Spider-Dan And The Secret Bores

Spider-Dan And The Secret Bores

Spotlighting entertainment's best kept secrets that a mainstream audience may find boring! #ComicBooks #CultMovies #PrepareForPrattle #PrattleWorld #JoinThePrattalion #SecretBores


June 2, 2024 52 mins

It’s Day 4 of The #ForbiddenWorldsFilmFestival 2024! Listen to the result of the short film competition, Indonesian martial arts & Renny Harlin's epic return to the festival. The films shown were #Innerspace, #TheDevilsSword, #TimeCop & #TheLongKissGoodnight #PrepareForPrattle

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The sky's the limit in our latest #DisneyDiscussion as we look at both Condorman & The Rocketeer! Two dim fellas are miraculously given the ability to fly, but do these films soar or are we in for a crash landing? Join Ria, Megan, Mike & myself as we discuss irritating characters, spectacular stunt work & Timothy Dalton stealing every scene with his ACTING!

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It’s Day 3 of The #ForbiddenWorldsFilmFestival 2024! Films shown were #FoxyBrown #TheLastStarfighter #LaFemmeNikita #Outland. We also have the first 6 Short Film competition  entrants! Listen as I talk about icon Pam Grier, Exclusive introductions by cast & crew as well as tired ol’ me continually forgetting or messing up people’s names! #PrepareForPrattle 

*Slight issue with the audio on this one, it periodically drops out lea...

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It’s Day 2 of The #ForbiddenWorldsFilmFestival 2024! The films shown were #KinDzaDza #CapricornOne #Stargate #AttackOfThe50FootWoman #FemalePrisoner701Scorpion. Listen to me as I confuse Watergate with Watershed, describe Soviet Star Wars meets Mother Russia Monty Python and marvel at giant aliens in medieval tunics? #PrepareForPrattle 

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"Pop quiz hotshot!" Who's back from Forbidden Worlds Film Festival 2024 with a whole lot to say about it? That's right your friendly neighbourhood podcaster! In my coverage of Day One, I talk about Speed's director Jan De Bont being mauled by a lion, Kathryn Bigelow's sexy sleek and stylish thriller Blue Steel, what the festival means to me and all the incredibly hard work the FW team have been putting in....

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Originally published via Patreon on 27/05/23

Day 4 of Forbidden Worlds 2023! Featuring stop-motion skeletons, John Carpenter & the forgotten tradition of Titty Easter... #PrepareForPrattle

To hear my thoughts on Day One & Day Two in 2023 listen to them here... ⁠https://pod.fo/e/17d689⁠ & ⁠https://pod.fo/e/17d93e⁠

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Originally published via Patreon on 26/05/23

Day 3 of Forbidden Worlds Film Festival 2023 Baybee!!! Featuring canals, Renny Harlin & weird films even I don't like! #PrepareForPrattle

To hear my thoughts on Day One & Day Two in 2023 listen to them here... https://pod.fo/e/17d689 & https://pod.fo/e/17d93e

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#PrattleWorld’s biggest fan JAC joins me again a 100 Episodes later for episode 200! This time we list our Top 5 Best & Worst Films Covered On The Podcast!! I wouldn’t be here without the support of my guests, listeners, friends & family who have been with me from the beginning just like JAC has and all the wonderful people we’ve picked up along the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for nurturing this small endeavo...

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Everyday living in a #Cyberpunk dystopia gets that much closer to becoming Science Fact rather than Science Fiction. Luckily #Neuromancer Georgina Ruth Hammer returns to defend her favourite cautionary tale #WilliamGibson’s #JohnnyMnemonic starring #KeanuReeves Join us as we discuss Ceefax Teletext, a naked #DolphLundgren & Munch Bunch yogurts marketing campaigns… #PrepareForPrattle 

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After years of waiting its finally time to #ReleaseTheDongs Femme On’s Ria Carrogan lets it all hang out while she lists her Top 5 Films Featuring Full-Frontal Male Nudity in order to balance the scales and the amount of fully nude men we see on screen compared to women. Join us as we discuss naked Nazis, LGBTQIA+ adopted films & this time Dan rants instead of Ria! #PrepareForPrattle 

#Hustlers #BlackBook2006 #TheLoveWitch #28D...

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Is #PoorThings a remake of #Frankenhooker? The short answer is no but there are some thematic similarities. After the majesty of #Gladiator @AngryAndyReviews & I return to the gutter! From the basket case that brought you #BasketCase #FrankHenenlotter brings us a surprisingly feminist Frankenstinian film! Join us as we discuss the male gaze, super crack & the behind the scenes drama... #PrepareForPrattle

Be sure to check o...

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Get ready as Maff brings us an Arach-Attack! They’re quite literally the biggest spiders you’ve ever seen, in another tongue in cheek #CloneBores comparison! As these #EightLeggedFreaks take on one #BigAssSpider! Come into my parlour said #SpiderDan to his #Prattalion as we discuss my Mum’s hoover technique, the internal mechanics of combustion engines & shooting spiders in their butt! #PrepareForPrattle 

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#PrattleWorld calling #SkyCaptain! Spider-Dan calling Tony Farina! #TheWorldOfTomorrow needs you!! Grab your helmet, your goggles and dive-bomb into this steampunk retro-futuristic call back to the pulp serial adventures of yesteryear in #SkyCaptainAndTheWorldOfTomorrow. Join us as we discuss groundbreaking SFX, #TheRocketeer & #ChristinaAguilera’s iconic voice? #PrepareForPrattle 

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Happy Bloody #Valentines to the #Prattalion! #DanBurgess descends into the darkness with me, to stroke my nozzle while comparing both the original & remake of #MyBloodyValentine in all their blood pumping, heart pounding gory! Which film will succeed in winning hearts & mines and which deserves the shaft? Take your pick! Join us as we discuss Margaret Thatcher, incredible kills and just how Canadian a film can get! #Prepare...

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January 25, 2024 105 mins

Finally Sarah Coyne gives “Sweets To The Sweet” as she reintroduces us to the unspoken urban legend of #CliveBarker’s #Candyman! There’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hive when #TonyTodd has #VirginiaMadsen hypnotically hooked! Join us as we discuss childhood trauma, gothic romance & the tragic true story of #RuthieMayMcCoy that inspired the film… #PrepareForPrattle 

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#SharingTheSilverScreen Begins!! Where myself & co-host Angry Andy will alternate between our channels, taking turns sharing a film the other hasn't seen! The public have spoken! So I'm introducing Andy to the nonsensical cacophony of carnage that is #TokyoGorePolice featuring arterial spray & gore galore! Join us as we discuss Crocodile Girls, Tom & Jerry physics and squirting furniture... #PrepareForPrattle


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January 11, 2024 85 mins

Can the supposedly icky topic of #SexDolls make for a heart-warming film? Blake Byles thinks so and he’s here to convince me after all this time that it’s still worth the hype! #RyanGosling hooks up with another #Barbie doll in the indie darling #LarsAndTheRealGirl. Join us as we discuss Transitional Objects, the ethics of robotic prostitution & whether Hitler created the first sex doll? #PrepareForPrattle

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December 30, 2023 107 mins

Why not ring in the #NewYear with choirboy #AngryAndyReviews raining down hellfire upon #ArnoldSchwarzenegger's #EndOfDays. In the seeming twilight of his movie career Arnie takes a bold risk on this religious/horror/action/thriller but does it pay off or should he have sold his soul to The Devil? Join us as we discuss Will Smith’s #Willenium album, Udo Kier’s head coming apart & whether the priest “did it to himself…” #Pre...

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December 21, 2023 61 mins

#Dickensian Dan Keatis returns this #AlterNativityStories season and so does The #Crimbo Crusader as we take a butchers at #LeeBermejo’s #BatmanNoël an original story told in parallel with #CharlesDickens’ #AChristmasCarol! Join us as we discuss #Batman as #Scrooge, stunning artwork & the constant battle against our own cynicism… #PrepareForPrattle 

If you need someone to talk to this difficult time of year please do as dan say...

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Green is the colour of this year’s counterfeit Christmas as JAC and I roast our chestnuts on #WillemDafoe’s open fire while we review the least festive #AlterNativityStories feature film ever #WilliamFriedkin’s #ToLiveAndDieInLA. Join us as we discuss how the prop-master was almost arrested for counterfeiting, JAC’s disdain for littering & that mind-blowing ending… #PrepareForPrattle 

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