Stayin' Alive in Technology

Stayin' Alive in Technology

The tech industry is great at talking about the future, especially on podcasts. What we're not so great at is taking the time to understand our past. And that's what this podcast is all about. From the Noyce and Fairchild Semiconductor generation through the founding of social media, the history of Silicon Valley has many lessons for us. And we'll be interviewing the people who lived through these experiences to bring their knowledge to you. You'll get explanations for how we got where we are, which can also suggest where the future might be; along with a few laughs and inside stories from those who lived through it. So pull up a seat and listen to the tales of the past, in which may lie seeds for our future. New Episodes twice a month on Thursdays. ... Show More

Paula Buchanan, writer, researcher, and self-proclaimed data nerd, likes to pose the question “so what?” as she looks at how data should be presented and how tech should not be a gadget in search of a problem. “How can I make it so what I’m researching can help people not just by my taking a more maternalistic view, but how can I empower them to help themselves?” The way she helps people help themselves? Data visualization and research in the realm of public health.

In this episode, Paula tells Melinda about being a woman of color from a middle class upbringing and how her early years and education formed her motto: Never Stop Learning. Paula has combined her education from Tulane University and her experience with the Americorps program to improve the lives of others through data visualization. She has a passion for making data, specifically health information, more easily understood.

A supporter of Girls Who Code and the Southern Data Science Center, Paula believes that combining science and tech allows for a unique opportunity to make complex ideas more accessible. “If you’re in Health services research, you are, to a degree, a public servant...You have to think about, not the technology, but how the technology serves the people.”


  • AmeriCorps places thousands of people into intensive service positions.
  • The New Orleans Health Care for the Homeless operates a primary health care clinic and an adolescent drop-in clinic.
  • Girls Who Code and Women Who Code
  • Paula’s blog on attending the Southern Data Science Conference: a data science R&D conference that brings together experts and researchers from the top data science companies and institutes
  • Paula’s article: “Concepts and Uses for Open Data


    "American Girl" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers



    Stayin' Alive in Tech is an oral history of Silicon Valley and technology. Melinda Byerley, the host, is a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley; and the founder of Timeshare CMO, a digital marketing intelligence firm, based in San Francisco

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