Rosé All Day Anyways

Rosé All Day Anyways

Who are we? Just two nerdy creative-types who love spreadsheets as much as theatre camp and graffiti walls (not the kind you’re thinking, see def: arts education). But this podcast isn’t about that, or, wait, maybe it is? We’re not limiting ourselves. But rest assured, in this conversational cast, we’ll touch on everything from arts education to politics to boy bands and, of course, all things rosé. Erika Atkins & Katie Rainey are two hot messes who somehow manage to keep pretty good jobs, do a shit ton of community organizing, run their own businesses, make art, and still have time to watch The Bachelor and drink rosé. And, like, we totally know anyways isn’t grammatically correct. Go shout into a dictionary already.


May 13, 2023 49 mins

Well babes, we knew our punctuality streak couldn't last forever. Our bad. Anyway... it's the night before Eggsmas and all through Erika's house... these creatures are recording an episode with more feelings, more Amanda, and more special guest Laura Been. Laura tells us about her journey with egg freezing because, as we've learned, everyone's path to parenthood (or not!) is different. Grab your rosé and let's go! 

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Oh babes, this one is all about our feelings. Egg freezing has proven to be a rollercoaster of emotions... Thank god for that emotional support human on hand! In this one, Erika talks about all she's feeling while Amanda pretends not to be in this episode. Oh and Katie isn't sick, but Rosetta has decided she's tired of not being on the pod. Grab your rosé and let's go! 

  Here's the article we mentioned in the episode: https://www....
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February 23, 2023 55 mins

What's up, babes! Well come on, we knew that punctuality streak we had going wouldn't last... so here's episode four of our special egg series, but in this episode we've got a very special guest who stayed with Erika during this journey. Say hello to Amanda, everyone! Oh and Katie is still sick in this one. Grab some rosé and let's go!

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February 6, 2023 58 mins

What's up, babes! We're dropping episode 3 late in the day... but still technically on time! We're back this week to find out all about Erika's first day of shots and how irresponsible it truly is of the medical community to just send people home to do these shots themselves. Oh, and Katie has strep throat. Grab some rosé and let's go!

Here's the NY Times article we mention in this episode:

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What's up, babes! Look at us... two episodes in a row on time. We're back this week to hear all about Erika's egg-freezing orientation, Katie's confusion about the human body, and rage about the patriarchy’s impact on fertility planning. Grab some rosé and let's go!

And also... here are some things mentioned in the episode:

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January 23, 2023 44 mins

We're back babes! Well, at least for a little while. Erika won’t commit to an official relaunch, and Katie won’t commit to a limited run. We're here to document Erika's journey through the egg freezing process (with brief interludes about Katie's shitshow of a love life). We'll see if we can get our acts together after that. So enjoy this episode in which Katie REFUSES to stop calling Erika's eggs big and sexy. Grab some rosé and l...

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August 25, 2021 49 mins

Hey babes! Erika & Katie are back... finally... after nearly a year off. We went on a hiatus like the rest of the world, but we're back and this episode is all about what we've been up to since the last episode. So grab your rosé and let's go! 

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November 13, 2020 76 mins

Babes! Okay we are like super late releasing this episode. But can we all just agree that this past year has been hard af and give each other a break? Anyway, before we took a hiatus, we recorded this episode about Erika's brand new job (and yep we're not saying where... just like Google us already) and leveling up in life. Enjoy this one. We're getting our act together and have new episodes on the way! 

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October 2, 2020 89 mins

What's up, babes! Okay, okay, this episode was recorded in May... Yes, we know, we're super late... Look 2020's been hard, k? And this week has been the longest year, so we felt we needed to inject some goodness into the world right now, which is why we big sisters are proud to bring our baby sisters onto the show today! Please welcome Erika's baby sister Brittany and Katie's baby sister Lizzie aka Dizzy aka Lizzo aka Lizard. Today...

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July 12, 2020 74 mins

We're back babes! Another episode from our quarantined homes. Full disclosure... we recorded this in April! You know us, sometimes we're slow to get these posted. In this episode, Katie & Erika are joined by the babes of An Angry Reading Series - Chelsea Asher & Meher Manda. Chelsea & Meher are well versed in all things anger, so join us as we explore what makes us angry, what we do with it, and oh yeah - end on a weird game of Fuc...

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June 19, 2020 83 mins

Hey Babes. We're back and we moved quick to get this episode out this time. Although we often talk about the role of white supremacy in our country on the show, today we thought we'd focus on how we can have these conversations with each other. Join Erika and Katie as they reflect on the events of the last few weeks, the murder of George Floyd, systemic racism and how to have these conversations with each other. So grab your rosé a...

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April 14, 2020 83 mins

Hey babes! We're back in this new weird world we all live in, but we've got our wine and we've got each other... even if we can't be in the same room! Join Katie & Erika as they unpack quarantine and unpack the rosé! 

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February 28, 2020 73 mins

Hey Babes! We're back, maybe not in time for Valentine's Day.... but at least we're meeting our goal of getting one episode out a month! And this episode is a big one. Yep, today we're talking all things dating!!! As you'll quickly hear, our panel of special guests were not super stoked on the subject. Join Erika & Katie as they talk with three of their good friends - Melissa Shaw, Jen Werbitsky, and Zena Hinds - about all things d...

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Hey Babes! We're back with the second part of our crossover episode in collaboration with the podcast Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie! In this episode we're talking all things arts education and nonprofits. Join us for the good, the bad, and the downright weird. Grab your rosé and let's go! 

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What's happening, winos? We're back with a special crossover episode in collaboration with the Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie Podcast! This is a two-parter babes, so strap in. In this first part, Katie and Erika are talking all things podcasts with Courtney. We'll explore the impetus behind the creation of our respective podcasts, the importance of podcasts and how they give voice to the traditionally marginalized or sil...

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We're back babes! We've got one final episode in 2019 for you. Today we're talking about all the highs and lows this year brought us and what we've learned from. Join Katie & Erika for this year in review, and Katie even has a special game for Erika at the very end! So grab your rosé and let's go!

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November 29, 2019 58 mins

Hey Babes! We're back with a brand new episode in which we talk all things The Gram, which if you're cool at all you'll know that that's what the kids call Instagram. Katie & Erika recently visited the mother of all rosé palaces: The Rosé Mansion, which is essentially an Instagram playground for adults where sometimes they educate you on pink wine. This got the dynamic duo thinking about the lives we portray on social media's favor...

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October 7, 2019 65 mins

We're back babes! Welcome to Episode 9 of Rosé All Day Anyways with Erika Atkins & Katie Rainey. We're joined in this episode by the one and only Melissa "Boots" Shaw, a writer, performance artist, educator, humorist, and overall badass. This episode we're talking all things crying. Don't worry, we don't cry on air (okay fine, maybe Katie tears up at one point), but we are talking about the lava monster within us all: the shame tha...

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August 26, 2019 69 mins

In this episode, Erika & Katie are joined by three very special guests... none other than Erika's parents: Rhonda, Rickie & Gina Marie. That's right babes, there are three parents here, which brings us to the topic of tonight's conversation: Co-Parenting. Having navigated and learned from years of co-parenting after divorce, Erika's parents have built a loving and honest relationship together. We're talking to them today about what...

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July 14, 2019 61 mins

Hey babes! We're back this time with a special guest: Heloise Wilson of The Future Is Nasty Project! The Future Is Nasty is a collection of portraits that celebrates women who are as nice or nasty as they want to be. They are the women we work with, live with, love, admire and learn from; woven into the fabric of our lives. By challenging the familiar narratives assigned to women, The Future Is Nasty seeks to inspire both the women...

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