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TGC Podcast

The Gospel Coalition Podcast features keynote and breakout sessions from our national, regional, and women's conferences. We exist to equip the next generation of believers, pastors, and church leaders to shape life and ministry around the gospel.


June 14, 2024 49 mins

Jen Wilkin explores God's gifts in women to lead, teach the Bible, and create spaces for others to thrive.

After her talk, Wilkin joins Melissa Kruger, Rebecca McLaughlin, Courtney Doctor, and Elizabeth Woodson to discuss women's contributions to the church, the importance of sibling relationships within God's family, and overcoming opposition in ministry. The panelists encourage and equip women with tools to prepare for these calli...

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Even those who live by faith experience doubt, but it doesn't have to end your faith. Drawing from years of guiding Christians through doubt and disillusionment, Joshua Chatraw combines pastoral care and intellectual rigor to address the emotional journey of doubt, offering a new perspective on living a life of faith alongside it. In this breakout session from TGC23, Chatraw and Jack Carson discuss these themes based on their book,...

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May 31, 2024 106 mins

James Anderson opens this two-part breakout session by sharing how to cultivate a biblically formed understanding of our present cultural realities and maintain confidence and hope when we might otherwise be tempted to despair. Ligon Duncan and Nancy Guthrie follow with a discussion of theological foundations and pastoral approaches for helping one another walk through suffering.

The session covers

  • how suffering can shape faith a...
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In this breakout session from TGC23, Dan Doriani addresses the real concern of churches devastated by bullying, immorality, and narcissism at the hands of pastors. But he also addresses the challenges facing pastors as they endure disapproval, opposition, foot-dragging, sabotage, and whisper campaigns.

He challenges pastors to cultivate humility, seek God's wisdom and mercy, and embrace servanthood while fostering appropriate confid...

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Tim Keller examines Nicodemus's encounter with Jesus, unpacking the concept of being "born again." He challenges common stereotypes of born-again Christians and emphasizes that this spiritual rebirth is essential for everyone, regardless of their moral or religious status.

Keller reminds us that true repentance is turning towards Jesus for salvation and, in doing so, he highlights the beautiful transformation that happens when we r...

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May 17, 2024 41 mins

In his breakout at TGC23, Michael Kruger argues doubt is a natural part of growing faith and can lead to stronger beliefs if handled with biblical and wise guidance.

He offers suggestions for how Christians can confront and process doubts about their faith, especially in our skeptical age. And he calls the church to be a supportive environment that neither shames nor celebrates doubt but rather encourages constructive dialogue. This...

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In this panel discussion from TGC23, Courtney Doctor, Vanessa Hawkins, and Melissa Kruger delve into strategies for shepherding women within the local church.

The panel encourages pastors to invest in women's theological training and for men and women to be in the same room as they serve in ministry together. For women in leadership to thrive within the local church, pastors need to pray for them, include them, and proactively seek ...

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May 3, 2024 41 mins

In this microevent from TGC23, Megan Hill, Gavin Ortlund, and Winfree Brisley reflect on the challenges and blessings of growing up in ministry. They emphasize the importance of parents living by grace, finding their identity in Christ, and supporting their kids, as well as modeling fr their children wise decision-making and differentiating between reasonable and unreasonable expectations for pastors' kids. They share the value of ...

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April 26, 2024 33 mins

In her breakout session at TGC23, Ruth Chou Simons teaches how to navigate life's challenges by focusing on God's unchanging character, which guides and sustains believers through life's wilderness.

As we look for God's attributes in everyday life and align with his purpose for our lives, we find fulfillment and resilience amid our struggles. Through personal anecdotes and theological insights, Simons emphasizes the transformative p...

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In their panel discussion at TGC's 2023 conference, J. T. English, Kyle Worley, and Jen Wilkin delve into the crucial role of discipleship in the local church, focusing on the importance of theological education and spiritual growth.

There are challenges in cultivating effective discipleship programs and there’s need for a deeper biblical understanding among those being discipled. Through sharing personal experiences within the broa...

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In this breakout session at TGC23, Jen Wilkin discusses how the ideals of individualism, personal fulfillment, and self-directed paths to happiness can negatively affect family relationships. Wilkin teaches parents how to regain a deep focus on the shared space we call home and foster a family environment of biblical values, love, safety, and true identity in Christ.

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In their conversation at TGC23, Collin Hansen, Michael Graham, and Christopher Watkin discuss Tim Keller’s vision for cultural engagement and its future application. Reflecting on Hansen's book, Timothy Keller: His Spiritual and Intellectual Formation, the panel talks about the people and the events that formed Keller’s spiritual life and ministry priorities.

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In this breakout session at TGC23, Rebecca McLaughlin explores what we can learn about Jesus if we pay attention to both the male and female witnesses the Gospels offer us within their narratives—from the beginning of Jesus’s life on earth to the end, and beyond.

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March 22, 2024 44 mins

Pastors and TGC Council members Afshin Ziafat, Miguel Núñez, and George Robertson discuss the critical role of in-person church gatherings, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic, emphasizing the need for Christians to reengage their local congregations. They explore the dual nature of live-streaming services, recognizing their utility in maintaining connections yet cautioning against their limitations in fostering deep rela...

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Michael Kruger and Dan Doriani discuss the signs and dangers of pastoral burnout, the importance of accountability in church structures to protect God's people, and ways to support and heal communities affected by spiritual abuse.

They emphasize our need to acknowledge our leaders' flaws and to create safe and honest environments where elders and staff can share their concerns without fear of retaliation. Their conversation ends on ...

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March 8, 2024 40 mins

On this episode of TGC Podcast, Ligon Duncan, Bob Thune, Andy Davis, and Philip Ryken examine Christian nationalism, differentiating it from mere patriotism and exploring its influence on Christian identity and societal engagement.

They delve into the historical and biblical perspectives on Christians' roles in society, emphasizing the need to prioritize Christ above all loyalties. They also discuss strategies for Christians to resp...

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March 1, 2024 46 mins

"Let's give ourselves to extraordinary prayer, knowing that no matter what the wilderness of this world may bring our way, our God is with us." – David Platt

In his keynote message at TGC's 2023 conference, David Platt teaches on Exodus 40 and emphasizes the importance of extraordinary prayer in our lives and families, churches, and ministries. Platt reminds us that the Book of Exodus is filled with evidence of God's desire to dwell...

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February 23, 2024 37 mins

In his keynote message at TGC's 2023 conference, Andrew Wilson teaches on Exodus 32. He delves into the story of the golden calf, drawing parallels to the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden. He explores how idolatry shapes individuals, leading them to become like what they worship, and contrasts the destructive consequences of worshiping false idols with the transformative power of worshiping the true God. Wilson highlights Mos...

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"The goal of the Covenant, fulfilled in Christ, is eternal communion with God, foreshadowed in the elders, eating with the Lord on the mountain and foreshadowed every time you gather with the people of God around the Lord's table . . . because of what Christ has done for you." — Ligon Duncan

In his message at TGC's 2023 conference, Ligon Duncan teaches from Exodus 24 and emphasizes the key themes of representation, substitution, and...

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February 9, 2024 41 mins

"The preaching of the Law is the schoolmaster that brings us to Christ again and again." – J. D. Greear

In his keynote message at TGC's 2023 conference, J. D. Greear teaches from Exodus 19-20 and derives four observations about the Ten Commandments, emphasizing their authority from God, their role in restoring order and true freedom, their connection to idolatry, and their foundation in God's grace. Greear's message highlights how t...

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