School of Wealth

School of Wealth

Is your head swimming with financial questions, but you don't know who to ask? Rondi Lambeth, renowned financial expert and celebrity wealth coach, is here to answer those questions and more. You'll learn how to increase your income, reduce and consolidate your debt, and radically improve your credit score. He and his expert guests break down how to be more emotionally, physically -- and of course, financially -- wealthy. School's in session! (But this time, you'll actually like attending.)


July 8, 2021 47 mins

The tax code may look complicated, but if you know it inside-out, then you’ll know how to make it work for you! In this episode, Rondi Lambeth talks about taxes and how familiarity with the tax code will help you pay less on your taxes. He gives a few tips on real estate and investment taxes and passes out a few tricks on capital gains taxes too. Finally, Rondi shares a great business opportunity with his loyal l...

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Handling tax concerns has got to be one of the most taxing commitments for any entrepreneur. Managing tax and time is a concern that every so often, people get caught up with. Not everyone is well-versed with tax management. People try to ignore and neglect their obligations but in reality, it creates a snowball effect that will eventually resurge. In this episode, Alliance Tax Solutions President John Cristadoro and CEO Deaphalis ...

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April 7, 2021 54 mins

Your FICO credit score somehow predicts your likelihood to pay debts and represents your overall creditworthiness. Anyone can go online right now and visit a website that can calculate this for you. But doing so will reveal a slight dilemma: why does your score vary from one website to another? Which one is the most accurate? How can you tell if your score is good for you or not? Rondi Lambeth explains on a recent Facebook live how...

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Finding the best financial literacy instruction is one of the most overlooked things today. With most people simply putting their money on banks, the power of finances is not truly maximized. Rondi Lambeth talks to ...

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So many of us bear the brunt of taxes, affecting our wealth building journey and efforts. But what if you can get around it, and legally at that? In this episode, Rondi Lambeth sits with someone who is on a mission to help business owners around the United States grow their profits while paying as little tax as legally possible. He is with Tyler McBroom, CPA and Managing Partner for his firm, Measured Results. Here, Tyler shares wi...

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Taxes are not the sexiest, as any business owner would agree. But did you know that there are cool ways in which you could write off considerable sums from your tax obligations? As an enrolled agent and business profitability specialist, Jake Alexander works with business owners to implement some of the best tax deduction strategies that will allow them to take a bigger share of their profits than they otherwise would. Join in as h...

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The first lesson you learn from real estate is if you don't knock on doors, hit the phones, and talk to people, you're not going to get any business. When you're starting, no one knows and no one cares you're an agent, so you've got to find a way to generate that business. On today’s show, Rondi Lambeth brings on Gus Munoz Castro to talk about how you can convert leads into actual clients. Gus is a Facebook conversion expert who he...

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January 13, 2021 40 mins

A CEO Only Does Three Things, the latest book by Trey Taylor, talks about focusing on the right things instead of doing everything. It zeroes in on the three pillars of business: culture, people, and numbers. On today’s show, he joins Rondi Lambeth to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur. Trey is the Managing Director of trinity | blue, a consultancy designed to provide executive coaching and strategic planning to C-Suite lea...

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Entrepreneurship has a super high failure rate. Even if entrepreneurs and business owners are doing what they love, very few of them make it. The problem lies in their lack of focus on the end game or how they’re going to retire. In short, they're not running profitable businesses. On today’s podcast, Rondi Lambeth brings on Susanne Mariga, a CPA and certified Profit First professional, to dissect the principles from the book Prof...

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Entrepreneurs, by default, are busy people. With many things requiring their attention and guidance, you would actually think they’ve covered many things. However, looking back in time, they realize that they’ve actually implemented very little, even the ones they deem to be excellent advice. This was the reason Howard Shore wrote his book, The Leader Launchpad. Howard took the concepts from over 50 business books and provided a sy...

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November 19, 2020 6 mins
Unfortunately, even the smallest medical collection can cost you thousands extra in interest and fees. So what can you do about small medical collections? Why do collections affect your score so mu...
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October 1, 2020 55 mins

Today I am joined by Eric Collazo and Alejandro Agudelo from FreeTesla.TV

While these guys are young, they know more about business than the majority of Americans. In this episode, we discuss what you need to know about business that they don’t teach you in school.

For less than $200 they will teach you how to get a Tesla for FREE.

If you would like to learn how to raise the capital you can text 561-418-0072 for a free 15-minute...

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Emily has been with World Financial Group for just over 3 months now. In such a short time, she has had the extreme success that I am proud to share with you. As you listen to this episode, ask yourself if you can see yourself doing what Emily does.
It d...
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This show is not just about how to get wealthy, but how to live a wealthy lifestyle and what you should be doing with your money.

If you simply wanna make money so you can buy shit, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. And you will never make a lot of money, and you will never be fulfilled if you do make money.

The true reason you should be trying to become wealthy is so that you can buy freedom ...

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What does yoga have to do with wealth?


In today’s episode, I am joined by yogee Jennifer Salerno. We discuss how pivotal moments in and the obstacles we encounter send us on different paths. This episode is raw and uncut as Jenny shares her story and how she has overcome so much hardship and trauma with yoga. Jenny goes into details that may be tri...

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Today I am joined by Jeff Bishop, CEO, and Founder of Raging Bull, a stock market education company that reached how to trade the market. In this episode, we discuss how to get started in trading and how to best leverage your opportunities.

For more tips on trading follow Raging Bull on Facebook and Twitter.

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Angelo Christian is an investor, entrepreneur, and author. He is the CEO of Christian Financial and helps thousands of people with his influential coaching, Real Estate University, wealth management, and mortgage banking.

Today he joins me to...

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Today I wanna talk about the CARES Act, specifically the PPP loan and the IDLE loans inside the $349 Billion Cares Act that’s giving out money to business owners. This is the way that the American government is trying to keep businesses open.

Sadly, 50% of businesses that are closed for over 10 ten days won’t reopen. Over 70% of businesses closed for 30 days won’...

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How are you using social media? Are you using it to produce? To network? To grow your business and brand? Or are you simply scrolling through and consuming.

As a business owner, it is important to stand out.
But how can you stand out in such a saturated market?

I believe as an entrepreneur that branding is the 2nd most important thing you can do.

In today’s episode, I pick the mind of @TheBrandDr ,...

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Today I have a very special guest on the show, Dr. Jason Bradley. Dr. Bradley practices Functional Medicine to help people solve problems they don’t even know they have. Instead of just focusing on the disease itself, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

Dr. Jason looks at the entire picture when he takes on cases and he studies methods of biohacking t...

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