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September 18, 2019 26 mins

In households with school-aged kids, September marks a new beginning. Long summer days begin to fade, routines change and many parents transition into preparation mode, focusing on the needs of their children as they enter a new stage. Businesses and brands capitalize on the back-to-school season with bright campaigns featuring must-have shopping items. Social media fills with images of freshly dressed kids on their way out the door, and moms (humorously) celebrating.

However, just beyond the shiny veneer are women from all walks of life, connected by the bittersweet moment of sending their kids off into the world — some for the first time. A survey from Kiddie Academy, an educational childcare center, found that 63% of family members report that moms have the hardest time with the first day of school.

On this episode, Amber explored the emotional landscape of mothers during this time of change with mom and educational researcher, Ashley May. The two discussed transitioning from being the only or primary caretaker to entrusting others with their kids; the desire to instill a sense of cultural and social belonging, the feelings of both loss and pride that can be hard to place; and the evolving definition of the role of Mom.

Produced by: Kai-Saun Anderson

Music by: Podington Bear - Soft Driver and Rope Swing

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