Stayin' Alive in Technology

Stayin' Alive in Technology

The tech industry is great at talking about the future, especially on podcasts. What we're not so great at is taking the time to understand our past. And that's what this podcast is all about. From the Noyce and Fairchild Semiconductor generation through the founding of social media, the history of Silicon Valley has many lessons for us. And we'll be interviewing the people who lived through these experiences to bring their knowledge to you. You'll get explanations for how we got where we are, which can also suggest where the future might be; along with a few laughs and inside stories from those who lived through it. So pull up a seat and listen to the tales of the past, in which may lie seeds for our future. New Episodes twice a month on Thursdays. ... Show More
April 18, 2019 63 min

Philip Rosedale is a virtual world entrepreneur with insatiable curiosity. Co-founder of High Fidelity and Second Life, he joins the podcast to discuss the biggest themes at the intersection of humanity and technology. Hear Philip describe how they built believable virtual experiences and takes a look forward to the future of expansive virtual worlds and 3D interactions.



  • Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson, the 1992 book that’s called a “gigathriller of the information age,” which had a significant impact on Philip’s visions for virtual worlds
  • The Documentary film Our Digital Selves: My Avatar is me [full feature film]
  • Melinda’s tweetstorm about the documentary
  • Moore’s law: the prediction that the number of transistors on integrated circuit chips would double about every two years.


    "Starman" by David Bowie



    Stayin' Alive in Tech is an oral history of Silicon Valley and technology. Melinda Byerley, the host, is a 20-year veteran of Silicon Valley and the founder of Timeshare CMO, a digital marketing intelligence firm, based in San Francisco.

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