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October 1, 2022 77 min

Originally Recorded: 2022/09/04

Credit to 🎖SURVIVORS Tier Member Aliza Jones for the idea: we thought it would be great to not only #interview #TeoRappOlsson (AKA, #SebastianMilton on #TWD) but to walk around the #LivingWithTWD exhibit at Museum of the Moving Image and get his initial #reaction to everything on display. We talk about how it all started for him (the love of horror, acting, #TheWalkingDead), but also where it...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded: 2022/09/17

#TalesOfTheWalkingDead's #SeasonFinale contains elements/running themes from all its prior episodes to deliver one of it's more "mystical" episodes … that may not be as mystical as it seems! We're particularly proud of the brain nuggets we produced during our conversation and the opportunities this episode provided us to talk about how we see this series, on the whole.


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Originally Recorded: 2022/09/08

In #TalesOfTheWalkingDead's own way, they've managed to invert the axioms we've learned over the years, watching #TheWalkingDead: the rejection of "Found Family" and the concept of "Mercy", primarily. Still, "Davon" manages to entertain us by providing excellent character-building/world-building, while capturing the essence of what makes legendary anthology series,...

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September 24, 2022 2 min

Check out our Livestream, celebrating 5 years of podcasting and 200 episodes of SQUAWKING DEAD. We announced 4 prize winners during the stream, as well as how to obtain the 5th and final prize: a scavenger hunt on our YouTube Channel, the details of which we posted on Ko-fi.com/SQUAWKINGDEAD.

[Episode 200]: https://youtu.be/vbd1paMVvpI

Try your hand at the scavenger hunt! https://youtu.be/zVLwwQIDvYg

…we can never say it enough (pl...

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Originally Recorded 2022/09/01

It's telling that this episode premiere's just after the #TalesOfTheWalkingDead's Alpha origin story episode: instead of Doc Everett honoring his (more than just?) friend by wearing his face as a #Whisperers mask, he memorializes him by studying him. He does the same to Amy in similar fashion. "People are chaos" and we all have our own, personal ways of surviving and that's nev...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded 2022/08/28

Say what you will about Alpha on #TheWalkingDead television series: it takes a hell of a lot of talent to flesh out a character from the comic book (with very little to go on) far more than even #RobertKirkman could've ever imagined! This episode provided us far more information on Alpha's motivations for becoming who she really is, regardless of how twisted they become, down the road.

Join in...

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Originally Recorded 2022/09/22

Sometimes, when I create these descriptions, I experience a little deja vu (have I written this already?). All of us are aware that #TalesOfTheWalkingDead is an opportunity to break out of the box of what people think is #TWDUniverse. With mixed fan perception, we (along with Diana from Screens in Focus) attempt to highlight what makes this episode so good. Sometimes, even when I create these descript...

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Originally Recorded: 2022/08/18

Our FULL Breakdown of #BetterCallSaul's final two episodes (12 & lucky 13) of it's 6th and final season titled, "Waterworks" & "Saul Gone". 🙏THANK YOU for joining us on this incredible journey/experiment in #podcasting and we sincerely hope we always give you more than what you originally walked away with on your first watch!

We've had this episode in the c...

Mark as Played

HELLO #TalesOfTheWalkingDead!! We have the honor and privilege of breaking down this series, beginning to end, starting with the Series Premiere/Pilot, "Evie/Joe", which is a great intro into the greater #TWDUniverse, as it deals with subverting expectations and #TheWalkingDead allowing you to become the person you were meant to be.

SO MANY technical difficulties and laughs contained within the Unedited Recording for this E...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded: 2022/05/28

Anthony Collins enthusiastically sat down with Dave & Bridget to discuss the viewing party to end all viewing parties: a free event he is throwing for ALL #TWDFamily who can make it down to Covington, GA on November 20th to watch #TheWalkingDead's #SeriesFinale.

You can find out more about this momentous event, here: https://Linktr.ee/ThatsMyViewingParty

This interview wasn't marred by ma...

Mark as Played

Our FULL Breakdown of #BetterCallSaul's 11th episode of it's 6th and final season titled, "Breaking Bad".

There is no unedited episode recording for this episode, but if you want to get access to past and future unedited episode recordings, the inside scoop on all things SQUAWKING DEAD, and all the announcements we don't make on social media, create a FREE account on Ko-fi.com and just follow us on Ko-fi.com/SQU...

Mark as Played

Our 🔴LIVE Reaction to and FULL Breakdown of #BetterCallSaul's 10th episode of it's 6th and final season titled, "Nippy".

⚠ Apologies for Sherrandy's poor audio quality, mostly in the Breakdown: We've already taken steps to minimize!

Oh BOY, Oh BOY: did we have technical difficulties this episode! We took advantage of the lulls and spoke about attending both The Camp and Anthony Collins' #TWD Seri...

Mark as Played

This podcast was adapted from a 🔴LIVESTREAM we held on all our streaming channels covering both the Tales of The Walking Dead & The Walking Dead panels at San Diego Comic Con. We weren't at SDCC and the panels are not recorded/livestreamed for replay. The purpose of this livestream/podcast was to signal boost and aggregate all the news/pictures/videos being posted onto our Twitter feed from our favorite TV Media jou...

Mark as Played

This episode contains both the LIVE reaction to and FULL breakdown of Better Call Saul's 9th Episode of it's 6th and Final Season titled, "Fun and Games"

A WHOLE HALF HOUR was cut out of this 50-minute #podcast! ...and to be perfectly frank, it explains why Bridget attempted to end the show with the soundtrack from Super Mario Bros, Level 1-2. If you want to STREAM the 🎬UNEDITED version of this episode, supp...

Mark as Played

We're back and covering the midseason premiere of #BetterCallSaul's 8th episode of it's 6th and final season, "Point and Shoot".

Thank goodness TWDU is on hiatus because we've now been able to make available the RAW and Unedited Recording of this Episode available to you and, believe me when I say, it's QUITE a doozy! We cut down over 15 minutes of extended laughter from horsing around: before, during, a...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded: 2022/05/29

Bridget speaks with the owner/operator of #GeorgiaTourCompany, Julie, about the tour company's inception: it's humble beginnings as a craft goods shop (selling jams, trinkets, and other local fair) & being approached by The Walking Dead staff and fans about local filming locations, to starting her own walking tours (with exclusive access to some sites), and finally expanding the operation...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded: 2022/05/28

As #AlexandriaSafeZone's time in Senoia, GA slowly comes to a close, 🎖SURVIVORS Tier Member, Bridget, sits down with MTV's 8th Hottest Walker of 2014 and Manager of The Woodbury Shoppe, Tiffany, to talk about her time on #TheWalkingDead, current events, and the importance of following and shopping for all your #TWD merch at The Woodbury Shoppe

Tiffany / The Woodbury Shoppe: https://ww...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded 2022/03/20

We made sure we'd be there on time for this panel, as it's hosted by a good friend of ours, Felicia Wray. 🎖SURVIVORS Tier Member, Bridget, starts with her own reasons why The Walking Dead Universe means so much to her, which helped uncork the feelings and experiences of other attendees in the crowd. It was truly humbling to hear everyone's stories and I truly hope you get something...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded 2022/03/20

With a new shotgun mic to properly capture the audio from these reverberating panels, we busted in late to a panel with The Walking Dead's Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel Stokes) & Tom Payne (Paul "Jesus" Rovia), moderated by The Walking Dead `Cast's Jason Cabassi.

Speaking of Jason Cabassi, he moderated The Whisperers Panel, which we happened to film during (the now defunct) Walk...

Mark as Played

Originally Recorded 2022/03/19

Now that Fear The Walking Dead's 7th Season has come to a close, we have a lot more time to focus on some of our audio-only backlog, among which are these interviews with the lovely and talented Alexa Mansour (Hope Bennett on The Walking Dead: World Beyond) & Okea Eme-Akwari (Elijah on The Walking Dead). Special thanks to Bridget, who did a phenomenal job stepping up as interviewer!

We release...

Mark as Played

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