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May 6, 2024 29 mins
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Hello, Killing Nash Hey. Tomorrowshow today Tomorrow, Tuesday, the seventh
of May. Oh, it's GivingTuesday. I'll be down to Sacred Park.
I gotta check the forecast against seewhat the wen It's gonna be nice
tomorrow. I think it is lunchtime, eleven o'clock. It's when it begins.
I got hot dogs, popcorn,fun games for the kids. Are

kind of a lot of vendor,not vendors, and it's selling anything.
They're asking for donations. Wear ashort sleeved shirt. It's going to be
sunny and ninety and this will bea great time if you've got some spare
time you want to donate to agood cause. I mean literally every charity
in the Midlands will be there.So you can talk about making a donation.

You can do that online at Midlandsgives Out Org. You also talk
about volunteering time. Yeah, Ithink that's a great donation if you can
make time. A lot of peopledon't have a lot of money to share,
but time is often more valuable thanthe money. Oh, I'm sure
if you talk to the people thevolunteers, they would agree it was rewarding
as well. I mean every frompets to people to what I mean,

every charity in the Midlands, whateveryou want to be involved in, is
going to be represented there. Allright, So let's talk about some of
the stuff we can talk about tomorrowmorning. I'm still just shocked. And
it's going to be ninety tomorrow andninety two on Wednesday, man oh man
heating it up. Then a coldfront brings it down into the mid eighties
on Thursday and some rain there gotcha. The Rock, I think is it

doesn't say why in the story,but I and it doesn't say on his
Instagram post either, but I believeit has to do with his skincare line
that he's selling exclusively through Target,because why else would The Rock be at
a Target? Right, Like Dwaynethe Rock Johnson, he's selling something.
Yeah, he's had this line inthere for about a month and a half

and I know he's been to severaltargets to promote it. It doesn't even
tell me in this story where hewas, but he's like what city he's
in, But he's in a Targetand a young person I'm gonna guess that
kid's age is about eight to tenyears old. Somewhere in that window,

some little kid sees him. Nowthere's a bunch of people who are standing
in the target, very aware thathe was coming. I guess because they
all have their phones out, they'vegot cameras out. They're all waiting for
the Rock to walk by them.And this little kid, because you're little.
When you're little, you can getaway with anything. You walk right
by everybody. He walks right upto the Rock and he doesn't want a

photo. He doesn't want an autograph. He wants to challenge him to rock
paper scissors and the Rock playing andthat's a little bit of a giveaway because
the first time, the Rock beatshim and he beats them with a rock
over scissors, and he says tothe kid, Oh, come on,

kids, you knew I was goingrock all day long on the rock.
So then the kid like, Idon't know they edited it, and then
it's a different part of the store. Has made his way back into front
of the Rock and he's challenging himagain. I need a rematch, So
him and the Rock go at itagain, and this time the kid wins,
and the kid and Rock posts thevideo and says, I got to

respect the kid's tenacity. He ain'ttaken an l in public from the Final
Boss. I guess that's what hecalls himself now, the Final Boss.
And you know I wasn't leaving thisstore without making sure this kid gets his
I beat the rock at Rock paperScissors story. That's great, but he
says, payback's coming. Kid beon the lookout. So I am fascinated,

and I'm glad you brought this up. I'd forgotten this happened. It
happened over the weekend about a monthago. I think I was going through
it, skimming through the channels lookingfor something to watch while I ate a
sandwich at lunch, and it literallysaid on the screen rock Paper Scissors Championship.
I'm wait, manute what? Andthat's what it was. It was
the Rock paper Scissors Championship. Arethese people competing for prize money? I

don't never. I didn't watch it. It's too stupid to watch that long
to find out what they were actuallycompeting for. But that's great, and
it would have been cool if itwas like to get your photo with the
rock, that would have been agreat one. Is there a scissors Is
there any Edward scissor hands? Oh, that'd be a great name for a
rock paper scissor guy, yep,so, then you got so. But

it was the Championship Rock paper Scissors. I haven't seen anybody play in this
game. I want to get intoa rock paper scissors challenge today in the
break room. I don't know withwho yet, somebody's going to walk in.
I don't offer the challenge now.I don't know what's going to be
the prize. You gotta have aprize big enough for somebody to play something

you haven't played since you were five. You're going to be shocked to hear
this. But when I go tothe rock w RPSA dot com, which
stands for I guess the World RockPaper Scissors Associations Association. Yeah. The
tournament has been held every year sincetwo thousand and two, twenty something years.

Over five hundred players from fifty twocountries took part last year. This
is crazy and this year's winner AndreaFarina from Italy, who beat out his
opponent in a best of three match. Wow. Farina, who is a
professional rock paper scissors player, haswon several tournaments throughout Europe and the United

States a professional. Of all thetitles out there, I can't think of
one less glamorous than the rock paperScissors Champion of the World. At the
bottom of their website, it says, join our membership and become a professional
athlete. Would you like to bea professional athlete? As a registered member
of the WRPSA, you get accessto restricted content and the ability to communicate

with other professional rock paper scissors players. What makes somebody a good like I
don't even understand. Like, fishing, to me is one of those things
where I still don't understand it.But I know from people who fish that
there's some sort of knowledge that youcan come up with, and there's also

a talent that you know. Idon't see it, but the ability to
cast in a certain area, itseems like that's a very learnable skill.
But maybe not. I don't careenough about fishing to learn any of those
things like. But other sports likebowling, I get that. I mean,
I understand that it would take alot of practice to be somebody who
can have like a two fifty averageor whatever. I get batminton, I

understand that. I understand paddle ball. I'm trying to think of like other
sports, race car driving. Iknow when I was a kid, there
was a big movement that it wasnot a sport. But they have to
be physically gifted to do that sport, even though obviously the car and the
mechanics and the team take a lotof precedents in that as well. But

there's but in rock paper scissors,like like when you're a kid, how
do you know if you're good atit? Like what makes you good?
Is it long fingers? Well,it's got to be because there's three offenses
and the same defensive maneuvers, Soit's got to be able. You've got
to be able to discern is hegoing to throw a rock paper or a

scissors at me? So they're alldefensive and they're all offensive. Yes,
So you gotta know it's just ahead game. I is this. I
know we dumbed down Vegas because nobodycan do math anymore. I'm surprised they
haven't moved Blackjack down to like sevenbecause counting at twenty one very difficult.

So and I know at Vegas nowthey actually have war. You can step
up to a kiosk in Vegas inmy tuxedo like James Bond and play war.
That's interesting. I mean, butin Vegas, do they they'll come
up with anyway to get your money? Do they have scissors kiosk in Vegas?

And then who's the house? Becausethe house always has to win the
majority? Is there a way?Is there a strategy? Maybe the statistical
majors that all the casinos higher wouldtell you that's way too risky. I
would think, so, I mean, how do you how can you control
the mind of somebody else? Likein chess, there are certain moves that

people make, and if you're reallygood at chess, then you recognize like
I would throw it off because I'mso like, I don't know what I'm
doing, and I might, butI highly doubt if I could ever beat
a professional because even intitude and thenagainst you, now, my ineptitude would
not even allow me to take advantage. If I had an opening, I

wouldn't even see the opening. Butin rock paper scissors, there's only there's
only three options. That's it.There's no wild card. I can't throw
out a pinky and say, ah, say because it's a champion, you
can't say it's luck. It hasto be the ability to understand your opponent,
but you just met it the finalparagraph of their Uh, I guess

there wrspa dot com says the WorldRock Paper Scissors Championship may seem like a
lighthearted, fun event, but forthe players, this is a serious competition
that requires skill. What is theskill because then it's a strategy, So
it's not it's not the mind,it's the something else's skill and lots and

lots of practice. Well, howcan I practice? I don't know who
I'm going against. I don't knowwhat they're do. I study film,
like I say, Well, JonathanRush throws out the rock. If he
throws it out forty percent, thenI know that's the majority move the rock.
His scissors only come out twenty throwsit out seventy three percent of on

the first challenge. It's they're makingit seem like I'm playing in a baseball
game and I'm trying to study thepitcher and the batter's tendencies. But if
they know that I'm studying their tendencies, their intentionally go after you. Why
would I have a tell? Idon't know. I mean, this is

so insane to me that we havea professional league. Now is this being
held in rock Hill? Rock Hill'sbecome the uh the host for lesser known
sports They're very proud of it.Rock Hill, South Carolina is becoming I
would have stick with the title ofFootball City USA. They produced more NFL

players per square inch than any otherlocation in the world. Brother, We've
got Junior World Championships, Collegiate WorldChampionships, Canadian Champiampionships, European Championships,
United States Championship, and the OnlineChampionship, all who then get to compete

in the World Championship. How airlinetickets and fly across the ocean to appear
at a hotel to be named wherethey will convene the unconventional conventionist. I've
often spoke of the Rock paper ScissorsChampionship competitors. I am literally stunned that

you've discovered this. All right,so we can talk about some of that.
Maybe you've got a neighborhood rock paperscissors challenge that happens. I don't
know once a year, when doesthat happen? Is it? Did corn
Hoole still any of the luster fromthe rock paper Scissors because I've seen that
on television too. They have ahall of fame, a rock paper scissor

Hall of Fame, Like do youhave to retire like is there a time
when your age is like, well, now he's in his forties. He
can't do rock paper scissors. It'sa young man's game. That's great.
How else can we find to amuseourselves? I think I think we've we've
we've reached the peak. There's nomore entertainment to be had. We got

it all. Now this coming downof America continues. This is the world,
It's the whole high world. Youknow who I can see getting excited
about the Rock Paper Scissors Championship.A man that Kelly and I know,
I'll give you his name is anI Hurt radio employee. Okay, Tom
Travis. Oh, he'd be inthat. He'd be front row seats,

he'd be into it. Yeah.He wouldn't be a competitor. No,
no, No, he'd buy tickets. No, he wouldn't document its cost.
What does it cost to go toBirmingham, England? That seems like
a town that would host this,that's right, Birmingham, England for the
World or the European Championship. Andhe't bring it to you in the I
heard radio app And then after that, I'll go all the way to Australia

in a video podcast. I don'tknow. I only know two cities in
Brisbane. I'm going to Brisbane forthe World Championships. Right by the way,
Jonathan. In Connecticut, there's aman named Connecticut Pizza Man. Okay,
Connecticut Pizza Man has daily documented hismeal daily. Today is day two

thousand, four hundred and eighty eightof him eating the pizza every day for
every day for two thousand, topone hundred, and I don't think so
it looks like he and then he'llhe he goes and he not only gets
a little different toppings, he goesto different restaurants. I might be able

to do that, but every dayhe has to film himself eating the pizza.
And so that's like what six years, twenty four hundred days for six
years, he's eating nothing but pizza, and he's like, great shape.
He looks like have you ever seenthe You ever gone to the Elbacado?

No, what's that? It's overtheir own belt line in the heart Oh
yeah, yeah, yeah, theAlbocado pizza place or whatever. Yeah yeah,
yeah, yeah. I don't ever. I'm a I'm a traditionalist.
So it's against my it's against everyfiber in my being to order something strange
in a pizza. But my kidswould if they're here for the weekend or

something, they'll order some bizarre accombinationof stuff or maybe it's a house specialty.
Yeah, and I'll go, thatcan't be good. And then I'll
take a bite of it and I'llgo, this is really good. And
it's not even a red sauce.It's like a white sauce. I don't
even yes, but I probably coulddo that with a pizza because you can

mix it up. That's right,you can mix it up. I I
just wouldn't expect him to look sohealthy. By the way. Fun fact,
I learned this in a different documentarythat I watch over the weekend,
because I mentioned that I watched HackYour Health The Secret to Your Gut Health
or whatever. That was a verygood documentary, a boring documentary, which
is a four part episode which basicallyjust says after you, if you invested

four hours in it, you wouldget a don't eat meat. That would
be the big takeaway. The funfact though, in that documentary was cheese
consumption in the United States since nineteenninety five has increased by forty five percent.
That is a massive increase in cheeseconsumption almost exclusively muzzarella really, meaning

that what it is is really pizzaconsumption has gone through the roof in America,
believes nineteen ninety five every day inAmerica if I remember this correctly,
Kelly's going to google it as Isay, oh, let me look it
up. What are we looking up? Every day in America we eat the
equivalent of eleven hundred football fields apizza. Now, that is just a
fact that you pulled out on elevenfootball fields. If you had a pizza

the size of a football, theregular slices America would eat eleven hundred of
those football fields per day. Okay, well, I think you might have
overstated it. In twenty fifteen,there was a story in the Washington Post
says, we eat one hundred acresof pizza. That's one hundred football field

so I'm only off by ninety percent. That's three Wait a minute, I
can't read it because it's a WashingtonPost thing. I don't have a subscription
to it. But it says wedo love our pizza, all one hundred
acres of it. Every day.It's taking it away from me acres.
But it says something like that's threebillion. How often is that three billion

pizzas or forty six slices per threebillion pizzas forty six slices twenty three pounds.
You got to give me the statThey just keep they keep bringing up
the firewall. Yeah, every second, three hundred and fifty slices are sold
in America. Every second, everysecond in America. It seems like you

know, I'll be honest with you, I bet you it's a lot more
today because that story is nine yearsago. Yeah, three hundred and fifty
slices doesn't seem like a lot persecond. For three hundred and thirty million
plus Americans, we love our pizza. We love it. We can't let
it go. I don't eat asmuch pizza as i'd like to. That's

one of those I eat more pizzathan I would like, So you should
share with me. I do rightnow. I'm on a MOD kick.
I like the Mod pizza. Ohyou ever been to Mod? I haven't
been in probably a couple of years. Yeah, I like the Mod pizza.
I'm trying to think of. Modis the one that's on two notes.

It's over by the Orange Theater that'sright right next to Cova they have
a very overpriced dessert there. Yes, when I say overpriced, it's not
expensive. It's like three dollars.But it's basically it's one of those Hostess
cupcake things or whatever, but ahockey puck exactly I bite. I bought

it one time just because I waslike, oh, it's hand made.
I couldn't taste any different than thefully chemicalized. Because the girl said,
oh, you get a free cookie, I said, okay, So I
took it to get home. Igot the red velvet one. I took
it home to get home from oneof my kids. Lee happened to be
visiting that day. Okay, hedidn't need it. I didn't need it,

threw it away, and I goback to my points because I get
a free pizza with my points,right, Okay, a free cookie cost
me fifty points. You spent fiftypoints. She said, you get a
free you get a free cookie.But she's going to come off my points.
Oh you were rob in a COVIDage. Everybody lives off the points.
Did you go back and complain?But if you want, I'll tell

you how to get a great pizza. Mid they're percent of the people making
the pizzas. You're young people,they're like high schoolers. Oh that young
okay, oh yeah, So lookat their name if they don't have a
name tag, and ask them theirname, and compliment the way that they
put on the extra red sauce.I get the mod Sally gets the cauliflower

mod red sauce, Extra red sauce. And then when you start building your
pizza, because you can put anythingyou want to want it. I get
to the meat section, I pickout like four or five meats. It's
that extra no bacon, sausage,whatever. You compliment them up front,
okay, and they'll be nice toyou and they'll just load that thing up.

My pizza typically from Maud is soheavy you can't pick it up like
a regular piece of pizza. It'sgot so much stuff on it. That's
good. And it's a thin crust, so it's not like a deep crust.
You can't eat it with a fork. You're basically eating just a meat.
Yes, I am concoction. Yeah, the crust is just a vehicle
to try to get it in mymouth. That's it. Okay. Well,

coming up this weekend, Jonathan,we know Americans are going to be
celebrating Mother's Day. But we havea debate here. Do you who gets
the priority on Mother's Day? Ifyou can only pick one, do you
pay more attention to your own motheror the mother of your children. I

have always tried to balance this becausethis is a difficult one. This year,
unfortunately, I will not have thischallenge because my mom passed, so
this will be the first Mother's DayI don't have a mom. But I
try to do this kind the samething because they're two totally different people about

the same effort. Because women don'tjudge things necessarily well, they do judge
it on the amount of money ittakes, but they like the effort.
I used to always try to dothe same effort. But yes, you
need to balance that carefully. It'sjust let's just throw it in here and
make it even more awkward for you. You can't. We'll say mom lives

out of town and mom wants youto visit, so it's it's basically it's
a weekend trip. Now wow,and the wife has to be home with
the kids because the kids got allkinds of events. Who gets who gets
the extra Because it's a tug ofwar. They hate each other the mom
and the daughter in law. Theyhate each other's guts and they're going to

be watching. Who are you prioritizing, I say, the wife, And
I know my mom listens to thispodcast. But if that had that problem,
I don't, thankfully, But ifI did have that problem. The
Bible doesn't say honor thy wife,honoring and going and not cleaving to your
wife. You gotta cleave too.I got an uncleave for the weekend.

You've got a honey. We're cleaving. We're lifers. We gotta cleave for
life. It says in the Bible. I can honor you from Afar,
but I can't cleave to you fromAfar. Good. I like it.
There's a lot of people trying tomake that decision. I'm wondering how many
like. It's going to be interestingto see how many people pick one or
the other. And that's the thing. We can't let them off the hook

toel. You have to make it. One gets all the attention, the
other gets a gift in a card. All right, So we can do
that. And what's going on inyour neighborhood. We should be talking about.
You got a rock, paper scissorsneighborhood championship. We need to get
involved with over here. What arewe doing? Maybe, I mean,
you took it down a whole pathI hadn't anticipated. Maybe we could talk
about other sports that are on television. You saw this on television. I

saw it on television. I mentioneda couple of months ago. I saw
the whiffle Ball Championships. Shocked me. I saw some frisbee thing. I
didn't watch it. I just knowfrisbee golf or frisbee frisbee. I think
it isn't. I don't know,it's just frisbee challenge or something. I
don't I'm sure it was frisbee golf. I turned on I turned on How
old do I sound? I turnedon YouTube the other day and this is

probably a year or two ago,and somehow it suggested to me I watched
the greatest golf frisbee shot ever made, and with a title like that,
how do you not watch it?Exactly? And it was a It was
the final hole of a golf championship, which I didn't know was a thing.

And there's like literally maybe three fourhundred spectators on the sides of the
hole and this is a par three, they say, and the guy who
teed off first. No, No, the guy who was teed off first,
I think was had a he wasa two shot deficit or he had

a one shot deficit. And theywere all the announcers were shocked. Oh
my gosh, he's pulling out thesew and so disc. That's a so
that's a driver, basically, right, he's not going to play it safe
and go for the tie. He'sgoing to try to put it. No,
no, he's going he's going forit. And he hit a hole
in one. He hit like itwas like a dog leg right. He

had to throw it around a treeand it landed in the thing from like
I don't know, one hundred andfifty yards away or whatever. And the
golf course they couldn't keep the fansoff the course. They just rushed the
course and the other guy had tolike let like he didn't know what to
do because he was like, Igot to get a hole in one to

win this thing, now, right? Do I go for And even getting
the two is hard. It's goingto take a couple minutes to clear buddy
off. But the people are runningaround like it was like happy gilmourm.
See that's the thing too. Frisbeegolf. Just thought about something. My
cousin and I would We had apond in between our two houses and one
of the one side of the pondwas more narrow and not naturally but in

this case it was. So wewould start throwing the frisbee back and forth
to each other and then if youever, the one who hits the water
loses, so you would, you'dtake it two or three steps, you
throw it again, two or threesteps again. Oh you're going back and
back, so it's getting harder,and uh, it's getting wider and wider.
You gotta throw it harder. Thatwas fun, and then when you

lose, you have to go inthe pond and get it. Yes,
whatever happened to uh the Figure eightraces and the remolition Derbys, Well,
Demolition Derby was one thing, butthen they also had those same types of
cars and the figure eight races onlike a dirt track, and they used
to be on ABC's Wide World ofSport. They're still doing them in like
California. I don't know if aplace here in South Carolina that still does

it. I mean, you thinkabout my brother used to run those.
If you've never seen a figure eightrace. It's one of the most insane
kinds crazy ever, Like we're goingto be we're almost intentionally ramming cars at
full speed and you'd see these carsget like flipped over and there's really no
modifications. It's like we're just drivinga sixty eight. No. My my

brother got kicked out of one ofthose because he put a modification on the
rear end of it, like asixty five Chevy. He went in and
built the modification and they caught himand they kicked him out. That was
a sport. It was a sport, but you think it might still be
a sport. I'm thinking of this, and he told me that there's really
kind of an insider club in thatand depending on because they all are they're

all they're doing is funding their hobby. Yeah, and if one guy goes
man, my wife's killing me.I don't. I'm if this car goes
out, I won't. I don'thave enough money to buy another car.
I'm out. So they're like,Okay, we're going to take him out
first, and we're going to takehim out. We're going to let Kelly
win this time because he needs thethirty five hundred dollars to buy another car
to be back next weekend. It'sa whole thing, is all. It's

like for wrestling, exactly, butfor a lot less money exactly. I
just thought of one that I wasthe king of. Now here's a sport
I don't think anybody's ever played.I'll bet you you've never heard of this
competition. So if you were alifeguard at a swimming pool, you know
how bored. But that's the mostboring job in the world except for the

girls on the bikinis. But you'dtake a blade of grass and you put
it on the diving board, thatthat very rough sandpaper diving board, right,
and you would start there. You'vecome like four feet back and you
put your toes right in the andyouve got to dive over the end of
the board without springing. You can'tspring you just got a flat foot.

So if this grass falls over,you lose. No, no, no.
If if everybody makes it from thatdistance, then you move the grass,
the piece of grass back. Oh, the grass is the line.
That's the line. Oh, Ithought. You keep moving it back and
moving it back and moving it back. And here's here's the payoff. The
first person that lose is ends thecompetition for the day. Sure, because

it is painful to me. Inever lost in this game. Do you
run or do you just see thatflat footed and you just try to jump
just over the die for die,you die. So when you're it's really
probably gonna be your shins and kneesthat are hitting that, or your or
it could be unless you you're woefullyshort, it's gonna be your chest and

you're gonna hit that sand paper atthe end of that sandpaper diving board and
it will scrape the summer tan rightoff of your chest. I've seen it
done. Probably uh, chlorine onthose scrapes you like, it's like you
just you just scrape your body.Now you're gonna fall into a bowl of

alcohol. It's just very painful.That's that could ruin the whole summer.
It could never ruined mine, Thankgoodness. Was that good? I don't
I thought you were gonna go withthe Uh what was that game we used
to play where you could make afootball and then you kind of flick it.
Oh yeah, I love that gameand you have somebody else off the
hold and then you played hockey withthe pennies. Yeah, Oh yeah,
I got to kind of ended atthe end of the table there. That's

good stuff. Those are all aboardgame. If the diving board game is
championships, very dangerous. You didn'thear me talk about it on the World
Wide Web. Sick kids in Salutacame up with this. It's very boring,
very boring. Hey, what's goingon in your neighborhood. Let us
know. You can always reach outto us an email as well at Rush

at ninety seven five WCS dot comor Nash at ninety seven five to b
CUS dot com. We start talking, you start talking. Ninety seven eight,
what's a stupid competition you were involvedin? Ninety seven eight nine two sixty seven
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