Komando Tech News This Week
Komando Tech News This Week

Komando Tech News This Week


Chilling video of Uber’s self- driving fatal crash, Cambridge Analytica behind a Facebook crisis, YouTube Kids allowing controversial videos, Craigslist pulls its personal ads and more

March 23, 201814 min

14 min
Amazons massive recall Microsoft warning for Windows users Free speech survey is frightening YouTube partners with Wikipedia and more

March 16, 201816 min

16 min
Facebook’s pedophile problem, Clever credit card scam you won’t notice, Who’s really responsible for fake news, Why Alexa’s laughing at you and more

March 9, 201813 min

13 min
Sex predators use Uber and Lyft to target women, Pay up for online news, Plus, the smartest kitchen appliance ever and more

March 2, 201815 min

15 min
Selfies; a mental disorder?, Click yes for sex, the new hook-up app, Where are your kids and grandkids hanging out online? and more

February 23, 201822 min

22 min
The Equifax data breach is worse than we thought! Facebook’s new “protect” feature might not be protecting you after all. Microsoft wants to do away with passwords.

February 16, 201819 min

19 min
Another popular Facebook hoax is making the rounds. An iPhone X bug makes it almost impossible to answer the phone. And a smartphone screen made out of diamonds could be hitting the market soon.

February 9, 201819 min

19 min
A fitness social network unknowingly exposed the locations of secret U.S. military bases, Police could soon have a new tool to catch you speeding, A familiar tech word is added to the New Oxford English Dictionary, and more

February 2, 201819 min

19 min
Tax scams target your W-2s, Big brother’s watching you drive, The hi-tech grocery store with no cashiers or check out lines, Facebook regulated like big tobacco? and more

January 26, 201822 min

22 min
Apple and Amazon creating jobs and reinvesting billions into the U.S., Post-it note problem for Hawaii’s Emergency Agency, text-bombs and new ransomware targeting your devices

January 19, 201822 min

22 min

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