Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood® Guy!

Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood® Guy!

Welcome to the Motivational Firewood® Podcast! Join Steve as he fires up the recording studio to share his unique blend of Motivation, Positivity, Visualization strategies and more. Each week, Steve shares tips, tactics and the lessons that life has taught him (personally and professionally) to rise from the ashes of a self-induced ‘crash and burn’ two decades ago, to the success he enjoys today. Every episode is an open, honest, authentic dive into Steve's journey...delivered with humor, too!


June 10, 2024 8 mins

One Goal. One Action. Today!!

It can be soooo overwhelming to think of all the different areas of our lives, then think of all the things we said we WANT to achieve.

If only we could pick ONE...and take an action, today.

Then another one, tomorrow.

Wait...we COULD do that.


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Boundaries, Rules...and Tollhouse Cookies!

Life without boundaries and rules can quickly become chaos.

In my case, it resulted in saying YES to wayyyy too many things, and losing my own schedule in the process.

During a recent Kindness Mission in our kitchen, my wife Tina taught me the benefit of setting up some boundaries and rules for self-protection.

It worked!!

It helped us to help others.

(and it was delicious)


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Are You Celebrating Your Milestones?

When was the last time you gave yourself credit for how far you‘ve ANY area of your life?
It can be sooooo easy to ‘miss’ our own progress when we wake up, day after day, and only see little increments, a day’s worth of effort.

It’s also very easy to get ourselves off-track, saying: “Well, if I don’t make the effort TODAY, that’s’s only one day. How much difference co...

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May 3, 2024 5 mins

Who You Become (or What You Get)?

Which do you believe is more important?

The way i see it, too many people are setting goals for WHAT THEY WANT...without realizing they need to create shifts in their lives to become the 'type of person' who can live up to it AND actually create it.

As an example, today's show focuses on the people who say they wish to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world.

This is all-too-often tied to winnin...

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March 28, 2024 39 mins
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How is Life Like an Old Wooden Roller Coaster?

At a time when soooo many people are seeking 'instant' results, I am reminded of how I got here after a rough patch in my own life.

Set my goals...and got consistent with my ACTIONS, understood my WHY and DID THE WORK!

This is how it works for me.

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Are You Coasting...Or Delaying the Start of Your Race?

Trust me, I've been there.

Giving a half-assed effort on my current journey.

Or saying: "I'll get back on track at (insert name of fabricated 'start date' for which I will legitimately show up and do the work).

What not enough people realize is this:


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It's All Your Fault! (Inspired by Monique Yvonne)

How you React & Respond to the world around you (everything included) can have a major impact on the situations of your life.

You've got so many amazing processing systems inside you, which can help you to get through the toughest days.

Keep on digging for gold inside yourself, and finding your power.

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December 30, 2023 4 mins

Not Just 'Better'...You Need Details!

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Brad Burton has been Up, Down, Up and Down again. And he's always gotten back up. Born to a rough start. Living a tough life.

As he shares, there is a good version and a not-so-good version of his life. In this conversation, we discuss:

* How Brad got addicted to drugs...TWICE! * He was a pizza delivery guy at age 31 * How 'real life' is NOT like Hollywood * How having NO PLAN B changed his life * His 'better way...

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Special Guest Michael Padurano: More Lives Than a Cat!

Michael Padurano is a human being who has been at the top as well as rock-bottom.

And he has learned valuable lessons from being in BOTH PLACES...and everywhere in-between. In this conversation, Michael and I discuss: * Self-forgiveness * Being in control of our Actions & Reactions * Self-worth & Self-talk * How we are programmed to NOT find our own way (or to b...

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September 3, 2023 5 mins

Potential...Just Add a Spark!

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Steve Gamlin's Motivational Firewood: Special Guest, Laughter Therapy founder Barry Taylor! Gelotologist, Trainer, Speaker Barry Taylor. Laughter, well-being and humor at work. In this conversation, we discuss: * The importance of 'finding your tribe' * Our thoughts (and misconceptions) of Laughter Yoga * Therapeutic benefits of laughter & health * How Barry's background as an educator impacts him today * Way...

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Visualized a Goal (and Nothing Happened? Duh!)

Trust me...I've heard it all.

People who got their entire Education on Visualization from watching the DVD version of The Secret and seeing a genie in a magic lamp who said (over and over): "Your wish is my command."


There's much more to Visualization and Vision Boards than that.

It goes much deeper.

Believe me...I've owned the shovel for almost 20 y...

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Get Excited About SOMETHING (Then React & Respond)!

Do you realize how many people actively seek out the negative, DAILY?

Who focus ONLY on the Bad Stuff?

I get it, the world is not a perfect place.

But...just how much more do YOU want to contribute to it?

A recent sunrise (as I started my workout) reminded me that it can be very powerful to FIND THE GOOD, every day...even the 'little things', to get our positive ...

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Coincidence...or Connection? (Special Guest Jacki Vilandre)

I believe most of us have lost someone close to us over the years.

Many people say that 'when someone is gone...they are GONE.'

Others, like me, believe that our loved ones remain around us as energy or manifestations in other forms.

What started off as a Visualization Coaching call to support one of my past clients, became a long conversation about this very topic...

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July 23, 2023 7 mins

Are YOU Stacking Up Your Wins?

Well...are you?

Too many of us are focused on the wrong things.

The wrong past.

Forgetting that life is a long-term game.

A game that we need to define by our progress, our consistency and our WINS.

What gets in the way?

Focusing on times we messed up.

We made mistakes.

The days that we allowed our 'Imposter Voice' and the 'Forces of Average' to knock us off our game.

When we let these...

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Special Guest (and Weight Loss Rock Star) Monica Burke!

Monica is a Real Estate agent, Speaker, Author and Fitness Motivator.

In this episode, she and I discuss:

* How her healthy journey began

* How a 'whole new lunch table' can change your life

* Picking the right Accountability partners

* Finding the best people to level up with you

* Building better habits by showing up

* Celebrating Non-Scale Victories!

* The...

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ADHD for the WIN (Lori Jewett's new Book)!

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Special Guest: Entrepreneur, Coach and 'Keep It Simple' Guy, Sammie Knight!

Sammie Knight is a gentleman who has seen it all, done it all...and kept it all going with an amazing consistency and simplicity.

He and I have long joked that we'd start our own podcast called "Two Guys on a Front Porch".

Both of us being big on Visualizing and Action-Taking, I guess this would count as Episode 1!

In this co...

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