Three Geeky Dads

Three Geeky Dads

What do you get when you have three Dads together who act way more immature, have better toys and pay more attention to their inner-children than they do their own kids? You get the THREE GEEKY DADS!!! Tune in for all the sci-fi, comics, horror and pop culture talk but stay for the dad-jokes!!!


October 3, 2022 90 min

It's October and we Dads have our eyes fixed on Halloween.

To kick off our favorite month, we're taking a look at one of our favorite horror anthology movies, 1990's Tales From the Darkside!

Find out what we all thought of this film inspired from the hit TV show.

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While we were taking our annual look at Hammer Horror, the annual Disney D23 Expo took place where trailers were dropped, announcements of upcoming projects were made and the internet went into a frenzy analyzing it all.   Tonight, we weigh in on what we're excited about and some of things we're not by looking at some of those trailers and breaking down some of the announced upcoming projects. Tune in and find out what we ...
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Welcome to the first episode of the 3GD Escape Pod where any one of us can talk about whatever we want with whoever we want! Tonight, we're kicking it off with our own Marc and friend of the show and frequent guest, Dean Calusdian as they talk up a double feature of 70's vampire horror, Blacula and Count Yorga!!!  
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Tonight, it's black belts Vs black magic as Peter Cushing's Van Helsing joins up with 7 siblings adept at kung-fu as they battle Count Dracula, the seven golden vampires and their army of the dead!

It sounds much cooler than it actually is but, the Dads still found it to be silly, entertaining fun. Listen in as they talk up Hammer's The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires!

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September 12, 2022 88 min

Dinosaurs, cavemen and exotic locations are things that one would not normally think of where Hammer Films are concerned. Beautiful women in peril though, this film has plenty of that!

Tonight, The Dads take a look at the film that pretty much made Raquel Welch a household name. Tune in and find out what they thought of HAMMER'S One Million Years B.C.

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September 5, 2022 95 min

Satanic rituals, demonic possession, car chases, devils, demons and even a little time travel, this movie has it all!!!

Tonight, we take a look at our second Hammer film in our annual series leading up to Halloween. This time, it's the 1968 cult classic, The Devil Rides Out starring Christopher Lee and Charles Gray.


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August 29, 2022 87 min

Everyone's favorite blood-sucking count is killed by Van Helsing in 1872 and gets revived 100 years later where he seeks to get revenge on Van Helsing's descendants.

Does Dracula prevail in taking over modern day London?

Tune in to find out what the Dad's thought of this cult favorite!

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August 22, 2022 80 min

HULU dropped an all-new entry in the Predator franchise. Set 300 years ago, it tells the story of a young Comanche woman, a fierce and highly skilled warrior, named Naru, who fights to protect her tribe against the first of the highly-evolved alien Predators to land and hunt on Earth.

Tonight, the Dads discuss this latest entry in the Predator franchise...find out what they thought and how this new movie stacks up against the other...

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August 8, 2022 119 min

Vampires have been around for ages and some still look good after all those years. Case in point, the vampires from both of the movies we look at tonight hold up pretty well for their age as do their respective movies.

Over 35 years later, Lost Boys and Fright Night still both hold up as modern vampire classics!

Listen in and out what the Dads think of both films!

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August 1, 2022 96 min

After an unplanned two-week summer break, the Three Geeky Dads are back, playing catch-up once more. This week, we will finally be looking at the Disney+ mini-series, Obi Wan Kenobi.

We also talk about some of the up coming projects that were announced from the recent San Diego Comic Con.

Listen in and find out what we thought of it all!!!

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July 11, 2022 84 min

What started out as four geeky friends hanging out in one of their basements, soon turned into an adventure filled with twists and turns! 

Oh and then there's the story of Mike, Will, Dustin and Marcus from the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, too!

Tonight, we Geeky Dads take a look at those geeky lads, their friends, foes and allies from Stranger Things.

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40 years ago, summer 1982, a movie was released about an alien that had a huge impact on and changed the lives of so many...that movie was NOT E.T.!!! 

No, the movie that we Three Geeks want to talk about was John Carpenter's The Thing!!!

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June 27, 2022 81 min

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness just dropped on Disney Plus but, are we reviewing that one? Hell no...tonight, we're gonna continue looking at movies from a time when MARVEL sucked by suffering through the 1978 TV movie, Doctor Strange!

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June 20, 2022 95 min

Once upon a time, believe it or not, Marvel was the company that was struggling and DC was ruling the box office!

Tonight, we Geeky Dads, along with friend and fellow podcaster  Marco Mazolla, host of the Entertainment Rants Podcast, take a look at 1990's crap-tastic, Captain America!

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June 13, 2022 87 min

Morbius is a tragic anti-hero from the pages of MARVEL comics that, unfortunately, will probably never get the treatment the character deserves because SONY owns the rights and is intent on setting up every Spidey villain for their version of the Sinister Six.

Before that happens, though, SONY is going to shove origin stories down our throats where all of these Spider-Man villains do not fight Spider-man!

Tonight, we weigh in on Mo...

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All of the Geeky Dads have FINALLY seen the newest entry in the every growing MCU...Doctor Strange And The Multiverse of Madness!

It's a superhero horror tale directed by the great Sam Raimi (a favorite of ours) so we all had high expectations going in to this one. Did it live up to the hype and our own collective head-canon?

Listen in, and find out what we thought!

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Well, our month of looking at bad 4th movies in a franchise is just about at an end. To wrap it all up, we take a look at the 4th installment no one was asking for (but the studio gave it to us anyway), Lethal Weapon 4.

Listen in and find out what the Dads thought of this one...or don't! "Whatever, whatever!!!"

Mark as Played space!

Actually, the story does not all take place in space, most of it takes place in the past as we follow the story of an 18th century toy maker who creates the puzzle box that can open a gateway to hell. We then fast forward to the 22nd century where his descendent (Bloodline...get it) is obsessed with creating a device that will close the gateway to hell, once and for all!

Did we hate it? Listen in and find out......

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May 16, 2022 101 min

Director Josh Trank, hot off of his indy superhero film, Chronicle, was tapped to direct Fox's latest attempt to hang onto the rights of Marvel's Fantastic Four characters! It seemed like a no-brainer as his Chronicle movie was similar to FF in many respects, a small group of friends accidentally encounter alien material that grants them fantastic abilities...some use their new powers for good and some for evil. Sound famil...

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This one was a tough was the first of 2 made for TV Ewok movies and it took a LOT of alcohol to get through.

It plot moves at a snail's pace, the human characters are annoying and hard to cheer for which makes the movie is a chore to watch!

Find out more of what we geeky dads thought of this "movie" as we try to "Drink 'til it's good!"


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