Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast

Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast

There are a lot of financial podcasts. Most of them repeat the same advice: Limit your spending, make a budget, invest in the stock market. But the future is uncertain. You never know when financial emergencies or changes in the economy will eat up your earnings. It’s overwhelming and stressful. And even if you act on every piece of advice, you might still feel like you should be further along and closer to your goals. That’s why many step away from conventional financial thinking: It doesn’t help them build long-term wealth or a lifestyle they love. The better alternative? Wealth wisdom! Wealth wisdom isn’t one-size-fits-all advice, but timeless principles that show you how to build the wealth you want for your dream lifestyle—whether you’re an employee or a business owner. The Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast shows you how to build wealth in all areas of life and business and goes way beyond financial wealth. Hosts Brandon Neely and Amanda Neely, CFP® are pumped to be your allies as you expand your financial confidence to stand the tests of time. On the Wealth Wisdom Financial Podcast you will discover: - How a banker’s mindset can help you be profitable in any economy - How to defeat financial confusion, haphazardness, anxiety, overwhelm, and stress - How to start a profit habit that ends entrepreneurial poverty - And much much more all grounded in the wisdom of the ages May you live long and profit.


May 22, 2024 26 mins

Compound interest is a misunderstood concept. From misattributed quotes to downright inaccurate ideas.


Listen to hear the parable of two builders tasked with constructing a pyramid. One builder rushes in and struggles with the physical task. The other takes time to plan and make micro-adjustments, achieving success more efficiently. This story serves as a metaphor for the power of uninterrupted compounding. Time and knowledge com...

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You've been told to diversify your portfolio but how can you tell if you're diversified enough? Does conventional thinking like the Rule of 100 or using ETFs work in 2024? What about Target Date Funds?


In this episode, we reveal what conventional thinking is missing. The stat we share about Target Date Funds is one of the most surprising. Be sure you don't miss it.


We live in a globalized world where you (and your assets) are m...

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Are you the kind of person known for juggling numerous tasks like a boss? Yet, internally you struggle with the chaos of busyness.

You might have heard about adopting mono-tasking to help discover clarity and peace.

Could mono-tasking have the same impact on your financial journey? Could financial focus bring clarity and peace amid money chaos and busyness?

If you want to build a strong financial future, focus is crucial to getting...

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You have bad habits. We have bad habits. We're not here to judge.

There comes a time in your life when you feel a compulsion to change a bad habit. Maybe you're in one of those times right now. If you don't act right away, that feeling goes away quickly only to resurface later without any change.

Get ready to be inspired by Emily's story. She's a young woman on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. She agrees with Aristot...

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April 24, 2024 17 mins

How do you like your adventures?

On the edge? Only a little risk?

Close to home? Far away?

With family and friends? All on your own?

Active? Relaxing?


What??? Financial?

Yes, financial adventures can be the best!

Tired of cookie-cutter, done-for-you money management that doesn't fit you unique goals and dreams?

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Literally!


00:00 Lily's Financial Adventure: A Tale of Growth and Di...

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Have you ever experienced the harsh reality of Parkinson's Law?

Maybe it was in college where you crammed the night before a test when you could've been studying all semester.

Maybe you experienced it when you had a work deadline that got moved up and you still got the project completed in time.

Have you ever tried using Parkinson's Law to build wealth?

Don't miss this episode for inspiration to use such a powerful, natural human i...

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What do you do first when you wake up in the morning?

What do you do first when you start your work day?

What do you do first when you receive money?

The answers to these questions reveal a lot about our hearts.

In this episode, we reveal 3 positive results we saw when we changed what we do first when we receive money.

Want to transform your money story? What if you started with what you do first?!?!


Links mentioned in the episod...

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Recently, Brandon added "An Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner" to his status as a Bank On Yourself® Professional. Here's proof: https://infinitebanking.org/agents/neely758.

Who better to share their perspective on what BOTH Bank On Yourself AND Infinite Banking bring to bettering your financial future?

As Brandon shares in the episode, we don't want to be so much AGAINST anything or anyone. We want to be FOR our clients!


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March 27, 2024 10 mins

Why are people of all ages so stressed about money? Is it because we're all screwed? Is it because of all the negativity that helps social media posts and news articles get clicks?


Which financial services firm would you rather work with?

(1) Head in the Sand Financial Services - "We deliberately refuse to accept the truth just like you."


(2) Head in the Clouds Financial Services - "We have lofty goals we're never gonna hit to...

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Are you a 'HENRY' - High Earner Not Yet Rich?

Some, despite earning six figures, still live paycheck to paycheck. There are too many potential causes. There's inflation, student loans, and pressures amplified by social media! Might the banking system or conventional financial strategies be to blame?

Here's your chance to redefine 'HENRY' and get off the struggle bus. It's all about flipping the script and redefining the same acrony...

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This episode addresses the six common financial 'fires' or challenges that can potentially derail one's financial well-being.

These 6 fires are (1) liquidity needs, (2) long-term disability, (3) loss of life, (4) long-term care, (5) longevity, and (6) legal liability. Get your fire extinguishers ready BEFORE one of these fires hits you or your family!

Join your hosts and special guest Mark Willis, CFP®. This episode is full of real...

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March 6, 2024 23 mins

In 2024, is it more difficult than ever to save money? Is it still important? Are we so trapped that the only cure is doom spending?

Let's get some historical perspective - complete with legit charts and graphs!

We reveal a future crisis that could be even bigger than the student debt crisis.

Then, we turn to how to break the cycle without cash stuffing but maybe you could mix in some loud budgeting. These 5 proven practices are wh...

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What is the hardest and nastiest problem in finance? What would Nobel Prize winning economist, William Sharpe say it is? It's retirement income planning.

More Americans turned 65 years old in 2023 than in any other year in American history. This transition of the baby boomer population into retireme...

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February 20, 2024 18 mins

What do you think is the most common mistake real estate investors make? See if we come up with the same answer in this episode.

Hint: We mention Arthur Guinness of Dublin, Ireland. He's the legend behind Brandon's favorite beer.

Plus, we share 3 crucial steps to avoid this common mistake. One of these steps includes a way to save thousands of dollars and wasted time on a critical component of financial planning.

Real estate invest...

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February 14, 2024 21 mins

Many entrepreneurs face a dilemma of balancing financial stability and pursuing passion.

First of all "balance" is too heavy of a target. How about a mix?

Join Amanda as she lays out five core principles shaped as '5 P's' of combining passion and profit. The 5 P's offer a thoughtful blend of history, practical, and inspiration. Ready for a fulfilling professional and personal life where passion and profit complement each other?


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Watch this episode on YouTube:



What if you had a flowchart for your money? What if you could easily see how every dollar that enters your sphere flows through your ecosystem? Would you like to see someone else's flowchart too?


In this week's podcast, we reveal the exact flowchart we use today. It's our 1-page money "treasure map." Of course, we visually demonstrate the Profit First meth...

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Are you considering Profit First for your business or side hustle? Using Profit First but unsure how it'll work as you grow your revenue?

Then, you'll love this episode where we revisit Profit First after fully using it for 5 years and seeing our business grow by leaps and bounds. We even share a couple hacks we use to save time and implement efficiently. One of those hacks is how we use YNAB (You Need A Budget) along with Profit ...

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January 24, 2024 22 mins

This week, we talk about budgeting and why it can be a bit tricky. I (Amanda) will share my stories about budgeting, going all the way back to when I was in middle school. I'll also show you a budgeting app called Y.N.A.B. (You Need a Budget) and share my own way of using it.


We'll also take you to the "Cash Flow Control Room," a safe place for managing your money. Plus, we'll invite you to join the Wealth Wisdom Financial Commun...

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In this week's podcast, we joyfully commemorate the ten-year anniversary of our Bank On Yourself® policy. Throughout the episode, we take a trip down memory lane, reflecting on the past decade and sharing insights into how we've evolved and flourished both personally and as business owners by embracing this transformative mindset. The impact of this concept on our lives has been profound, shaping our journey in ways we never antici...

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January 10, 2024 22 mins

As your wealth grows, are you supposed to buy more expensive houses, cars, clothes and everything else? The advertisers and marketers certainly want you to. This episode is for everyone with a growth mindset who will have more money in the future than they do today.



What does it look like to embrace clarity and joy as your wealth grows without feeling like you have to "keep up with the Joneses?" Are there examples of wealthy pe...

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