Voice Marketing with Emily Binder

Voice Marketing with Emily Binder

If it affects your business, it's fair game on this show. Voice Marketing with Emily Binder is an award winning mini-podcast about marketing, business, and innovation. 5-10 minutes about once a week. Topics range from marketing to branding, voice / AI, fintech, startups, innovation, product design, technology, and more. This show began as a daily Flash Briefing in 2018 and has evolved into a weekly mini-pod. The content is evergreen and designed to be concise, thought provoking, and entertaining. About your host: Emily Binder is an entrepreneur, speaker, and marketing strategist. Emily is the Founder of WealthVoice and Beetle Moment Marketing and has been podcasting since 2012. Twitter: @emilybinder. Enjoy this show on YouTube, your favorite podcast app, or Alexa Flash Briefing. Subscribe free, hear past episodes, and leave a review at emilybinder.com/podcast. Award: Project Voice 2019 Flash Briefing of the Year - Finalist Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


December 2, 2023 7 mins

The 40-60 minute conversation on your podcast could probably be just as substantive in 20-30. Generally, listeners favor shorter episodes over longer ones. But only 15% of podcasts are under the 10-minute mark (via Demand Sage, Sept. 2023). I share tips for getting your podcast to the perfect length listeners enjoy.

3:30 Podcast molds are breaking. Podcast format isn't set in stone. The one thing it needs in order to be a p...

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What is vocal fry? Celebs who speak this way: Matthew McConaughey, Britney Spears, Kardashians, Woody Harrelson. Also: airline pilots, millennials, and Allison. (No shade to anyone - all in good fun here.)

Is vocal fry bad for your vocal cords and hurting others' perception of you? Or is it maybe cute? My work wife Allison Pons (@allisonpons) joined me to discuss. Think: "This is your captain speaking..."

Watch: https://youtu.be...

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Peggy: “You never say thank you.”

Don Draper: “That’s what the money is for.”

Harmonious business relationships, let's go. Tips for consultants, advisors, and clients with a scope of work.

Watch on YouTube


1:10 Karmic contract

1:55 Tips to handle extra requests

2:28 Hourly rate mistakes

3:37 Do you earn money or make money?

4:40 Tips to avoid scope creep

5:55 Paula Scher CITI logo

6:11 Phrases to request extra deliverabl...

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Rich media banners are 267% more effective than static banners when it comes to engagement on LinkedIn posts (and other networks like X or Facebook). This is episode is about something small and tactical that has a big impact on your social media efficacy and giving your audience a nicer UX, resulting in more clicks to your target media.

Blog post with visual examples and tips: This Image Mistake = 267% Less Social Media Engagem...

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New video with a deep review of the famous Shure SM7B mic (XLR) vs the convenient, less expensive Shure MV7 (USB or XLR): watch on YouTube.

Plus: SAG strike, thoughts on AI, timing of marketing content, and the power of timestamps for long form content digestibility and SEO.

Links mentioned:

New mic review video - see blog: beetlemoment.com/gear

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT & Claude (Chrome Extension)

Breaking the Rules: How Inc...

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So many companies think they're saving money by not hiring an internal marketing leader and relying solely on outside resources, but it ends up costing them more. Yes, you can outsource some marketing work. Strategists, freelancers, and marketing tools / SaaS / vendors can be great additions. But who is managing them from a strategic perspective, and does that person really understand the playbook and have the skillset to know if a...

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Watch this episode on YouTube. Topics:

Threads burned bright for two weeks then DAU were down over 80%.

Twitter's rebrand to X wiped out ~$4 billion in brand equity. RIP the bird.

Point: All marketing is one of three things:

  1. Branding
  2. PR
  3. Direct response

Everything else is just tactics. This concept from Bob Knorpp is so key.

I go over the #1 marketing mistake I see brands make (this is the "marketable" concept via Samantha...

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Online dating is broken the same way most sales and marketing are broken. Look at: Free trials. Previews. Phone screening for online dating so that the first date is a date, and not a meeting to get the double opt-in that would have happened in nature. A blind sales pitch without know-like-and-trust or a product preview has the same pitfalls in marketing a product as it does with a potential relationship. Screens / trials / preview...

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Your customers want something great, likely, fast, and easy. A quick dive into Alex Hormozi's value equation from "$100 Million Offers". I recently read the book and this was the part that stood out to me as the most helpful concept that any business person or marketer can use.

1) Hormozi's value equation:

Dream outcome x likelihood of success

divided by

time delay x perceived effort

= value.

Most brands and products get ...

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Controversial opinion 1: MVP is NOT the best approach for a startup. 2: Vision boards don't work.

Kevin Kelly's advice: "Prototype, don't plan" and how it applies to business and life.

NEW! Watch on YouTube

More episodes: YouTube Playlist

Successful startups (some unicorns) who bootstrapped:








0:18 Kevin Kelly: "prototype, don't plan"

0:49 Vision boards are use...

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"The Law of Five" comes from motivational speaker Jim Rohn who said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. This concept needs a modern update: from an hours / exposure standpoint, your media diet can be even more impactful than your influences in protein form, like friends.

Our beliefs, our habits, our health, our lifestyles, even our incomes—are all powerfully influenced by our so...

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Dissecting hundred million dollar negotiations from two GOATs of personal branding: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bethenny Frankel.

First, unleash the schmäh: how Arnold Schwarzenegger mastered the art of persuasion and persona to become one of the world's most famous and highest paid stars. Schwarzenegger's movies have grossed more than $4 billion worldwide at box offices. At the peak of his career, he consistently earned $20 to $3...

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At 100% adoption, AI could increase global labor productivity ~$200 trillion, dwarfing the ~$32 trillion in total knowledge worker salaries. AI will be the biggest driver of ROI in your lifetime because it can cut costs and produce more in less time. Hear about the immediate gains from AI in your business today, especially when it comes to marketing. Watch this episode on YouTube.

NEW: YouTube version! Playlist: "Mini-Podcast (V...

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Level up your ChatGPT game in minutes. Two free, easy tools: save time with generative AI.

Watch this episode on YouTube to get the full experience and see demos. Tap playlist: "Mini-Podcast (Voice Marketing with Emily Binder)".

1:30 Tool #1: Glasp is a social web highlighter. YouTube uses I like:

A) Learn faster: Distill a video to bullet points

B) Boost SEO (YouTube descriptions hack)

4:42 Tool #2: ChatGPT Prompt Genius (Chrom...

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If you're trying to start a business, if you're taking a risk, if you're doing something new -- the What-Abouts will find you and they'll have thoughts to share. Find out how to handle the peanut gallery. Plus, hear my ridiculous social media story that inspired this episode.

Watch this episode on YouTube.

Note: You won't hear me do ones like this very often because energy follows energy (positive or negative). What happened:...

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The value is the value regardless of how long it takes you to create it. The time you spend is inside your black box. They get the Coke or Snickers and don't need to worry what your vending machine gears do or how long they grind: the snack is delicious regardless.

This episode is for anyone who's billing hourly but works in the knowledge economy.

Watch the YouTube Short (1 minute video): Do You Make or Earn Money?

Be car...

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Domination and submission are natural and important parts of human interaction. By understanding and mastering these states, we can improve our communication skills and achieve success in our personal and professional lives. However, each state has both a negative and positive (whether manipulative in the negative dominant, or inferior in the negative submissive).

In most scenarios, a healthy conversation allows both speakers to...

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The Ford Edsel was one of the worst product failures in the history of the auto industry. The blunder of this one car cost Ford about $350 million in 1957, equal to about $3.76 billion today (based on inflation calculators). This loss was avoidable. Hear the lesson for your business.

Key idea: Don't focus on getting millions of dollars of investment to build a product. Instead, first build the right thing. You have to understand...

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Have you ever had a fair-weather girlfriend? Someone who's there for the limo ride and jewelry but nowhere to be found when you're broken down on the side of the road in a ditch? This happens in dating, and it happens in your business relationships with your customers. Conflict and failure and tension are inevitable: it's how you handle these -- and come out stronger if you do it well.

I take every marketing client through an im...

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Three of my favorite takeaways from "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing" by Al Ries and Jack Trout. This book has been a marketing classic for over 30 years and provides valuable insights into the world of marketing.

Buy a personalized video greeting for your team or a Zoom drop-in or keynote on ThinkersOne:


Rate / review ...

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