2 Rational Bastards

2 Rational Bastards


#051 - Haunting of Hill House, Spirit of the Season, E-Coli Outbreak, Scott's Health Challenge, Natural Antibiotics, Do You Trust Your Dr's Advise Without Fail, More.

December 14, 201863 min

63 min
#050 - Internet Trolls, Grammy Nominations, Kevin Hart, Navigating Discrepancies, Ketogenics, More.

December 7, 201853 min

53 min
#049 - Your Actions and Effect on Kids, Kim Kardashian's Drug Use Excuse for Her Marriage, A Couple in Lousiana Thanksgiving Surprise, Household Chemicals Use and Adverse Effects, How to Do a Liquid Fast, More.

November 28, 201865 min

65 min
#048 - Death Penalty Right or Wrong, California Shooting, Spice Girls Reunion, Benefits and Dangers of Feeding Your Endorphins, more.

November 9, 201858 min

58 min
#047 - What is Red Light Therapy, Tennessee Vs Alabama, School Girls Murder Plot Foiled, Hormone Imbalance - Causes and Corrections, More.

October 27, 201875 min

75 min
#046 - G.M. Palazio - Author of the brand new book Legacy: How Leaders Transcend the Past, Balance the Present, and Serve for Generations.

October 12, 201867 min

67 min
#045 - Kanye West MAGA, Molly Ringwald MeToo, How We Accept Labels and Why Some Are Needed, Taking a Blind Leap, More.

October 2, 201853 min

53 min
#044 - 17th Anniversary of 9-11 and How It Affected Us, Tennesse Titans, Raising Your Vibrational Frequency, Season 2 of The Ozark, More

September 11, 201839 min

39 min
#043 - Special Guest Chris Harder, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Life and Mindset Coach and host of Chris Harder - For The Love Of Money Podcast

August 30, 201857 min

57 min
#042 - Announcing Upcoming Guest, Death of Aretha Franklin, The Superior You vs the Inferior You, Discrepency Discovered From the Death of Scott's Father, More.

August 17, 201835 min

35 min

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2 Rational Bastards - #2RB discuss topics and ideas on life, psychology, business, sports so you can be armed with the knowledge to be your best self primarily for you and therefore positively impacting those around you. After launching a highly successful podcast “Exposing Real Estate and Damn Near Anything Else” (which can still be heard by searching iTunes, Google Play and any other podcasting provider by the show name) it was apparent by feedback from it’s large and dedicated following the time had come to launch of broader reaching show. And 2 Rational Bastards was born. Who are the 2 Rational Bastards? 2 Brothers on a mission to dissect deep topics in a provocative, eye opening and rational fashion. Scott Mosley is a native Nashvillian, past resident of Los Angeles, ex law enforcement officer turned small business owner and philanthropists. Scott is happily married with 2 beautiful children. Scott weaves his experience as a husband, father, law enforce... Show More

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