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Shadyside Church of Christ

Evangelist Jeff Kent and the Shadyside Church of Christ present a weekly lesson to help and encourage listeners in their daily walk with Christ and spread the Gospel. We are non-denominational and all lessons are taken directly from the scriptures.


February 18, 2024 37 mins

A careful look at scriptures which detail the gospel reveals that each one contains some different truths not found in the others.  The church has probably been guilty of shrinking the gospel message into a "neat little package" and not presenting its many and rich truths for people to make an informed, faith decision.  This could be one reason why the church itself is shrinking in many places.

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Most Christians would say they trust the Lord, but when things get tough, do we trust Him or look to something else? David had trusted the Lord all his life, but turned his heart elsewhere in a weak moment. It caused a lot of trouble for Israel and cost many lives. What can we learn?

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February 4, 2024 30 mins

Suicide rates continue to rise in this country as more and more people find life has nothing to offer them any more. Even if suicide is not contemplated, many people in different situations find that life is meaningless and that they are just hanging around waiting to die. What is the answer? Is life worth living? Jesus would answer with a resounding "Yes!" Let's see what the Word has to say.

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January 28, 2024 32 mins

We have all learned the importance of being ready for significant events - a test, an interview, a wedding, etc. In the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, Jesus teaches us the importance of being ready for the next greatest event on this earth - His return for His bride, the church. The story teaches us that those who are ready will join in the celebration, but those who are not ready will be shut out. Are you ready?

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January 21, 2024 30 mins

When Jesus faced off with the devil in the wilderness, a lot was going on.  God had never been tempted before, but now the Son of God in a human body was on enemy turf.  The devil tried to bribe Jesus and buy Him off in order to divert Him from His mission, but Jesus would have none of it - He was not for sale!   We need to follow Jesus' example and not take any of the devil's bribes.

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January 7, 2024 29 mins

Much of the world denies the supernatural.  Such folks argue that all that exists is matter and energy.  Yet, many people pursue the paranormal and are thrilled with a Harry Potter book or movie.  Wonder why that is?  The Bible affirms the existence of the supernatural.  From God Himself who is spirit, to angels to, in fact, our own spirit and soul, the world is filled with the supernatural.

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December 31, 2023 33 mins

In another of those "either - or" pairs found in scripture, we are challenged by God to be either wise or foolish in our living.  Those who are wise in God's eyes will believe the "foolishness" of the cross and turn to Jesus for salvation and life.  Those who are foolish in God's eyes will choose the wisdom of the world which can neither find God nor understand Him.  The two will ever be at odds, but e...

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December 24, 2023 33 mins

More people "stress out" over Christmas than you might think.  No, not about buying gifts, baking cookies and getting visits from distant in-laws.  They don't know what to do with it!  Should they celebrate it as Christ's birth?  After all, Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible nor is the celebration of Jesus' birth.  Should they celebrate it as a family holiday?  Are the pagan roots (there are some) of C...

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December 17, 2023 27 mins

One of the joys of being a Christian is sowing the seed of God's word and helping it grow in people. It grows at different rates in different folks, and there is usually the need to keep watering and cultivating for the tender plant to truly take root and thrive on its own. This is joyful work in which we follow in the steps of our Lord.

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December 10, 2023 33 mins

The author of Hebrews cautions his readers about drifting way from "so great a salvation."  What makes this salvation in Christ so great?  Has even the church today lost sight of salvation's greatness and substituted some "soft sell" message to get people in the pews?

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November 26, 2023 30 mins

The scriptures have a lot to say about what we say!  The tongue can do a lot of damage to people, or it can do a lot of good.  The Holy Spirit affirms there is great healing power in the tongue - how our words can encourage, uplift and comfort others at different times in life.  We all need to learn to do a lot better with what we say and when we say it.

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November 12, 2023 34 mins

It will be a great and marvelous day when Jesus comes back at the end of earth time.  Many things will happen then which will make it a great day.  What will take place on that day?  Jesus said that no man, not even the angels, but only the Father knows when He will return.  So Jesus' word to all of us is to "be ready!"

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November 5, 2023 1 min

In Gethsemane, Jesus warned the disciples that the spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. To what was He referring? And how was this spirit v flesh struggle being played out on a life and death scale at that very time? How does all this affect us today?

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October 29, 2023 29 mins

Hannah is a powerful example for us on how to live by faith. She had several problems in her life - she was childless and had difficulties within her family. Instead of taking matters into her own hands, she entrusted God with her troubles, and He blessed her. She kept her word to the Lord, and He continued to bless her in life.

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October 22, 2023 34 mins

Paul warned the church at Corinth of "another Jesus" being preached to them.  Is there "another Jesus?"  What would such a person stand for?  Teach?  Would He be our Savior?  Would He tell us the truth?  Where would He lead us?

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October 15, 2023 36 mins

In recent years, we have been hearing a lot about how man-made climate change/global warming is going to bring catastrophe to the earth.  As with everything, the more you hear something repeated, the more you tend to believe it.  Thus the need to filter everything through the lens of scripture.  Does the Bible have anything to say about God's superintending what's happening to the earth?  Does He have any plans for our pl...

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October 8, 2023 33 mins

Israel had been a nation of shepherds from their beginning. Jesus teaches that He is the good Shepherd protecting His sheep from thieves and predators. He will even lay down His life for the sheep. Jesus also teaches that His sheep will only listen to His voice? We all need to ask - Is that true of me?

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October 1, 2023 32 mins

God has not left humanity which He created without good direction in navigating the paths of life.  Problem is that too many people don't bother to look into God's book of wisdom but choose to go elsewhere for their directions.  Because of this, so many end up with very troubled and even wasted lives.  What are some of God's words of wisdom for living a good life?

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September 24, 2023 32 mins

Some like to divide life into secular and sacred activities.  Working your job is secular.  Going to church is sacred.  But is this legitimate?  When Jesus worked as a carpenter, was that considered just ordinary, day to day life?  What does the Bible teach?  You may be surprised.

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September 17, 2023 34 mins

In his letter, James warns of a stricter judgment for those who teach the word.  However, the Bible speaks of the need for teachers of various kinds in the church, in the home, etc.  So what's the answer?  Scripture gives us instruction about what and how to teach so as to guide those who would teach.  Here, Jeff shares six scriptures which have helped guide his teaching.

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