The Gutsy Podcast

The Gutsy Podcast

Whether you need an inspirational pick-me-up or a swift kick in the mental ass, The Gutsy Podcast is your bi-weekly guide to getting out of your head and back to your goals as a passionate, business rock-star. We’re here to remind you that you’re not alone — and that your roller-coaster ride of thoughts, feelings, and emotions are shared by many. Follow along as we get real, raw + ridiculous about running a business authentically.


June 30, 2022 8 min

Do you also feel like there are a thousand of things to write about however when you sit down to start creating content, all you hear is crickets?

Not to mention the overwhelm from staying on top of all the social media platforms. 

You are not alone and you don’t have to to stay stuck. 

You get to undo your content strategy by getting an understanding of why you are having a content block. 

Here a couple of tactics to follow inorder to...

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There certainly isn’t a shortage of social media accounts to choose from. Each have their own purpose and personality, and deciding which platforms to be on is a big decision. 

If you’ve considered running a Facebook Group, or perhaps you already do, today’s topic is about growing an engaged and profitable Facebook group – one that creates raving fans without wasting time on strategies that don’t work. 

To go over the ins and outs wi...

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June 16, 2022 9 min

Your offer is a big part of your business. It is how you impart value to people and generate funds for your business. It is what you are known for. 

But getting to create your offer can be a windy road. 

So here’s how to undo your offer:

  • Create a distinct offer
  • Focus on one offer
  • Let go of offers that no longer align with you

  • Getting clear on what your offer is will help align you with the right clients. 


    To gra...

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    You’re ready to scale your business but have some reservations. If you increase your price, will people actually pay it? If you increase your financial goal, does that mean you’ll have to work even harder? Or are you going to have to take on a shit ton of clients to meet that goal?

    These, along with many other reservations, are what hold a lot of entrepreneurs back from truly achieving their financial goals.

    Today, we’re talking with...

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    Is your bio a true reflection of how you want to show up? 

    With so many tips on how your bio is supposed to be, it can be so easy to lose yourself – and before you know it, goodbye authenticity. 

    Your bio doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be a reflection of who you are and how you serve.

    Here’s how you can undo your stuffy ass bio:

  • Recognize how you want to show up
  • Release the industry standards you have been tied to
  • Reclaim your bio...
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    Every social media platform has its own purpose and personality. Tiktok has video. Instagram has imagery. And then there’s LinkedIn. 

    What is it for and how do you best use it for your business? Is it worth your time and effort?

    Well, today we’re talking to Colleen McKenna, Principal of Intero Advisory, about how you can use LinkedIn to expand your reach and grow your business.

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What LinkedIn is and who it...
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    The opportunities that social media provides are endless for a business owner in this era.

    But with such possibilities comes an influx of social media apps requiring our attention. 

    As a business owner looking to grow audiences on each of these apps, it is hard to keep up, so how can you really leverage social media to its full potential?

    Start by undoing your social media:

  • Write down all the social media accounts you are currently usi...
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    You’ve done it all… you’re posting on social, have downloaded all the freebies you can get your hands on, and have probably even invested in a course or two. 

    You know you’re capable of working with great clients and know that people invest in high-value coaches all the time – yet something is missing.

    Today, we’re talking with Henriette Danel about the four strategies she’s created to attract more clients – which are magnetized to y...

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    As you are growing a business, you may unintentionally put yourself aside. I know, and I’ve been there. 

    You’re working really hard to make ends meet, and most of the time that means neglecting your health.


    Your health needs just as much (if not more!) attention as your business.

    So, here’s how you can make time to workout;

  • Give yourself a chance to try out something new
  • Find a workout routine that works for you

  • Keep in mind that wor...

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    I know that you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities. You’re running a business. 

    You may be a spouse, mother, sister, friend, boss, or caretaker. You’re balancing a lot but there’s one very important person that often gets put on the back burner. 


    Today, we’re talking with Shanna Misset Nelson, President of Jazzercise, Inc. about prioritizing your health while running a successful business.

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to p...
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    You don't have to be an analytical expert to utilize your data. 

    All the major social media channels give you the option to view analytics if you have a business account set up. 

    These analytics give you a snapshot of your account and here’s why you need to understand your data;

  • You can view your analytics for a certain period of time
  • Offers you information when your followers are most active
  • Shows you what content is trending 

  • You d...

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    You’ve seen ads pop up on your Facebook and if you’re anything like me, they’ve worked a time or two (those damn shirts get me every time). You’ve considered running ads in your own business and have probably even thrown 20 bucks in to see what happens  – but then felt overwhelmed by the options and questioned whether or not they work.

    Today, we’re talking with the best friend duo from Flairst about creating an ad strategy that work...

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    How many times do you say ‘I can’t?’

    Life may have twists and turns but throwing in the towel should not be the end game.

    You may find yourself saying ‘I can’t do this’ because of a certain reason, but there are also a million reasons why you can!

    You can say, “Yes I can” and here are 3 steps to guide you: 

  • Note down every single time that you say ‘I can’t’
  • Go back to the list and ask yourself which things you want to say ‘yes, I can!’ ...
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    Money is like technology – it’s great when it’s working and stressful when it’s not. 

    Your relationship with money affects everything from attracting clients down to being able to build wealth and abundance. 

    Today, we’re talking with Mia Love about embracing financial wellness, how to release your past, and fully step into your physical, spiritual, and financial potential.

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The connection between finances...
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    At the beginning of your business, you are doing all the things and wearing all the hats.

    But as your business grows, time comes to LET GO and delegate.

    Delegating to someone else can be scary, but struggling to do everything in your business is even worse.

    Because you just can’t do it all.

    Create room for delegation in your business for it to progress, evolve, and grow.

    Here are some simple steps to take to get to your first hire:

  •  Be...
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    You’re working day in and day out and are craving another set of hands to help – but the idea of hiring someone terrifies you.

    Do you hire a contractor?
    Do you hire an employee?

    What the hell is the difference?

    Your first hire can be scary as hell and there are some common mistakes that small business owners make.

    Today, we’re talking with hiring expert, Ashley Cox, about overcoming hiring anxiety and some things you can put in plac...

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    You started the business. But you are facing a challenge when it comes to selling your offer.

    As a business owner, you need to sell. And I’m here to tell you…

    The more you are intentional and authentic about telling people about your offer, the more sales you will make.

    So here’s how you undo your resistance of selling:

  • Tell people how to access your offer/service
  • Create a clear process/framework
  • Love your offer 

  • I  challenge you confid...

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    You’ve got all the social media platforms. You’ve built an offer. You’re posting online regularly. You have a website. 

    But all you hear are crickets.

    Very little if any people are converting over to paid clients and you’re left scratching your head wondering what’s missing.

    Today, we’re talking to ads expert Shelby Fowler about increasing your online engagement, setting up the systems to sell out offers, and create ongoing leads (eve...

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    Celebrating your accomplishments sometimes comes with a level of shame out of the fear of coming out boastful, yet you have put in the work and time to reach the level you are.

    You are worth celebrating!

    It is time for you to embrace it and be proud of what you accomplished.

    This is because your victories not only impact yourself but the people around you as well.

    So here’s how you can get loud and proud about your accomplishments;

  • Ce...
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    You’re running your business, doing the work by day, and thinking by night (or let’s be honest, all of the time). You’ve gotten to a point where you’re beginning to see and feel success and are achieving things you never thought were possible.

    And then shame and guilt pop up. 

    Where the hell did that come from? Why am I feeling shameful for achieving what I worked for? Why do I feel guilty for having all the things and experiences th...

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