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Amplify Your Success

Amplify Your Success is the only podcast for coaches, consultants, course creators and experts that integrates practical and proven business strategy along with mindset, motivation and energetic tools to amplify impact, income and influence. If you are looking to shatter your earning limits while making a massive impact with your business superpowers, tune in to hear 22 year business veteran Melanie Benson host power-packed conversations with other business industry leaders. Discover more tools and resources at


June 24, 2024 30 mins

Do you track your business data to help you make better decisions, especially around sales? Many entrepreneurs experience unpredictable cash flow and the impact of industry changes on their bottom line. When you learn how to leverage key data more effectively, it can transform your business bottom line. 

In episode 393 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, guest Amy Traugh unveils how to use data correctly to d...

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If you are a highly ambitious entrepreneur with lots of  ideas, you may struggle to grow your business fast enough. Whether your team can’t keep up, or your personal bandwidth lacks capacity to move all of your ideas forward, the key to accelerating business growth often lies in uncovering hidden potential and optimizing your available resources. 

What you don’t want is to accelerate sales to the point tha...

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Have you ever considered changing your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) technology? There is no perfect system out there, and some business owners swear by Keap, Active Campaign or Click Funnels. Others are so frustrated and overwhelmed with their email deliverability or functionality that like me, they are considering a move to the newest and shiniest tech, Go High Level.  

I'm going to take you behind...

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How does an entrepreneur with a million tasks on their plate create compelling, engaging content that not only gets their message to stand out, but it gets clients to raise their hand to work with you?

Social Media content is essential in today’s market, but crafting a clever post isn’t enough anymore to win new business. You also need to know how to connect, engage and build rapport with transparency abou...

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Are you struggling to secure funding that will help your business thrive at each stage of your growth? Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of obtaining financial capital, especially when starting up their business. But even established entrepreneurs can benefit from proper financial funding sources to assist in strategic growth.

Amanda Webster, an expert in business funding sources, joins me on Amplify Y...

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Scars are like tattoos with better stories. 

This is a heart-expanding statement from this week’s guest, who has transformed his scars from a tragic military accident into a powerful story of resilience.

Every business owner, changemaker and leader experiences struggles that feel much bigger than they can navigate at some point in their journey.

Often leaders believe they must be ...

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With the rise in popularity of podcast guesting and booking services, my peers who host podcast hosts (and myself) experience a unique challenge – receiving hundreds of unqualified and unsolicited pitches to be on our show each week.

Standing out and capturing the attention of podcast hosts becomes a daunting challenge, not to mention actually getting booked! With the ratio of guests to popular shows being...

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Do you find yourself struggling to land spots on the top podcasts in your industry? What if I told you that there's a way to elevate your visibility game and get invited to speak and be a guest on podcasts without having to pitch your way in? 

In episode 386 of Amplify Your Success, I'll take you behind the scenes of my visibility strategy, where I've been consistently landing 3 to 5 podcast guest spots ea...

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Have you ever felt like there's an invisible force holding you back from achieving your full potential, especially in your business endeavors?

When it comes to unlocking your success, the key might lie in sculpting your success mindset. The thoughts that cross your mind and habits you have are significant contributors to what you believe is possible in your life.

In episode 385 of the Amplify ...

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Struggling to fill your webinars and masterclasses with engaged participants? If attracting potential clients feels like an uphill battle, even though you are delivering solid results time after time, you're not alone. Expert entrepreneurs often grapple with filling their programs with action takers over freebie seekers.

What if you could fill your events by strategically aligning with competitors and coll...

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Tired of struggling to attract your ideal clients? Imagine creating a connection with potential clients in a way that drives revenue growth and deeply resonates with their needs.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 383, Mellissa and Melanie delve into the art of quiz creation  to attract and engage ideal clients. They discuss the power of archetype quizzes in creating a personal connection and establis...

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Ever wondered what it takes to attract clients who are not only willing but excited to invest $3k or more to work with you? Successfully selling high ticket offers is way more than just raising your rates. To attract and enroll 4-5 figure offers with ease, you’ll need a ‘Heck Yes’ offer that is so aligned with what your ideal clients need it literally sells itself.

In Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 3...

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There’s a frustrating cycle that way too many expert-based businesses fall into and that is riding the revenue roller coaster.

Some months are good. However, way too many months the business owner ends up chasing leads and feeling nervous about reaching the revenue goals.

What if you could quantum leap your coaching business into consistent 5-6 figure months with a few simple tweaks to your cu...

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There is a lot of frustration amongst coaches and service providers who have tried being a guest on popular podcasts.

They’ve heard that podcast guesting is a great way to be visible, attract clients and boost their authority – but instead of getting a lot of clients and leads, they are not seeing any results.

The culprit lies in four common monetization mistakes and in episode #380 of Amplify...

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Growing your email list can become a valuable asset, especially if you make sales online. An important factor in the success of your online sales is continuing to grow your email community.

Instead of relying solely on social media to accomplish that goal, consider hosting virtual summits to not just grow your email list, but to attract your ideal clients! In a world where the marketplace is crowded and co...

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Can you imagine what life would be like if you could grow your business while working only 4 days a week?

If that feels like a distant dream or a business only “other people” can enjoy, then grab a pen, paper and your favorite beverage and listen to my Amplify Your Success Podcast guest, Charles Alexander.

Charles has been in the pursuit of a 4-day work week since 2007 – and by delegating task...

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Are you struggling to retain clients despite successfully attracting them? Do you wonder why great clients aren’t becoming raving fans who refer new business your way? These are often signs that you need to focus on improving your client’s experience.

In episode 377 of Amplify Your Success, we dive into a very powerful strategy to improve retention using client success roadmaps. I’m joined by Megan Huber, ...

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Being visible where your ideal clients are searching for solutions is essential to attract clients and stop being a best kept secret. A consistent visibility strategy is a key factor in amplifying authority and building trust online too.

So why is it that a talented expert, coach or service provider wouldn’t make time for visibility boosting activities that could grow their reach and revenue?


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Information overload is a chronic issue for small business owners. Discovering how to prioritize and integrate essential information is not only an essential skill, but embracing life-long learning can be the key to being future-ready. 

Imagine being able to effortlessly adapt to the evolving landscape, avoiding obsolescence, and staying ahead of the industry changes. On episode 375 of Amplify Your Success...

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Ever wondered how some speakers have a magnetic presence that captures their audience's attention instantly? It's not just about what they say, but how they say it. 

On episode 374 of Amplify Your Success, we delve into the secrets of vocal mastery, and speaking skills with Jonathan Bender, a seasoned expert who has spent decades helping professionals craft powerful voices that move millions. Jonathan’s sp...

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