concept of blue - Quack Man & Honk Girl - Dark Michael - Deconstructing Goosebumps - Recording authentic early 2000s cell phone sound effects - Holes in bridges - Mother 3 All this, plus Michael reveals the lost Lost Oregon City Gold death scene! You won't w...
Mark as Played
April 29, 2022 58 mins
In this month's episode! - Michael is a sleepy boy. - GameCola's 20th anniversary? 10-year? 50th? - The 2022 Nancy Drew Mega Marathon - Oh, a Rock! geocaching! - Selling games to cheevo hunters - Using AI-generated art in visual novels - Outlines, outlines, outlines - Navigation in adventure games built with Ren'py - Designing a Disney World based on Oh, a Rock! games - It's very dangerous to get us talking about theme parks. If ...
Mark as Played
March 31, 2022 56 mins
In this month's episode! - John Cena's Peacemaker - Is social media getting better or worse? - The ice-cream business - The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World is now on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox!! - Changes we made for the console release - What would a (theoretical) Pizza Boy sequel look like? - The Lost Oregon City Gold is coming out in two weeks! - Keeping things consistent when you have multiple writers - Getting permis...
Mark as Played
February 28, 2022 51 mins
In this month's episode! - WE KNOW WHAT TUPLES ARE NOW. - Burger King hacks - Updates to the credits sequence in Too Many Santas! (and why) - Getting your kids to scream - Authentic elevator sounds - Redoing art assets for sequels - Making dumb workarounds look intentional - Are games just too loud nowadays? - How do we find music for our games? - "The Lost Gamer" All this, plus why devs should watch people stream their games! Yo...
Mark as Played
January 31, 2022 53 mins
In this month's episode! - Visual;Conference (aka VNConf) 2022 - Nose picking and armpit-hair removal - Accidental flirting - …Are we making an adventure game? - Our new collaborative workflow! - Editing our game art so we don't get sued - Making VNs feel more lively - HTML color codes! - Changes we make so people won't laugh at us - The Oh, a Rock! Book Club All this, plus we try to settle, once and for all: Is WarioWare a visua...
Mark as Played
December 29, 2021 55 mins
In this month's episode! - TOO MANY SANTAS IS OUT NOW, somehow! - Things we cut from the game in order to finish it in time - "His eyelids are definitely someone else's eyelids." - Why politicians only "suspend" their campaigns, never "end" them - Steam still doesn't think we're real :( - What's next? - How John Cena cured his cholera - The mystery of the unbuyable t-shirt - Tripods! - Our favorite rocks All this, plus COVID DOES...
Mark as Played

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