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May 18, 2024 32 mins

Jon and Keith are back at it ladies and gentleman. We are here at the Shat Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, in a highly guarded and secretive location in of all places, Alabama, with some exciting SHAT to share with you.

So, have you ever heard of Douglas Engelbart? We hadn't either until recently. He is most famously known as the inventor of the ubiquitous computer input device known as the mouse!

But there's much more you fabu...

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Keith and Jon here at the Shat Podcasting World HQ and Ice Cream Parlor.   We are starting season 8 y'all. I thought it was 7 but Keith sez, NO? Windows can skip from 8 to 10 so we can call it whatever season we want, as long as you folks listen and love it.   We have been out of pocket for a bit so we just wanted to share with you a State of the Shat address, if you will. We share what we've been up to, the history of Flumadiddle,...
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Greetings Shat fans, Flumadiddlers and trick or treaters of all ages!

Jon and Keith are coming at you live in October of 2023 from the Great Shat Pyramid! We are kicked back in our gold encrusted Sarcophagi, handing out candy to all the little ghouls and goblins roaming about. And...

Sharing with all you lovely shatters about Halloween, Mummies and Stoneman Willie our very own American Mummy! We hope you guys enjoy this lovely Hall...

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Hello all you beautiful Shat fans,

Jon and Keith here, at 1 Shat Tower in scenic N. Alabama. We are in the Nuclear Research and Historical Studies Lab here on the 137th floor and folks, do we have a really big show for you this month. 

We know that the Manhattan Project and Oppenheimer are all the rage, en vogue and the bees knees all rolled up into one, but what about the Alsos Mission and Boris T. Pash. The what Mission and Boris...

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Jon and Keith, here in the penthouse suite in the new Flumadiddle Towers in scenic North Alabama!  Bet you didn't know we have just completed our new Superscraper. It just edges out the Burj Khalifa as the tallest building in the world at 2725 ft! Hey, don't forget our new thrift store, mattress store, vape shop and Jack's burger joint is now open on the 100th floor promenade. 

What a perfect place and time to announce the renaming...

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Jon and Keith here at the Flumadiddle Podcast World HQ and Granite Quarry, for episode 2 of season 6. Today we discuss the monument to strangeness that was the Georgia Guidestones. Yep, was, as they are no longer standing.

This strange monument wreaked of ominous portent. What calamitous events did they await or hope for? And who erected them? Globalist, satanist fiends, secret societies, left or right wing weirdos or other possibi...

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Thank you so much for joining Jon and Keith here at the Flumadiddle Polymer and Plastics Science Research Foundation and polyester underwear Factory!   Today we discuss the paradoxical, modern miracle and curse that is Plastic; from our food containers, to furniture, water bottles, electronics, clothing and everything else! For better or worse, modern life would be unthinkable without this incredible invention. I know what you're t...
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Jon and Keith here at the Flumadiddle Entomological Research Center and House of Pancakes with our first episode of season 6! Can you believe it; 6 seasons of the world famous Flumadiddle podcast. We have been through a global pandemic, surgeries, illness and all sorts of miscellaneous bumps in the road, but we persevere! It is our hope that this new season will return Flumadiddle to our listeners on a much more regular basis. S...

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Jon and Keith here at the Flumadiddle Mycological Society HQ and Annual Mushroom Soiree. Man are we excited about this one! In this episode we are talking about all things Fungi and specifically mushrooms, which are actually the fungal fruiting bodies.   But we also have hyphae, mycelium, yeasts and all sorts of amazing stuff on here today. I never imagined the exciting history of the incredible Kingdom that is Fungi. It's everywhe...
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Keith and Jon, here again at the Flumadiddle Robotics and AI research Institute and sushi bar!

Join us here today as we discuss the history of Robots from Czech plays, to Asimov, Industrial robots, drones and more.   This is really a fun one everyone. Join in, enjoy and pray that these wild, technological marvels don't take over and destroy the world!
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Man is it Hot! The heatwave of 2022 is upon us! Join Jon and Keith here in the 1st of our greatest hits series, Ode to the A/C. 

  Here we are again in the Flumadiddle Climate Controlled Studio as we discuss our favorite invention...air conditioning. We discuss the history of A/C as well as the technical side of how this beautiful creation works. Thank you Lord for the glorious technological innovation that is the A/C!!!
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Keith and Jon here at the Flumadiddle Psychological and Brain Science Institute here in Vienna. Today we are gonna be talking about brains! and types of intelligence. Most of us have heard of IQ and emotional intelligence but we wanna dive a little deeper than that.

  So join us as we talk about the many different ways that one can intelligently relate to the world and those around them.
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Keith and Jon here in the Flumadiddle Coliseum and Historical Society HQ! We are back and more delightful and informative than ever. Join us today as we discuss some of ancient Rome's most innovative and amazing inventions including but not limited too... Books, bacon, weaponry and the like.

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Keith and Jon here again, at the Flumadiddle Marketing Research Center and balloon and kite factory! We have been laying low the last few weeks as Keith recovers from back surgery but you can't keep a good man down, so here we are!

This week we talk about publicity stunts gone wrong and cultural festivals descending into mayhem. Add to that a new Flumadiddle intro jam and what could possibly go wrong! Thanks for joining us again, e...

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Keith and Jon are back in the saddle again here at the Flumadiddle Financial Center for Fiscal Fabulosity. This week we share some practical insight and information about financial well being and being a good steward of all that we have been blessed with.

  So hop onboard and enjoy the ride, the knowledge and the laughs. And on a side note, I really have no plans to become a male exotic dancer. I promise! :) Listen to our new episo...
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Jon and Keith are back and covid free! Join us in the Mothership today as we discuss technological innovation and transformation in the 20th and 21st centuries. We discuss all the lovely goodies that have changed our lives from planes and computers to air conditioning and various and sundry miscellaneous loveliness! Then an encouragement to step out and be transformed yourself.

Thanks so much for hanging in there with us. Much love...

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December 23, 2021 41 mins

Jon and Keith here at our Northpole, satellite office and cinematic production center! This week, it's almost Christmas, the holy celebration of Christ's birth. Though that's our main focus, we still love the lights, the trees, the music and the movies! So today, we are bringing you some Christmas joy from some of our favorite holiday films. 

Join us for all sorts of fun facts and other such tom foolery as we discuss four of our fa...

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Jon and Keith here at the Flumadiddle Center for Painting, Meditation and Happy little trees! Or perhaps in your world, the center has happy squirrels or mountain goats. No matter! Today we shall honor our godfather of positive, happy painting chill, Bob Ross! Join us here in our little retreat center, and let the problems of the day fade into the glorious ruddy light of Bob's signature fro!

So we hope you enjoy it as as we profile...

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Jon and Keith here in the way back machine! We're here with  Genghis' grandson, Kubla Khan, the mongol hordes, Marco Polo and more to discuss the Yuan dynasty, the unification of China and all sorts historical lovliness. So join us here with our somewhat reliable goodness and let us know what you think!


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Keith and Jon present and accounted for... We are finally back here on the 3rd stone from the Sun. We enjoyed our little jaunt to and from Mars! Yes we beat NASA there but please don't tell them.

In our final space related episode we ask the simple question... Is interplanetary travel possible, likely? Come along on our journey through the cosmos.

And thank you so much for your patience. Its been a tough time in the land of Flumadi...

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