The X-Men TAS Podcast

The X-Men TAS Podcast

The ultimate archive for the classic 1990s animated series, X-Men and Spider-Man! Join us, your jolly hosts Willie Simpson and Sonia Rapaport as we break down every episode of both animated shows along with all the X-Men and Spider-Man movies! The fun doesn't stop there so make sure to continue following along as we trek deeper into the history of Marvel animation with X-Men Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men and who knows what else! Along they way, we also have hearty discussions of all the latest Disney Plus Marvel shows and new MCU and DC movies!


September 27, 2021 45 min

We missed the X-Men so we are changing the channel and jumping to the great series, Wolverine and the X-Men! We are starting at episode four, so if you want some analysis on the first three episodes, check out our classic episode from Dec. 2019 by clicking here! Once you are caught up, join us to discuss...

  • Just exactly why we are switching to Wolverine and the X-Men now and what we will cover in the future!
  • Our thoughts on the lates...
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    We reflect deeply on the current and future states of Marvel's cinematic offerings while exploring the latest What If mashup between Iron Man and Black Panther! Join us as we discuss...

  • Being old as a prerequisite to enjoy Columbo!
  • Digging the trashy fun of HBO's Titans series!
  • Praying that the future X-Men movies won't let us down!
  • Seeing how Disney manages to contain the spicy socio-political realities of Killmonger's...
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    September 13, 2021 41 min

    Zombies have sucked out the brains of the world's mightiest heroes but luckily Dr. Strange's cape brings us all a sense of calm in such frightening times! Join us as we discuss...

  • Wishing the best for the Matrix 4!
  • Exploding with joy over the tease of the new Wolverine video game (well, one of us anyway!)
  • Being exposed for our dearth of encyclopedic zombie knowledge!
  • Can someone please preserve the Wasp's suit? Might be hav...
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    We went back to the movies and saw Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings! We also saw the latest episode of What If where Doctor Strange goes insane! Join us as we discuss...

  • Our spoiler heavy thoughts on Shang-Chi!
  • Wanting a little more romantic sizzle from Marvel!
  • Shouting out Benedict Wong as the best actor in the MCU!
  • A perfect episode of What If...just like a comic book!
  • Wondering what the future holds for Marvel's newest hero!
  • We ...

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    It's time to jump back into Marvel's brand-spanking new multiverse again and this time we contemplate a bunch of twisted dark endings for the MCU's most profitable heroes! Join us as we discuss... 

  • Star Trek Lower Decks, the Marvel Netflix universe and our thoughts on the new Spider-Man trailer!
  • The brilliance of Marvel in the 1960s!
  • Broaching the nerd debate on what could actually kill the Hulk?
  • Wondering if Marvel could c...
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    What if What If was better than we thought!? Black Panther goes galactic on the latest entry in new-age Marvel animation so join us to discuss...

  • Sonia seeing the original Suicide Squad and uhh...!
  • Why this What If episode reminded us of Silver Surfer TAS!
  • Someone should have asked Thanos to make better wishes with that Infinity Gauntlet!
  • Some quick hits on Eternals and Shang-Chi!
  • Trying to imagine how Marvel will carry on the Black Pan...
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    We enter the zeitgeist of the Marvel Multiverse this week (and also the DC Universe) as we blab on about the first episode of What If and the new James Gunn Suicide Squad movie! Join us as we discuss...

  • Why the Suicide Squad reminded us of Deadpool!
  • What this new Marvel animated show has in common with a defunct video game company!
  • The thrilling(?) return of 99% of the Captain America cast!
  • How tall is Peggy supposed to be, and how cou...
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    We have reached the end of X-Men Evolution and we get to see how everyone...well...evolved! Join us as we discuss...

  • How Ragnarok can exist outside of Marvel and our love of global television!
  • Boom Boom and Multiple Man make for the coolest combo!
  • Which characters evolved best and which characters were Professor X!
  • Our final summation of the entire X-Men Evolution experience!
  • Looking to the future of Marvel Animation and wondering what ...
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    We are about to cross the finish line on another Marvel animated series and boy, do we have a lot to say! Join us as we discuss...

  • An epic rant against the new Disney movie Jungle Cruise and a lament about the Rock's movie career!
  • Beginning to explore our overall conclusions about X-Men Evolution!
  • Finally seeing Professor X using his powers properly!
  • Discussing the "A" on Apocalypse's belt!
  • More talk about the future of ...
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    The countdown to the end of Evolution commences as we explore the premiere of another classic new mutant! Join us as we discuss...

  • Future podcast plans following the conclusion of Evolution!
  • Floating conspiracy theories about how Evolution plotlines end up being similar to the movies!
  • Wolverine teaches the mutants how to ride motorcycles...for reasons!
  • Professor X, loopy as ever!
  • It was another satisfying and spooky episode of Evolution...

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    The MCU gives us the next great villain of note while we learn that Gambit has a father named Jean Luc! Join us as we discuss...

  • Kurosawa, Bosch (frumpy Batman) and the Loki season finale are discussed with great vigor!
  • We start to really understand why Professor X's therapy sessions are so awful!
  • Rogue does have really disturbing dreams though!
  • Gambit uses his charging powers to light up some Mardi Gras beads...woo!
  • Bad techno-funk...
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    We take a break from our evolved X-Men pals and dive deep into the new Black Widow movie as well as prepare ourselves for more mystery on our way from the world of Loki! Join our very heavy spoiler talk as we discuss...

  • Enjoying the awe Marvel brought to the table with the penultimate episode of Loki!
  • Did we need a Black Widow movie? Yeah, it was pretty cool!
  • Lots of disagreements on all the accent choices made by the Black Widow cast...
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    Spyke returns as a righteous vigilante as we ponder how many #LeechHeads are out in X-Men fandom! Join us as we discuss...

  • Being pleased how Loki reset our expectations!
  • The satisfying 'evolution' of Spyke!
  • Duncan's evolution from high school jock to bigoted loser!
  • Hoping for a Morlocks TV show featuring the Hellfire Club!
  • This was a fantastic episode of Evolution and well worth checking out! The X-Men TAS Podcast is now on ...

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    Tis the season of psychologically unstable superheroes and we tackle a slew of them, touching on Loki, Legion and Joker! Join us as we discuss...

  • Accepting that Disney Plus Marvel shows are tease-central and there is nothing we can do about it!
  • How Evolution is a pretty cool show for tackling X-Men storylines beyond the tried and true classics!
  • Balancing the wish fulfillment factor of hoping for heroes to fix things in worlds that can...
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    Loki continues to screw around with the foundation of the MCU and X-23 returns to blow up Hydra bases in X-Men Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • How Loki will allow Disney to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to preserving their sacred timeline and intellectual property!
  • Would you buy an Omega Red action figure?
  • So Scott and Jean are just skipping higher education?
  • Poorly named characters in the Marvel Universe!
  • We had fun ...

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    We have a double-date with mischief this week, first checking out Loki and then what scheme the Brotherhood is cooking up on the latest episode of Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • The importance of having the right expectations with Disney/Marvel properties!
  • Do our worst experiences on the subway compare to those of the Brotherhood?
  • The origin of future President Jeff-Bob Kelly's political career!
  • The X-Men plus the New Mutants ...
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    The final season of X-Men Evolution begins and gives us crazy, 'blow your socks off' plot twists that we don't even know how to process! Join us as we discuss...

  • Why Superman TAS gives off creepy Twilight Zone vibes!
  • Are we ready to return to the movies?
  • Professor X wants to clear the junk (which happens to include a stone-petrified Mystique) out of the X-Mansion!
  • Why this episode reminded us of Ghostbusters 2!
  • Again, we don...

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    The end of Season Three of X-Men Evolution takes us out into the ocean, where the X-Men battle a volcano! Join us as we discuss...

  • Taking a deeper dive into the DC Animated Universe!
  • Having very different opinions on exactly what real life city Gotham reminds us of!
  • I guess Apocalypse just got away?
  • Iceman should not be afraid of any body of water!
  • Why there will no plans to record the podcast live on a cruise ship!
  • We're looking for...

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    The X-Men finally meet Apocalypse, and by meet we mean get their butts kicked on the latest episode of Evolution! Join us as we discuss...

  • Our solid recommendation of For All Mankind and our initial thoughts on MODOK!
  • Enjoying the wide roster of X-Men all on screen at the same time! 
  • Another plea for someone to settle the Adamantium vs. Vibranium debate!
  • Giving some clarity on the legacy of Evolution vs. other X-Men animated offerings!
  • ...

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    Some of the X-Men graduate high school as Rogue turns into Colossus and kisses Gambit!? Join us for this crazy episode as we discuss...

  • Reviving Batman TAS?
  • Remembering what the last week of high school felt like!
  • Why it's good to have two mysterious badasses on the same team!
  • Speculating on the ultimate 1980s action movie that never was!
  • Some bad James Bond impressions!
  • We go to the moon and back on this one and we hope you enjoy as...

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