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Proof to Product

Proof to Product


053 | Megan Auman on product photography and leveraging Pinterest for sales

April 17, 201840 min

40 min
Katie Hunt, TSBC on why she needed to refocus her priorities and how she did it

April 13, 201811 min

11 min
052 | Lichia Liu, Gotamago on pursuing her passion, building a team and creating systems and why she thinks it is important to jump before you feel ready

April 10, 201831 min

31 min
051 | Kim Burks, Ramona & Ruth on changing her business name, growing her wholesale program and how reps have enhanced her business

April 3, 201828 min

28 min
050 | Zoe Scharf, Greetabl on chasing wholesale, identifying core customers and how angel investing fueled their business growth

March 27, 201851 min

51 min
049 | Emily Thompson, Being Boss on why being boss requires vision and hustle, the importance of setting boundaries and being open to saying yes to the right opportunities

March 20, 201842 min

42 min
048 | Laura Hooper Leader & Alyssa Bobbett, Laura Hooper Calligraphy on diversifying income, pricing custom projects and engaging with their 318k instagram followers

March 13, 201850 min

50 min
047 | Autumn Witt Boyd on understanding, protecting and enforcing your copyright and trademark rights

March 6, 201836 min

36 min
046 | Richele Silva, Richie Designs on leveraging past work experiences and the benefits of growing our businesses slow and steadily

February 27, 201828 min

28 min
Katie Hunt | 3 things I learned from selling girl scout cookies

February 23, 20186 min

6 min

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