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Take Me With You Podcast

Ryan and Cheryl are two well-traveled people who want to go everywhere! Since that's not practical, each episode they travel vicariously by inviting a guest to share their unique travel stories.... Show More


March 1, 2021 84 min

Christine shares about her study abroad experience in Northern Thailand. 

  • Spent 3 months in Thailand 
  • Picked the program because she was sick and tired of the Seattle Rain 
  • Focused on the gender dimensions of conflict 
  • Working on the border of Thailand & Burma/Myanmar 
  • Rohingya genocide crisis 
  • Very recently there was a military coup 
  • She was in Chiang Mai in Thailand for 90% of the time, which was very safe 
  • Learned about eco-farming ...
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    Mikaela joins us again, and this time she shares about escaping to a lake and then the mountains in nearby states to work remotely from beautiful locations. 

    Travel Story - 5 months in New Hampshire...in the middle of nowhere...then to Vermont 

  • She snuck in a trip to Costa Rica 
  • Had not had a year without a stamp in her passport since age 8 
  • The New England culture of having a “summer home” 
  • “Summer Fridays” - no one works on Friday dur...
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    Disney Travel Expert Sandy joins us to share about traveling with Adventures by Disney, and how they take care of everything from money for the public bathroom, to chocolate on your pillow! 

    Travel Story - Adventures by Disney Rhine River Cruise 

  • River cruising is different than ocean cruising 
  • Traveled from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  • Had to fly into Munich...so arrived a day early to see Neuschwanstein Castle becaus...
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    February 8, 2021 81 min

    Andrea shares about traveling to Rwanda to meet her sponsor child, learn about the country’s tragic history, and enjoy the culture and excursions. 

    Travel Story - Rwanda 

  • When we can travel again, everyone should travel to Rwanda 
  • Was sponsoring a child in Rwanda and wanted to meet that child 
  • World Vision was the sponsoring organization, so they helped guide her through the process and provided some staff in country as points of conta...
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    February 1, 2021 98 min

    Beka joins us to share about a mission trip she took to Tunisia! 

  • Monastir
  • For many of the Tunisian high school students, it was their first trip to the ocean
  • Food was cafeteria food, which made things difficult with health
  • Bonus Tip: If the country you are visiting has worm medicine, buy it before you go home
  • Went through training in Turkey
  • Tunis
  • 2 day crash course in Arabic (national language)
  • Coffee Shops
  • Most are geared for men
  • Some are ...
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    Hilary shares about her new travel business, Yūgen Earthside! We hear about how her business started, what they offer, and her passion for sustainable travel. 

    Travel Story - Sustainable Travel (Yūgen Earthside) 

  • 3 pillars of the company: 
  • Taking care of the environment 
  • Preserving the local cultures & societies 
  • Promoting the local economy 
  • Keeping money in the destination you’re visiting 
  • Yūgen - Japanese for an awareness of the uni...
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    January 18, 2021 82 min

    Kamryn joins us to travel the Train of Thought! We take turns sharing travel stories...mostly about bugs. 

  • Train of thought 
  • Kamryn - being in Brazil and not speaking much English, then getting to the airport in Canada and wanting to talk to everyone 
  • Cheryl - in Spain spent a day or two not speaking any English, until the daughter and her went out and started speaking English 
  • Kamryn - Papua New Guinea, became known as bubaiya (papaya...
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    January 11, 2021 120 min

    Lisa shares about her road trip to Idaho, which was plan D for her fall vacation. We don’t hear much about tourism in Idaho, but Lisa calls it a hidden gem, and we get to hear why on today’s episode! 

  • Hotsprings 
  • City of McCall 
  • National Forest 
  • Wore a bright vest to be sure they stood out to hunters 
  • Loman 
  • Scenic byway 
  • Stayed in a Yurt - Loman Inn & Yurts 
  • Went to a hot springs in a park - just found a pool near the river 
  • Stanley 
  • Us...
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    Ray shares about hiking the Incan Trail, and a train ride through the Andes, as well as his life in Mexico City, and growing up internationally. 

  • Cusco 
  • In the mts. of Peru - 8,000 ft 
  • 2 weeks to acclimate to altitude  
  • Coffee & chocolate making classes 
  • Incan Trail 10,000 ft 
  • Only 100 people allowed on the trail per day
  • A 4 day trail 
  • Usually reserve 6 months in advance 
  • $1000 per person to do the hike 
  • Day 1 
  • 3 hr drive to Sacred Valley...
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    2020 has forced us to rethink how we travel, but what will travel look like in 2021? Cheryl & Ryan speculate about the future of travel and make suggestions for planning travel in the year ahead. 

    Wish You'd Stay Home New Years Suggestions 

    Cheryl: virtual 5k races 

    Ryan: watch the ball drop around the world online 

    Follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @tmwypodcast 

    Leave us a voicemail (or text message): (406)763-8699 


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    December 21, 2020 91 min

    For Winter Break, we decided to binge some classic TV! We watch a lot of episodes from season five of I Love Lucy, where they travel to Europe. Turns out they didn’t actually travel to Europe to shoot these episodes, but they are fun to watch! 

    Elements of Travel Represented: 

  • Ep 11 - Lucy struggles to get a passport 
  • Ep 12 - Lucy gets a passport at the passport office...but there’s no one there! 
  • Ep 18 - Paris at last 
  • Travel as a loca...
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    Dale joins us this week to talk about travel by motorcycle! She highlights a trip she took to Rattlesnake Canyon. We also talk about packing light, phone photography, and dressing for all weather.  

  • Motorcycle trip to Rattlesnake Canyon 
  • Packing  
  • Material that breathes (cool max, wicking) 
  • Easy to wash & dry quickly/overnight 
  • Same type of clothing as backpacking 
  • Rain gear 
  • Kevlar jeans 
  • Palouse Falls 
  • Bogan’s Oasis Cafe 
  • At the bottom...
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    Christine joins us to share about a unique study abroad experience she had in Rome...right before COVID! Hear about her experience in Italy, and what it was like seeing COVID hit there. 

  • How does a study abroad work? 
  • Part of the international human rights capstone project 
  • Decided to go to Rome 4 weeks before departure 
  • UW has a center/campus in Rome! 
  • Campo di Fiorre 
  • Capstone Project: Specific Military defenses for EU by 2030 
  • Class tr...
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    Wedding Planner, Emilee, joins us to share about her experiences planning destination weddings! 

  • The magic of “destination” can be 3 hours from where you live 
  • It doesn’t have to be an exotic location; you don’t have to have a passport 
  • KEY = has to be at least 3 days 
  • Guest count is small enough for guests to stay in the same place 
  • Who are the “destination wedding” type of people 
  • If you feel like you’re giving something up, you pr...
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    This week, YouTuber Dana C Burkey joins us to share about her niche travel interest: abandoned exploring. We hear about what inspired Dana’s love of this hobby, and where it’s taken her to! 

  • Packing lists 
  • By hand! 
  • Judging Cheryl 
  • Doesn’t forget things 
  • Abandon Exploring 
  • Chernobyl 
  • What Cheryl does/doesn’t know 
  • Dana explains what happens 
  • Former hospitals, ghost towns, military forts 
  • Goodnoe HIlls, WA 
  • Ghost town 
  • Satsop Nuclear Power Plan...
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    This week, we continue our interview with Alex, as he shares his Top 10 Travel Tips (plus 1), and asks us to share some of ours too! 

  • Alex’s Top 10 Travel Tips (plus 1) 
  • Join a rewards program (airline miles) 
  • Can use miles to get meals, more legroom, check a bag 
  • One-World Alliance, Star Alliance, Southwest, Delta 
  • Learn how to use Google Flights well 
  • Open destination search 
  • Consider alternate transportation methods 
  • Rome2Rio.com 
  • Consid...
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    The episode opens with a discussion of Starbucks mugs and the various collections that have existed over the years. Then Alex answers our returning guest questions, which includes a description of what it’s like to fly during the current COVID 19 pandemic. He then launches into his travel story about visiting 7 cities, 5 countries in just 8 days! 

  • Corfu, Greece 
  • The old fortress of Corfu 
  • Greek style church 
  • Great tips from an AirBnB h...
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    November 2, 2020 82 min

    This week we celebrate our podcast’s 2 year anniversary! Cheryl and Ryan reflect on the last two years and look forward to what lies ahead, including the following:  


  • TikTok Talk 
  • Is Cheryl bored with the podcast? 
  • Stats Guessing Game 
  • Number of downloads 
  • Top 5 episodes 
  • Top app used to play our podcast 
  • Directories/services our podcast is listed on 
  • Predictions for next year 
  • What’s going to happen in the next year with travel 
  • Ryan think...
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    October 26, 2020 56 min

    Benjamin spent some time living in Xove, Spain, teaching English and shares with us about three trips he took to Barcelona. Some of his highlights are:  

  • La Primavera sound music festival 
  • 3 ways of getting to Barcelona 
  • Seeing a Rolling Stones show in Madrid 
  • The perspective of people in Barcelona on quality of life 
  • Why some Spaniards would prefer to live in Barcelona vs Madrid 
  • Park Güell 
  • The Picasso Museum 
  • What makes Las Ramblas so g...
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    Kamryn spent 6 months traveling and serving with YWAM, and shares about the 6 weeks that she spent in Papua New Guinea. 

    She spent 6 weeks serving the people of Papua New Guinea, including: 

  • The capital city Port Morsbey 
  • Alotau 

  • Kamryn’s experience included: 

  • A focus on community engagement: education in schools, playing with kids 
  • Living off the boat to have the “full Papua New Guinea experience” 

  • She talks about differences between Eas...

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