Educators Lead with Jay Willis

Educators Lead with Jay Willis


136: Tim Elmore | When Students Take Ownership Of Their Own Learning, They Are Incentivized To Be Creative | Marching Off The Map: How To Teach And Lead Generation Z | Navigating Cross-Generational Leadership | Habitudes: Leadership Habits And Attitudes

January 15, 201844 min

44 min
135: Kris Murray | Vulnerability Inspires Your Team To Follow Your Vision | The Connection Between Extreme Skiing And High Performance Leadership | A Quick How-To Guide On Self-Publishing | The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide |

January 9, 201855 min

55 min
134: Chris Trieste | Take the Complex and Make it Simple | Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Students | 14 Great Coaches: Learn Their Lessons, Improve Your Coaching, Have a Lasting Impact | Best Practices in Teaching

October 17, 201752 min

52 min
133: Matt Bardin | Don't Ignore The Elephant In The Room, Address The Big Issues Head-On | How To Get Students Excited About Reading | Create An Experience For Your Students | The Link Between Reading Comprehension And Success In School

October 9, 201758 min

58 min
132: Connie Hamilton | Be Patient! Sometimes You Have To Go Slow To Go Fast | What A Tattoo Show Can Teach You About Leadership | Hacking Homework | The Path From Rocket Scientist, Counselor, Teacher, And Principal; To Curriculum Director & Author

October 2, 201761 min

61 min
131: Naphtali Hoff | How To Have A Great Work Ethic AND A Balanced Life | What You Wish You Would Have Known Before Going Into School Leadership | Becoming The New Boss | How To Have Sustained Success In School Leadership

July 24, 201756 min

56 min
130: Jeff Zoul | Start. Right. Now. | Know The Way, Show The Way, Go The Way, Grow Each Day | Work Hard. Have Fun. Be Nice. | How To Survive The Running Of The Bulls | What Great Principals Do Differently | There Are Always Many Sides To Every Story

July 17, 201748 min

48 min
129: Toni Cameron | People Trust You If They Know You Believe In Them | The Connection Between Math and Music | From Aspiring Concert Pianist To Educator | Origin And Highlights Of Agents Of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching

June 19, 201754 min

54 min
128: Tom Hierck | How To Win Over Cynical Teachers | 7 Keys To A Positive Learning Environment | Celebrating Victories Validates The Value Of The Accomplishment And The Sacrifice It Took To Get There | Every Student Is A Success Story Waiting To Be Told

June 12, 201770 min

70 min
127: Dr. Megan Slocum | How To Juggle It All | Care Enough To Engage In Relationships | Being A Good Human | Make Decisions Based On What Is Best For Kids, Not On What Is More Convenient For Adults

May 29, 201780 min

80 min

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