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February 26, 2020 44 min

Hi Friends! I’m always trying to come up with ideas to help make the process of purging and organizing more fun. Because let’s face it, I realize that most people don’t consider purging a pantry on their top list of “fun” activities!

I do however, think that doing boring or mundane tasks with a friend makes it more palatable (ever hear the phrase misery loves company?) And if you’re like me, you never have enough time to spend with your girlfriends.

So what if there was a way to combine the two?

I’ve been listening to people both IRL & “on-the-line” who want to thin out their closet, but are either too tired or frankly, unmotivated to actually do it.

So I began thinking about creative ways that didn’t cost any money, add more work to our already overscheduled lives, and may actually get people motivated to clean out their closets.

“What if I invited our friends and neighbors over for an open house for a Community Clothing Swap?”

  • Community
  • Giving Back
  • De-Cluttering
  • Food 
  • Girl Times
  • So here’s the rules:

  • Before you come to the party, you must fill up at least 1 trash bag of clothes you no longer wear. This can include shoes and accessories and bring them with you. (*bring hangers!)
  • Check your insecurities at the door. No one is going to judge you for the shirt you bought for some cruise, or the jeans you haven’t fit into in 7 years. Just fill you bag and show up.
  • Leave the kids at home. This is a grown-up event only.
  • Wear comfy clothes (for both the obvious of being comfortable, and to easily try on clothes)
  • Assess what you might want/need before you come. (ie: if you got rid of a fancy black top that you are sick of wearing, perhaps keep your eyes open for a good “steal” at the swap!
  • Side note for the host:

  • The host will provide light refreshments and lots of booze (well at least that’s what I am planning to do!)
  • Set up several rolling racks, I found some inexpensive one’s on amazon, but ask your friends if they have one you can borrow.
  • Designate stations for categories to make it easier for people to shop.

    o   Tops

    o   Sweaters
    o   Outerwear
    o   Activewear
    o   Dresses/skirts 


    4. Depending on how much space you have and how micro you want to get, you can sort by size order, otherwise, just organize the items neatly in piles.

    5. Pre-schedule a donation pick-up prior to your event so that you can easily   clear your home of the remaining donations.

  • The Purpose:

  • The purpose of the clothing swap is to get your unwanted stuff out of your house
  • Studies show that it is easier to get rid of things when you know who it’s going
  • Grab some new finds, if you like, but don’t take stuff simply for the sake of taking
  • Your goal is to leave with LESS than what you came with
  • Other things to consider:

  • Include friends of all sizes and shapes—and don’t leave out your pregnant friends who could be looking for larger items. Because some pieces can be easily adapted to fit various figures by adding a belt, have one on hand the day of so that guests can see if cinching a roomy top or dress will make it work for them.
  • Designate one room for changing and have at least two full-length mirrors available so that friends don’t have to fight for face time. If your space is limited, invite guests to wear a bathing suit underneath their clothing to make trying on items in a group setting less awkward.
  • Use a swap as an opportunity to take fashion risks. If you’ve always wanted to wear a high-waisted skirt or a geometric print, but haven’t wanted to make the investment, now is your time to road test the look—for free. If it doesn’t work out, trade it in at the next
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