The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast
The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast


#92: Kim Kelly Part 2 - Pre-Res Resolutions, Good Stress vs. Bad Stress, Documenting Workouts to figure out mental patterns, and Diet Hacks and Tips73 min
#91: Dr. Dennis Gross - Youthful Glowing Skin, Stimulating Collagen, Botox, Filler, Lymphatic Drainage, and Preventative Beauty67 min
#90: Tanya Zuckerbrot, The F-Factor Diet - Fiber, Protein, Weigh Loss and Management, Creating a Caloric Deficit through Addition, and Thermogenesis79 min
#89: PureWow With MaryKate McGrath - Editor In Chief, Building a Media Company, Scheduling Time For Yourself, Productivity Hacks, Self-Awareness, and Skyscraping65 min
#88: The Morning Breath with Jackie and Claudia Oshry - A new kind of morning show, facebook groups, memes, and the digital age50 min
#87: Katherine Schwarzenegger - Author, Blogger, and Animal Activist on Animal Rescue, Inspiration, and Women Supporting Women55 min
#86: Melissa Wood Health - Plant Based Diets, Meditation, Battling Eating Disorders, and Being The Best Version of Yourself78 min
#85: Ashley Tisdale - Acting, Singing, and building an Empire45 min
#84: Lorna Jane Clarkson - Founder of Lorna Jane Activewear on Wellness, Health, and building an Empire64 min
#83: Ryan Holiday - Perseverance, Living In The Moment, Failure, Perception, and Creating Perennial Sellers82 min

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