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June 19, 2024 136 mins

Yes, this episode is very late. Life sometimes gets in the way of getting this show done. Nevertheless, there's quite a bit to talk about as we are in the "pre-Anime Expo" buildup, namely some big moves from Science SARU and GKIDS, a good amount of manga and light novel synopsis reading, a deep dive on Netflix's anime data, and the (hopefully) permanent financial demise of GAINAX. All of that, and so much more to come both in this ...

Mark as Played

Well, then. After taking an unexpected month-long break from this show, we are FINALLY back and we are FINALLY whole again with Andrew back in the saddle to give all of the shenanigans that have been sorely missed in his absence. This includes running down the spring dub casts (finally) and reading some cringy light novel summaries, and it also includes talking about some pretty cool things like a Sakamoto Days project for Netflix ...

Mark as Played

Since our last episode, Cody Rhodes "finished the story" at WrestleMania to become the undisputed WWE Champion, and that's good. Sadly, also since our last episode, the overlords at MAPPA decided to finish another story by axing a long-awaited movie project after years of nothing, and that's bad. Things aren't fun, right now, and with that comes a bit of a lull in everything as this is one of the quickest episodes we've done in a v...

Mark as Played

As of this episode going up, we’re in the middle of WrestleMania weekend, and that means many things to many people, and it means hoping that a certain someone finally “finishes his story” on Sunday so that we can all be done hearing about it. But for us, the grind continues as we put a bow on the winter season and lament the continued cannibalism of the anime industry with a tale of what happened the last time a company or two or ...

Mark as Played
March 16, 2024 98 mins

"Move well, study well, play well, eat well, rest well - that is the Turtle Master way!" "Tackle life with as much energy as Goku! I'll try to do the same!"

In Memoriam Akira Toriyama 1955-2024

intro - remembering Akira Toriyama 15:55 - (other) main stories 47:34 - announcements and updates 1:24:43 - home video releases

15:55 - let’s talk about that Verge interview 24:32 - producer Kouichirou Itou arrested for lewd miscond...

Mark as Played

No jokes, no hyperbole, nothing over-exaggerated - this "awards show" needs to go away and never come back. The corporate overlords at Crunchyroll can put together all of the window dressing they want, but if these events are going to continue awarding themselves and ignoring what the people at AniTrendz and Anime Corner and r/anime put the time and research into awarding then they'll be talked about in an equal manner - with corpo...

Mark as Played

As we inch closer and closer out of the winter doldrums, we find more and more cases of rabid internet discourse popping up and it just makes us ask one thing: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. We don't like talking about these things, but alas, it is our duty to discuss certain elements of discussion with these topics, namely the topic of what NOT to do when you're working on a major anime dub production (yes, THAT) as well as the unknown future...

Mark as Played

HEADS UP: some of the audio is a little crunchy. Weird things happened with some of the recording. We’ll try to not let that happen next time.

The sluggish days of winter are here and we're all feeling it around here. We're all a bit tired and we're still trying to wade through our shifting schedules, so pardon any additional dust around here as we work to make the best of an ever-evolving situation. In the meantime, while there...

Mark as Played
January 23, 2024 185 mins

Welcome to 2024 and welcome to a new year of this stilly dog-and-pony show we do every so often. We're back in a big way, basically putting together two whole shows in one, recounting the fall season and 2023 as a whole while looking forward to "award season" in one certain aspect and going through the latest pants-filling announcements from Discotek media - one such announcement was very "berserk" in a way, hint hint. And along th...

Mark as Played

As 2023 comes to an end, you all may have varying feelings about the year as a whole. For some it was good, for others it was bad, and for the rest it was just very... meh. But we hope to leave the year for all of you on a better note, namely with about two and a half hours of anime discussion to listen to while you're all doing things during your Christmas holiday. Namely, a good bit of wild announcements from Jump Festa across th...

Mark as Played
November 27, 2023 161 mins

After a long Thanksgiving weekend, the grind continues onward - if only for one more week as Anime NYC was quite the event to look back on as opposed to the litany of terrible news we have to go through on this episode. We're all really just limping to the end of the year, in a way. But we carry on, if only for our own sense of self-worth and in honor of the greatest man who ever lived: Kento Nanami. May he find his happiness on th...

Mark as Played

Happy Black Friday and/or Small Business Saturday and/or Cyber Monday - the best time of the year for reckless spending on random stuff nobody really needs but the deals are just way too good to pass up - and to help bide the time while you're out shopping (or endlessly browsing Amazon) here's a very long best-of compilation of our past "Discotek Day" events for you all to listen and look back on... for nearly NINE HOURS. Now, in r...

Mark as Played

November is here, the fall season is in full swing, and things have been pretty quiet for a bit all over the place, which means it's the right time for someone to screw up in spectacular fashion. There are not-so-kind words being sent out to a certain voice talent over how a certain recent situation played out, and our punches aren't being pulled in this case because WOW this was bad. But, in happier news, Toonami has things worth ...

Mark as Played
October 22, 2023 173 mins

Well THIS sure became a meaty show, didn't it? Between the offerings and goings-on at New York Comic Con, Crunchyroll doing a bit of good and QUITE a bit of bad (you all know what it is), and another fantastic Discotek Day event happening, there's quite a lot to get to in this show. There's also a neat rundown of the dub cast for The Boy and the Heron, a pair of curious manga anecdotes to take a laugh or two at, even more manga and...

For this go-around, we've got a little bit of everything for everyone here - big announcements, business news, recapping a MID season, terrible bullcrap nobody likes, hilarious overreactions from light novel and manga announcements, and even a terrible correction to what we thought was something cool from the last show, only to find out it was all a multi-tiered mistake that was never going to happen to begin with. Such is life, in...

Mark as Played
September 25, 2023 108 mins

(Producer’s note: this episode is late due to a very busy week. Apologies for the delay.)

Have you all heard about the smash hit new shonen series Kagurabachi? It's gotten three anime seasons, two movies, and has sold one trillion copies of its manga - it's the new MORBIUS SWEEP... okay, jokes and memes aside, sometimes Morbius-meme-ing a series can work, but we'll see in the coming weeks and months if Kagurabachi has the legs t...

Mark as Played

As was made famous on an episode of The Simpsons many years ago, it was the best of times and the BLURST of times. In the case of the former, it's the smashing success of One Piece on Netflix - and yes, it IS good - but in the latter, it's a crash-and-burn of a supposed upstart company with too much ambition and not enough capital. Such is life, in a way. As for what it all means for this show, it doesn't mean a whole lot, but this...

Mark as Played
August 26, 2023 97 mins

In Memory "Bray Wyatt" Windham Rotunda 1987-2023

The summer heat is still lingering around and it's affecting all of us in various ways. Namely, we were all a bit off on some things today, like forgetting certain voice actors' roles or figuring out whether or not Sentai's upcoming Familiar Of Zero rerelease has the season one dub because of website formatting. Here's to cooler temperatures coming sooner for all of us because we ...

Mark as Played

Otakon has come and gone, and in its wake... well, we think you all already know what happened. Quite a bit of things were brought to the table from Discotek, including some very unexpected good news in the form of absolute mental wizardry and devout dedication to the craft of Digimon - with one notable omission, of course. We're all pretty excited, too. And we made sure to dedicate some time to The First Slam Dunk and its amazing....

Mark as Played

So who could have guessed that an actor strike would mean San Diego Comic-Con would end up being more like the SDCCs of old? With that, so too comes quite a bit of announcements, namely from the likes of Adult Swim and Crunchyroll as it relates to this program. We also take a brief look back at the spring season now that it's been over for a month, show our surprising optimism for the Netflix One Piece series with its new trailer, ...

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