Podio Solutions Podcast

Podio Solutions Podcast

The Brick Bridge Consulting crew tackles current topics related to the Citrix Podio platform (plus its related products and extensions). This podcast features discussions about platform advantages, gaps, issues, and solutions of interest to the Podio user and developer community. Solution talk-throughs, open discussion, interviews, technical/API concerns, and business case investigations are typical formats of this podcast. Follow us on social media (@PodcastPodio) to stay up to date on all Podio Podcast news.... Show More


August 19, 2019 38 min
  • Introduction of Brick Bridge Team Members
  • What is Everyone Working On?
  • John: SaaSsafras & AWS Lambda
  • Adam: UI/UX Design
  • Emily: C# & AWS Lambdas
  • Caleb: How Brick Bridge has changed over the years
  • What does our staff want to see changed about Podio?
  • Sign off till next season
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    We're revisiting our first podcast about Podio as a Product to give you updates on how the community has changed in the past six months since. We talk about:

  • How the community views Podio as an Operations Platform Product
  • Integrations
  • Mass Customization of Podio Products
  • SaaSsafras as it relates to development and product copies
  • Globiflow Updates
  • Free tier users and how to give users a taste of your Podio Product4
  • Stay tuned for our s...

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  • Gap 1: Long Globiflows https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360047949172-Globiflow-Race-Conditions-Long-Flows-Subroutines
  • Rethink how everything is designed, simplicity is key
  • Workaround using logic
  • Gap 2: Lookup Across Apps: https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360047573431-Lookup-across-apps
  • Workaround using Views
  • Workaround using Calculation Fields
  • Follow us on social media (@PodcastPodio) to stay up to date ...

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  • Gap 1: HIPAA Compliance: https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360046435891-HIPAA-Compliance-Update
  • Background/History on HIPAA & Podio
  • What are your options using Citrix and complying?
  • Gap 2: 'Add Another' for Date Field: https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360045383451--Add-Another-for-Date-Field
  • How can you add multiple dates/times that are not just recurring for one event?
  • Customized build-out vs Gl...
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  • Intro: Welcome and Subscribe! Do you have Podio Gaps?
  • What are some industries where there are or can be Podio Products?
  • Professions: healthcare, finance, law
  • Trades: plumbers, electricians, etc.
  • Retail & ECommerce
  • Manufacturing/Construction/Inventory
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Marketing/Creatives
  • Education, ex2
  • Non-Profits, ex2
  • Odd One-Off Finds: rehab, music
  • Outro: Thank you and SUBSCRIBE!
  • Follow us on social media (@PodcastPodio) to stay u...

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    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – SUBSCRIBE (do it!)
  • Teaser: Stay tuned for next week's episode for some industry information about Podio's users.
  • What are the REI industry characteristics that make it ideal for Podio?
  • Lead Sales and cold calls are perfect for automated workflows
  • Non-technical data is easy to store in Podio
  • Non-expert, easily trainable employees
  • What are the Podio characteristics that make it ideal for REI?
  • Flexib...
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    This podcast is about the design and development on the Citrix Podio Platform. 

    1. Creating an OR filter: https://bit.ly/2wNjW05
    2. Adding a descriptive line of text in an app form: https://bit.ly/2EUzX8L
    3. Copying field data between apps: https://bit.ly/2WO9PGK
    4. Exporting data as CVS without including all the data within each item: https://bit.ly/2Ik2Yvw
    5. Correcting the alphabet order for other languages: https://bit.ly/31aw350
    6. ...

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    Sign-up for access to the sample --> https://podio.com/webforms/22878402/1622712


  • Revisit a simple Podio + AWS Example that we mentioned before
  • We’re releasing the code with some instructions to try it out for yourself
  • This isn’t meant to be production code, but you could build a reliable system with some additional investment
  • To review: we use a node.js 8.10 function running in AWS Lambda that responds to an API Ga...
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    1. The marketing for software is more important than anything else because a consumer needs to know what they are buying and what the functions are within it. 
    2. How are you going to sell your product? 
    3. Establishing strong credibility over the internet is difficult because in some cases you will never see your client.
    4. Supporting your client pre and post purchase
    5. Website tips and tricks 
    6. Take an extra step to establish yours...

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    Building Saas that businesses can rely on (Part 2): "Software design principles for the Agile Entrepreneur"

    We reviewed cloud computing concepts last time

    Choose your system of record
    1) it must meet your availability requirements, or you will need offline systems (Podio is good enough for 99% of cases)
    2) it must offer direct API integration, preferably ‘REST’ style
    3) it must be easy to export all key data

    Avoid writing custom ...

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  • Bill's time at Citrix working with the ShareFile and Podio product lines.
  • The Podio-Globiflow resale partnership, and how it led to Globiflow becoming part of Citrix
  • Founding of Digiflow Software Solutions.
  • "Talking Shop" about Podio as a "PaaS" and how it is totally unique in the market
  • Follow us on social media (@PodcastPodio) to stay up to date on all Podio Podcast news.

    Support the show (http://www.brickbridg...

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    In this show, we discuss the urgent need to control complexity in your projects and buildouts.

    1. Consumers making data based decision making and wanting to make that next step to create a podio system that best fits them. 
    2. When thinking about a project timeline consumers need to be focused on what really matters to them, then we can adjust the small details. 
    3. There are two types of consumers when it comes to podio: the ones who...

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    Podcast Outline – Season 1 – Episode 13 – Podio Deep Dive 2a: "Building Saas that businesses can rely on"

    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – Talk about
  • Topic:  "Cloud computing concepts for business software design"
  • PaaS, SaaS, IaaS…
    what does “as a service” even mean, and when should it matter?
    Where are the services hosted?
    How are they secured?
    How reliable are they?
    API, SDK, Service (REST?)
    VMs, VPCs, Containers, Docker,...
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    Season 1 – Episode 12 – Podio Design for Business 2: "The Power of Asking 'Why?' in Your Designs."

    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – SUBSCRIBE (do it!)
  • The importance of starting from "Why" in your Podio solution designs.
  • 1st Principle: There are Choices and Results in your solution design
  • 2nd Principle: Make the process the easiest path to follow
  • 3rd Principle: Understand Management's requirement versus the ...
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    Podcast Outline – Season 1 – Episode 11 – Solving Podio Gaps #2

    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – SUBSCRIBE (please)
  • Single AWS Lambda for the community, a payoff from Episode 10
  • 1st Discussion: Filter View with Text Fields
  • Problem: Why Cannot Filter w/Searchable Text
  • Issue: Indexing - Who & Why
  • 3 Possible Solutions/Work around
  • Bonus: Searchable Null Dates
  • 2nd Discussion: Sharing just an App but not a Workspace
  • Problem: Giving access to...
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    Show Outline:

  • Introduction to interview
  • Topic: – Interview with Andrew Cranston, CTO at GameChangers [http://www.WeAreGameChangers.com]
  • 1st Discussion: Andrew's background and a discussion of his progress as a Podio solution developer.
  • 2nd Discussion: Boost PM [http://www.boostpm.com] and its technical philosophy
  • 3rd Discussion: Don't be afraid to move from Globiflow into other tools like ProcFu, SaaSsafras, and the Podio API it...
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    Podcast Outline – Season 1 – Episode 9 – Scaling Podio Solutions 1: "SaaSsafras Scaling for Podio Solutions"

    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – The Shameless Plug - Why are we sitting here today (Founding Story)
  • Topic:  "Turning Podio into an Enterprise Level Provider"
  • 1st Discussion: Why SaaSsafras Exists - Problems we encountered
  • Cross Workspace Issues
  • Zapier (integration) issues
  • Keeping Podio current
  • Aggregate Reporting ...
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    Podcast Outline – Season 1 – Episode 8 – Podio Deep Dive 1: "Manipulation of Podio Tags"

    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – Welcome to the Series - Podio Deep Dive
  • Topic:  "Manipulation of Podio Tags"
  • 1st Discussion: Business Case - What types of Solutions would require this type of API buildout?
  • 2nd Discussion: What is in the API to allow this? What are the necessities and methods to make this happen?
  • Deep Dive: How can ...
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    Podcast Outline – Season 1 – Episode 7 – Podio Design Considerations for Sales & Marketing Solutions

    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – Welcome to the Series - Podio Design for Business Types
  • Topic:  "Podio Design Considerations for Sales & Marketing Solutions"
  • 1st Discussion: Business Case - Marketing Agency needing a CRM to "install" for clients
  • 2nd Discussion: Theoretical Solution Work out
  • Deep Dive: Driving me...
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    Podcast Outline – Season 1 – Episode 6 – Solving Podio Gaps #1

    Discussion Outline:

  • Introduction – Welcome to the Series
  • Topic: "Solving Podio Gaps" -- a new series on our Podcast
  • 1st Discussion: What this series is about.
  • Hot Topic: Extending Podio Platform
  • 2nd Discussion: Example Gap -- 2-way Sync with Google Calendar
  • Defined Business Problem
  • Explore Technical Limitations
  • Outline of Potential Solutions
  • Deep Dive: Theoretical workout...
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