The Fields Brothers Show

The Fields Brothers Show

Not the Marx Brothers nor the Doobie Brothers, Roger Fields and Jeff Fields are the Fields Brothers, co-authors of "Breaking The Hex." Enjoying life on this side of the cross they talk about happenings from their lives in central Kentucky. They are recovering pastors with no known history of scandal, just a refreshing take on freedom in Christ. WARNING: The following views and opinions may not necessarily represent those of the staff or management of your local church.... Show More


July 4, 2020 41 min
  • The problem with modern day "discipleship."
  • Disciples in the book of Acts.
  • Growth that is from God.
  • God gives the increase.
  • What does "Apollos watered" mean?
  • What does spiritual growth look like?
  • The devil's schemes.
  • The gospel incomprehensible and revealed.
  • Why was the cross public, but the resurrection private?
  • A bear in Lexington, KY.
  • An Australian man saves 2 million babies with his blood.
  • The recent video warning by a...
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  • The Fields Brothers Show IT department (Roger) makes a confession.
  • Gummy bears, raccoons and a skunk.
  • The forgiven woman in Luke 7.
  • The key to loving God.
  • Why the Corinthians were NOT told to confess their sin.
  • What about willful sin?
  • Text check it.
  • Grace with no additives.
  • How religion is like a bounce back net.
  • Roger's Dr. Pepper theology.
  • Mike Q Daniel quote.
  • Do you have CRS (Cross Reduction Syndrome)?
  • Growing in Christ.
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    June 22, 2020 40 min
  • Bad news for bald men
  • Update on Jeff's BBB complaint
  • How religious law is like smoking cigarettes
  • Do you need to sin more?
  • Legalistic Bible reading streak
  • The spiritual influence of the Hex
  • A new look at II Cor. 5:17
  • A little known fact about oil in Kentucky
  • World Chicken Festival is cancelled
  • To infinity and beyond!
  • The other parable of two sons
  • Father's Day

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    June 13, 2020 40 min
  • You can't make Jesus Lord of your life.
  • How religion is the wrong fuel for the engine of life.
  • Zig Ziglar story
  • Roger vs. raccoons
  • Why Paul was the worst of sinners
  • The benefit of weakness
  • Jeff files a complaint with the BBB.
  • THE day Jesus became the cornerstone 
  • The biggest "oops" ever
  • Encouragement in disturbing times
  • The good news of a new Earth
  • The scroll in Revelation 5
  • Jesus our blessed hope!
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    June 7, 2020 48 min
  • Jack Nicklaus needs Jeff's help.
  • Paving for pizza.
  • Saint or saints? The body matures together.
  • Roger gives medical advice for acid reflex.
  • RIP Irene Triplett.
  • Roger talks about Kidz Blitz.
  • We never graduate from grace.
  • Relational or transactional?
  • Grace in a world of obligations.
  • Riding in the pickup with the tailgate down.
  • Can covered sin be uncovered?
  • Are we New Covenant stowaways?
  • Birth control for mosquitoes.
  • "A Language of Healing ...
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    May 30, 2020 45 min

    Roger is clueless about National Hamburger Day.
    A new sponsor for The Fields Brothers Show.
    How is a pop tart like legalism?
    Have we missed the point of baptism?
    A typical flying turtle story.
    3-dimensional grace in a 2-dimensional religious world.
    Roger gets unfriended on FaceBook.
    The new covenant is a person, not just a better system.
    The good news of life restored through immersion in the Spirit.

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    Drive-In Worship Guide.
    The wrong Home Depot.
    Disciple is not a higher level of Believer.
    Two elements of our foundation as the church.
    An amazing example of Christ bringing believers together.
    Ravi Zacharias tribute.
    A deceptive claim to give God glory.
    The Amish on the golf course (that is not autocorrect).
    A different explanation of being lukewarm.
    Seeing the spiritual identity of others.
    Roger's Donny and Marie analogy.
    Roger's sw...

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    May 16, 2020 43 min

    LIve on FaceBook!
    Jeff tells Roger about a new website.
    Roger's deep napping.
    How grace makes Scripture pop with new meaning.
    Roger's rant about Costco.
    2 crime stories.
    It's not the Bible that will last forever.
    Law is a license to sin.
    What about posting the Ten Commandments.
    No manna in the Promised Land.
    The Kentucky Blue people.
    How the gospel frees us from overwhelming legalism.
    False attacks on hyper grace.
    Paul the apostle s...

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    May 9, 2020 41 min

    Our newest sponsor.
    The mistaken title of "devout" Christian.
    An overlooked word in the grace message.
    What happens when we focus on something.
    Spiritually buff?
    How religion is like hair coloring.
    Where did the pharisees come from?
    Don't worry about being "used" by God.
    The tragedy of missing God's love.
    Jeff explains dodge juggle to Roger.
    The four horsemen of religion.
    The importance of knowing it is done.

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    May 2, 2020 36 min

    LIve on Religion Free Movement Facebook.
    Warning:  Mental whiplash ahead.
    An often missed word in I John 1.
    Roger does not recognize the name, Myles Coverdale.
    Jeff recommends the book, "Clash of the Covenants."
    3 possible paths.
    What you may not have known about the American chestnut tree.
    Mike Q Daniel quote.
    How obedient are you and why that is the wrong question.
    A boy (Roger) and his dog.
    The two parts of the gospel.
    Roger's ...

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    Mark as Played

    A commodities market update (of course).
    Next week's podcast will have a live FaceBook audience.
    Reflections on the conversation with Wayne Jacobsen.
    The fallacy of focusing on how WE are doing in the Christian life.
    Jeff shares some teaching from Aaron Budjen.
    A different take on the thief in John 10:10.
    How some view their salvation like a lease.
    Mixing law and grace is like an off note in a song.
    Grace frees us from sin.
    How smiling ...

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    April 18, 2020 46 min

    Author and friend, Wayne Jacobsen, joins Roger and Jeff for a wonderful conversation. We talk about church life with or without a virus. Wayne shares his amazing experience of ending up largely outside the institution church many years ago and then discovering that God was far different than he had realized. We talk about what it is to live in the affection of our Heavenly Father and then to share that incredible love with others d...

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    A wonderful homecoming.
    Are churches non-essential or not?
    How NASCAR got started.
    What will happen to the Barbasol Championship?
    Is golf a cult? (hint: No).
    The bear hug of God.
    How an amputated foot is like temptation.
    Preview of next week's podcast: Wayne Jacobsen.
    Roger and Jeff talk about the resurrection.
    The opportunity for Christ's glory.
    Proof that Lexington, KY is a friendly city.
    Lessons from the virus.
    An interesting Freddi...

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    April 4, 2020 41 min

    Jeff is a little down.
    Roger's Cracker Barrel disclaimer.
    Promising God to stop making promises to God.
    Faith is the eye of the spirit.
    Not one, but two horse trailer stories from KY.
    When pastors try to be mediators.
    Roger's rules for social distancing.
    Blame Satan, not God.
    5 types of virus people.
    The benefit of suffering.
    Spiritually untouchable.
    The good news of an unshakeable kingdom.
    Responding to the person of Christ, not just ...

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    March 28, 2020 40 min

    Jeff sends a book to Coach Cal.
    The jungle of religion.
    Side effect of resentment after seeing grace.
    Trusting our Dad.
    Grace freaks people out while law comforts.
    God is not a cosmic computer.
    Jeff explains "bear hunting" to Roger.
    The Heart of Man documentary.
    Roger goes to Lowe's paint department.
    Jesus was quarantined for us.
    God is a finder of the lost.
    What a God! Psalm 18:30.

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    March 21, 2020 41 min

    Coronavirus observations.
    Staying spiritually connected to Christ?!?!
    II Chron. 7:13-14 in the new covenant.
    Application from the ServePro motto.
    Speaking truth.
    Why were we never taught the other verse?
    Grace freaks people out.
    The gap of law or the overflow of grace.
    Confessing and healing in James 5.
    A not-so-touching reconciliation between the Fields brothers.
    Spiritual life is contagious.
    It's Friday, but Sunday's coming!

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    March 14, 2020 41 min

    The obligatory coronavirus mention.
    Living by faith or fear.
    A great point from Joseph Prince about Peter's reaction.
    Is "easy believism" easy or hard? - Jeremy White.
    Roger goes to the ER.
    Ambulance chasers for grace.
    The ark of the covenant blesses a family.
    Jeff throws Roger under the bus.
    A fascinating word from J. Vernon McGee.
    Matt McMillen's comment about the vine and the branch.
    A surprising note about Moses in Hebrew...

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    The Fields Brothers' coming grandchildren.
    Roger fails Jeff's geography question.
    Another joke from Roger.
    When good things happen to bad people on the PGA tour.
    The wrecking ball cross.
    A social media post by a pastor makes Roger mad..
    Being prescribed to take regular x-rays?
    How Peter illustrates abounding grace.
    Are we too hard on "doubting" Thomas?
    Rahab's family is saved.
    A well-meaning, but terrible list of advice f...

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    February 29, 2020 41 min

    Arby's or Efby's.
    The sport that amazes Jeff.
    God's protection in a bad car wreck.
    The One Thing that is needed.
    How religion has us measuring ourselves.
    Computer analogies.
    Bad timing for a robbery.
    Oil from a Bible for sale?
    Roger rejects Jeff's suggestion on how to save $5.
    CSI Calvary.
    God believes in you.

    Mark as Played
    February 22, 2020 40 min

    Did Roger pass the realtor test?
    What about those who sinned before the Law?
    Advice for fugitives who order pizza.
    Roger spots a Wal-Mart shopper.
    Israelites and Christians going in circles.
    Heaven is not our Promised Land.
    The altar of uncertainty.
    Faith in Jesus for yourself and for others.
    Raising children by grace.
    A great Ray Stedman quote.
    Think on these things.

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