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The Gutsy Podcast

Whether you need an inspirational pick-me-up or a swift kick in the mental ass, The Gutsy Podcast is your weekly guide to getting out of your head and back to your goals as a passionate, business rock-star. We’re here to remind you that you’re not alone — and that your roller-coaster ride of thoughts, feelings, and emotions are shared by many. Follow along as we get real, raw + ridiculous about running a business authentically.


August 3, 2021 49 min

You’re a mom but you’re also an entrepreneur at heart. 

You want to be the best mother that you can be but don’t want to give up your dreams. 

Running a business and being a great mother doesn’t have to be a decision, they can reside next to one another. And I have the amazing Dr Avital Beck to speak about just this -- being a mompreneur!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where did the idea for MilkStrip come from?
  • Knowing when it's ti...
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    Today, I want to encourage you to take your Powerback? by playing in the space of ‘what if!’

  • What if I charged what I truly wanted?
  • What if I started to attract dream clients from around the globe that were eager, happy and over the moon excited to work with me? ?
  • Now we're not worried about, ‘HOW this is going to happen’.?

    What we are solely and unapologetically focused on is, ‘WHAT would your high ticket offer be?’ $2,000? $10,00...

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    You’re a powerhouse!

    You know that you have what it takes, but the fear of truly stepping into your power and charging a premium scares the hell out of you.?

    Yet you see women doing it ALL THE TIME. What the hell is going on?

    Today, we’re talking about doing the inner work that’s necessary to be able to step into your power and create high ticket offers that sell with ease. I brought in the master herself, my business coach, Desiree S...

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    What is your mission?

    Your mission is all about who you are, and the sole core purpose that you serve on this earth.

    This week I want you to take in your Powerback™ in your life’s mission, and here’s how I want you to do it:

    I want you to spend just a few moments, and I want you to answer these questions to yourself:

  • What do I feel called to do?
  • What do I love to do?
  • What am I doing that no longer serves me?
  • What are the things that you d...
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    Toxic environments are well, toxic. 

    There is perceived safety in sticking around - after all, it’s an environment that you’ve always known and the financial security is sometimes enough to keep you there. 

    But what happens when the toxicity consumes you? What happens when you’re brought to a fork in the road and have to choose between staying, or pursuing your own mission.

    Today, we’re talking with Dr Rachel Day about leaving toxic s...

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    There is a reason and a purpose that you started your business.

    But then all the business stuff happens and you realize that you’ve become,

  • your marketer, 
  • your accountant, 
  • your maintenance crew, 
  • your social media team,
  • your photographer.
  • You’ve basically become everything in your business. And when you’re trying to juggle too many roles, that’s when burnout happens.

    This week, I want to encourage you to take your PowerbackTM by really p...

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    You’re busy with life as it is, but you have this recurring pull to launch a business. 

    But how do you do it? Where do you begin? Will you be secure in your finances? Are you sacrificing everything in your life to follow a dream? 

    Safety and security is in our human nature – but it’s often the thing that holds people back from pursuing their dreams.

    Today we’re talking with Samantha Touchais about launching a business safely and secur...

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    This week’s Powerback™ episode is about evaluating and rewriting your self-worth!

  • Self-worth is knowing who you are and saying YES to yourself!
  • Self-worth is knowing what you want to charge and having the gutsy to charge it!
  • Self-worth is knowing what you LOVE to do and doing more of that thing that lights you up!
  • Self-love is knowing when to say no instead of just going with the flow because you don’t want to upset people!
  • Look, self-w...

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    You’ve heard the saying, ‘When you follow your happiness, money follows.’ But where does that journey begin? 

    Self-love is a deeply rooted phrase that has a different meaning to each of us. And as an entrepreneur, it requires an even deeper dedication.

    Today, we’re talking with the beautiful Dr Katy Jane about the power of entrepreneurial self-love and how it can shift your life and your finances. 

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Some e...
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    Today, we're going to talk about taking your Powerback™ by creating a Hell Yes Closet. 

    So what does that even mean?

    It means that you most likely have a closet, or drawers, or boxes, full of clothes, shoes and accessories that no longer serve you - maybe because there are memories attached to them or perhaps they were a gift. 

    Whatever the reason, I want you to pull out all the things that no longer serve you, and if they do not ...

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    Confidence - we all want it but it can feel like one of the hardest things to get. 

    Once you step into your own brand of confidence, you can open up new opportunities, sustain a healthier life, and attract the right people, simply by standing in your power.

    Today we’re talking about releasing limiting beliefs so you can step into confidence and to join me, I have Janelle Lynnae. 

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Janelle had this subc...
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    Social media bios!

    I like to think of them as tiny little billboards of the internet - your opportunity to give a one or two liner and let people know who you are and what you do in this world.

    This week’s Powerback™ lesson is all about optimizing your social media bio. And there seems to be a formula for the most successful bios:

  • You have to let people know what you do
  • You need to talk about who you serve
  • You have to tell people how yo...
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    TikTok – one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the planet. 

    Is it for millennials? Is it designed to teach you how to dance? Or maybe, just maybe, is it a platform that can help you grow your business? 

    Today, we’re talking about the power of TikTok and the insane impact it can make on your business. I brought in social media guru, Katie Love, from Love Social Media to give us the scoop. 

    In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • R...
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    Putting yourself out there is not always easy - there can be a million reasons why we hold ourselves back from being unapologetically ourselves. 

    But I am here to remind you that you have the power to be everything that you are!

    This week’s Powerback™️ is all about embracing your presence. Whether it’s putting on a bold outfit or having something to say, you have to stop and ask yourself, ‘Does this feel like me?’

    If the answer is yes...

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    You have an idea that rolls around in your head, wakes you up in the middle of the night, and makes you so stinking excited that you could literally pee. 

    But then it stays hidden… but why? 

    One of the top reasons that women contain their ideas is because the idea of putting yourself out there is scary - it’s vulnerable. It puts you in the line of fire for criticism. But it could also be the one thing that aligns you with your life’s...

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    Today’s Powerback™ episode is all about your calendar.

    There's this unspoken expectation that we have to be available whenever somebody wants us - a client calls or a prospect calls or somebody wants to meet with us and we're just like, ‘Oh, that day is already full but I'll make it work.’ 

    And then inevitably what happens is, you end up overspent for the day!

    Overbooking and allowing other people to have control of your c...

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    Your bookkeeping – I’d bet you’re either obsessed with it or you go with the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. 

    Your finances don’t have to be a gas pedal or slam-on-the-breaks routine – and understanding that there is an enormous connection between deep-rooted fear and your financial future can be the very thing that sets you free.

    Today, we’re chatting about all things fear, finances, and bookkeeping and to do that, I have acc...

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    We have been given this amazing communication tool -- email.

    The intentions are there, the convenience is there, but then it often ends up ruling our lives.

    Today's Powerback™ episode is all about reclaiming your inbox. 

    I'm going to share with you three simple tricks that will have your email system work for you, not against you, in no time:

  • USe extensions (think of them as plugins for your email) 
  • Schedule your emails
  • Use a mee...
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    I see this happen all of the time. 

    Hell, I experienced it first-hand myself -- you’re a few years into the business and find yourself busy all of the time. You become a professional whack-a-mole player and an expert fire-putter-outer. 

    You want to scale your business and increase your revenue, but you’re too damn exhausted to even think about it!

    My guest today, Jennifer Dopazo, is going to talk about creating passive income (the TOP...

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    We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people seem to get a whole lot more done than the rest of us.

    So why is it that some people seem to be so much more productive?

    The answer: we’re used to being distracted (and it’s sometimes the smallest distractions that catch our attention!)

    Today's Powerback™ lesson is about implementing the following three time-saving hacks into your life:

  • Turn off the notifications on your phone
  • ...
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