The X-Men TAS Podcast

The X-Men TAS Podcast

The ultimate archive for the classic 1990s animated series, X-Men and Spider-Man! Join us, your jolly hosts Willie Simpson and Sonia Rapaport as we break down every episode of both animated shows along with all the X-Men and Spider-Man movies! The fun doesn't stop there so make sure to continue following along as we trek deeper into the history of Marvel animation with X-Men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men and who knows what else! Along they way, we also have hearty discussions of all the latest Disney Plus Marvel shows and new MCU and DC movies!


June 14, 2021 45 min

We have a double-date with mischief this week, first checking out Loki and then what scheme the Brotherhood is cooking up on the latest episode of Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • The importance of having the right expectations with Disney/Marvel properties!
  • Do our worst experiences on the subway compare to those of the Brotherhood?
  • The origin of future President Jeff-Bob Kelly's political career!
  • The X-Men plus the New Mutants ...
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    The final season of X-Men Evolution begins and gives us crazy, 'blow your socks off' plot twists that we don't even know how to process! Join us as we discuss...

  • Why Superman TAS gives off creepy Twilight Zone vibes!
  • Are we ready to return to the movies?
  • Professor X wants to clear the junk (which happens to include a stone-petrified Mystique) out of the X-Mansion!
  • Why this episode reminded us of Ghostbusters 2!
  • Again, we don...

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    The end of Season Three of X-Men Evolution takes us out into the ocean, where the X-Men battle a volcano! Join us as we discuss...

  • Taking a deeper dive into the DC Animated Universe!
  • Having very different opinions on exactly what real life city Gotham reminds us of!
  • I guess Apocalypse just got away?
  • Iceman should not be afraid of any body of water!
  • Why there will no plans to record the podcast live on a cruise ship!
  • We're looking for...

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    The X-Men finally meet Apocalypse, and by meet we mean get their butts kicked on the latest episode of Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • Our solid recommendation of For All Mankind and our initial thoughts on MODOK!
  • Enjoying the wide roster of X-Men all on screen at the same time! 
  • Another plea for someone to settle the Adamantium vs. Vibranium debate!
  • Giving some clarity on the legacy of Evolution vs. other X-Men animated offerings!
  • ...

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    Some of the X-Men graduate high school as Rogue turns into Colossus and kisses Gambit!? Join us for this crazy episode as we discuss...

  • Reviving Batman TAS?
  • Remembering what the last week of high school felt like!
  • Why it's good to have two mysterious badasses on the same team!
  • Speculating on the ultimate 1980s action movie that never was!
  • Some bad James Bond impressions!
  • We go to the moon and back on this one and we hope you enjoy as...

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    We dive deep into the best episode yet of X-Men Evolution, learning the shocking creative origins of X-23! Join us as discuss...

  • Starting the cool show For All Mankind and describing the spectrum of 1960s media content!
  • Realizing that the MCU does best with characters for which you have no expectations!
  • Being stunned to learn that X-23 was created for X-Men Evolution!
  • Touching on the convoluted comic book deaths and resurrections of Wo...
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    The original 'fab-five' X-Men unite in an an intriguing episode of X-Men Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • Our thoughts on Mortal Kombat and a run through of our favorite video game movies!
  • Mesmero, Magneto and Mastermind all in one room? Marvelous!
  • The X-Men experiencing the relaxing joys of a friendly baseball game!
  • Iceman doing what he does best, making ice-slides!
  • Getting excited to see Evolution's version of Apocalyps...
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    Rogue becomes the omni-mutant and Disney introduces a new Captain America! Join us as we discuss...

  • Feeling a bit letdown by the uneven Falcon and Winter Soldier finale!
  • Gotta love those spunky New Mutants!
  • Getting very picky about Cyclops's mutant powers...probably not for the first time!
  • Wolverine smells Rogue!
  • Professor X is half useful for a change!
  • Another stellar episode of Evolution! The X-Men TAS Podcast is now on Twitch… cli...

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    We go as deep as we can in examining the role Disney plays in controlling their Marvel properties and also talk about how we can't stand Toad! Join us as discuss...

  • Being drawn back into the Falcon and Winter Soldier!
  • Wondering what exactly the audience is for Marvel MCU stuff!
  • How Amanda is a bit too pushy when it comes to her boyfriend Nightcrawler!
  • Absolute love for Mastermind as an underserved character in the Marvel Universe!
  • W...

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    Spyke evolves into a more interesting character with the help of the Morlocks on the latest X-Men Evolution episode! Join us as we discuss...

  • The diminishing returns of Falcon and Winter Solider!
  • The evolution of soft drinks across our lifetimes!
  • Finally learning the ages of our mutant heroes!
  • Spyke's mutant evolution is frankly an upgrade!
  • Another bone-headed Professor X moment!
  • We have to say that season 3 is so far the best season...

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    One of the best Cyclops stories in animation comes to X-Men Evolution this week! Join us as we discuss...

  • Our reactions to both Falcon and Winter Soldier and Godzilla vs. Kong!
  • Trying to pick our favorite of the New Mutants!
  • Gaming out a better strategy for Cyclops in the desert!
  • Does Professor X not care, or is he just lazy!?
  • Jean and Scott, together at last!
  • We touch on all that and a whole lot more, including some last minute classic ...

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    We're back covering Evolution and pondering the motivation of Wanda (the cartoon version this time)...Join us as we discuss...

  • How the Mighty Ducks TV show made us a little hesitant on the latest episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier!
  • Being fashionably late to the Expanse party going on out there in hard sci-fi circles!
  • We're just done with Toad...
  • Why Gambit shouldn't be 500 feet near any high school!
  • Is Magneto really t...
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    Redemption comes to the X-Men TAS Podcast this week as we explore Zack Snyder's Justice League! Join us as we discuss (very spoilerifically)...

  • Sonia's thoughts on seeing the entire Zack Snyder superhero catalog for the first time in 72 hours!
  • How a four hour movie experience is very suited to the times we currently live in!
  • Enjoying the hell out of Cyborg and the Flash!
  • A Jack Kirby illustration come to life? Yes please!
  • Ponder...
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    The X-Men take their battle to the School Board and the School Board parking lot on the latest episode of Evolution! Join us to discuss...

  • Why Superman makes for a top flight, high school level defensive coordinator!
  • While we're against anti-mutant bigotry, we are pleased that it is finally affecting the X-Men! (it's complicated...)
  • The fascinating disintegration of Jean Grey's normal life!
  • How Evolution might predict the f...
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    We enter 'the hex' one last time to talk the Wandavision season finale and enjoy Cyclops using his entire field of vision on the latest episode of X-Men Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • The crimes and misdemeanors of superhero(?) Wanda Maximoff!
  • Realizing that speculation over "The Mutants" is probably a waste of time!
  • The most exciting C-SPAN content imaginable!
  • Enjoying the liberal and creative use of Iceman's ...
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    Superman, Wandavision, X-Men and Aliens! We travel all around the pop culture universe in the latest episode of the X-Men TAS Podcast! Join us as we discuss...

  • Being thrilled with Superman and Lois (mucho spoilers!)
  • Speculating on the last episode of Wandavision!
  • How Evolution just keeps getting better and better!
  • The X-Men finally have a purpose that makes sense!
  • A long, semi-crazed conversation about the existence of aliens!
  • We had a l...

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    We talk the legacy of Stan Lee, we muse on the future of Wandavision and Evolution gives us an explosive finale! Join us as we discuss...

  • The incredible page turning book and historical implications of, "True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee," by Abraham Reisman!
  • Hoping heavily for the Quicksilver's 'realness' in Wandavision to be, well, real!
  • Tracking the evolution of Wolverine's healing factor across c...
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    As Wandavision continues to tease, season two of X-Men Evolution builds to an unexpected and exciting conclusion! Join us as we discuss...

  • Does Marvel really have it all planned out with Wandavision or are they just buying time until they figure out just what the hell is going on!?
  • Beast is going to have to take a very long bath to rinse out that green sewer water!
  • Pretty awesome to see the X-Men and the New Mutants sharing the screen...
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    It's the week of Wanda on the X-Men TAS Podcast as we dive deep into the stunning new Wandavision episode and track Wanda's first appearance in X-Men: Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • So many reality breaking 'probabilities' for the future of Wandavision and the MCU!
  • Professor X and Magneto, both bad dads!
  • How Evolution is a lot like West Side Story!
  • Have the X-Men saved anything yet?
  • This is the most Wanda an episode...

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    Wolverine teams up with Captain America leading us to rant about comic books and the future of the X-Men in media! Join us as we discuss...

  • Wandavision and Warrior, the two best 'W' shows out there!
  • Diving into X-Men comics, past, present and future!
  • Jean Grey, maybe a better telepath here than she is supposed to be!?
  • Trying to get Magneto just right!
  • We go all over the place on this content filled episode, hope you enjoy! The X...

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