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July 11, 2024 25 mins

Harley and George by Wendy Cordar

Harley the dog loves his life with his person Wendy, a black cat named Cercie, and a little brown mouse named Mousie. But when a rat named George suddenly comes to live with the gang, Harley just can’t stand him! Harley and George teaches us that we’re never too young to learn how to overcome prejudice, and if we can stop judging others, we just might make wonderful friends.


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The Rubber Room Volume 2 by Ivan Bosanko

Katey demanded, "When will I see you again?" Jerry gripped his cane hard till the knuckles on his hand went white with rage. "Better make that never plus ten years!" he shouted.

Katey and Jerry are caught up in three Cs: change, commitment, and challenges. They have had their differences over the years, and through the numerous bumps in their mutual happiness, they have always...

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We Have Met the Pharisee and He Is Us by Duane Debruler

The premise of the book is that if Christ reappeared today in the same way he first came to us originally, he would reach the same fate. That is, many of his own people would fail to recognize who he is, they would argue with him vehemently, and seek to have him destroyed. Its a collection of essays sharing my experiences on how my divorce led to a deeper understanding...

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Shades of Life: Sublime Joy is in Living by Dr. Mohammad Akmal and Vasundhara Raghavan

Fifteen-year-old Aditya was like any other teenager—busy in school, horsing around with a brother at home, pushing things around in the kitchen to try out daring recipes of his own, cheering lustily at games of cricket and, generally, being boisterous. His parents had begun to wonder whether he’d ever take life seriously. Would he tou...

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Eight Fought to Live: The Story of My AIDS Therapy Group, 1988-1990 by Florence Rosiello, PhD

1988: 82,362 gay and bisexual men had AIDS.

1989: 100,000 gay and bisexual men had AIDS. 

1990: 307,000 gay and bisexual men had AIDS. 

These are the two years Dr. Rosiello led an AIDS therapy group at Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York City. Within two years each man in her group passed away from AIDS complications. One of t...

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  • Live Longer with 5 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables Daily with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

        There’s no magic recipe for a longer life. But the recommendation that you should eat 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables daily comes pretty close. Such “5 a Day” diets are strongly associated with longevity, according to research published March 1, 2024, in the American Heart Association’s Journal Circul...

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2024-30seg3 Weekend of July 20

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2024-30seg2 Weekend of July 20

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2024-30seg1 Weekend of July 20

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2024-30 Weekend of July 20

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2024-29seg2 Weekend of July 13

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2024-29seg3 Weekend of June 13

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2024-29seg2 Weekend of June 13

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2024-29seg1 Weekend of June 13

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2024-29 Weekend of June 13

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Seven Letters Detailing The Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ: And His Inspired Writings by Gregory A. Booker

FIRST AND FOREMOST, THIS BOOK is an experience and inspirational writ-ing from the author revealing a faith and a hope for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It reflects an intensive study in biblical prophecy and a layman's look at the world's current state. Comprised of inspira-tional wr...

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Investing in an Era of Power, Control, and Corruption by Kenneth R. Trester

It's no secret that things are only getting worse with each passing year in the 21st Century.


America’s great republic is in decline, much like the Roman Empire. Anyone who has studied history would know what happened next after that. 

There’s also the looming debt problem, increasingly pointless regulation, federal government getting too big...

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FROM THE WINDOWPANE : A Book About the Pandemic by Dr. Ida Acuna-Garza

From the Windowpane is a book about a little girl named Alyssa. She is experiencing many feelings during the lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic. She looks out the window and reflects on everything that is happening and the new rules in place - washing your hands, social distancing, and wearing masks. She's also missing her school classes and her f...

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Tennessee Thunder: A Tale of Two Armies by Daniel F. Korn

Everyone has heard of Gettysburg, but for the sheer ferocity of the fighting, it is tough to match the horrendous stories of what happened in the fight for Tennessee in the battles of Stones River and Chickamauga. This is the story of two very different armies and their equally different commanders. 

About the Author

Born in 1952 to Italian and German immigrant...

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Little Sasha: Sasha Sasquatch’s Namesake by Alfred Anderson

Little Sasha is a thriller/mystery and romance novel that follows Deputy Sheriff Sean Anderson, following the events of the first Sasquatch Chronicles book, Sasha. Sean confronts a sinister plot threatening the very fabric of their community. Sean’s daughter, Little Sasha, becomes a target of a dangerous conspiracy. Sean must rally a militia and confront the chilli...

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