Anxiety Connection

Anxiety Connection

Our Anxiety Connection is where anxious people can come together for a sense of connection, understanding, and to get information on what causes anxiety and how to manage it. Host Wendy Leeds, a three-time cancer survivor and psychotherapist, shares her personal story of life-long anxiety, how she’s dealt with cancer, and found her way through her fear. As an experienced therapist, she shares the latest research, explores ways anxiety impacts our lives and offers simple, effective tools and techniques that you can use to ease your anxiety.


June 11, 2024 19 mins

Do you feel like you’ve taken the wrong road in life? You’ve ended up lost, afraid, and you have no clue what to do next? Join us as we explore the step-by-step process of creating a life plan that’s specifically tailored to who you really are, where you really want to go with your life, and the best way for you to get there.



DOWNLOAD: Daily Anxiety Log.pdf
Includes 12 key questions so you ca...

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Maybe you feel like your anxiety has you trapped and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or maybe you’d like to make a change, but fear is holding you back.

In this episode, we discuss how a simple shift of focus can get you past that fear and get you started on the road to feeling better.


Taking action means listening to your body and mind.

READ: Calm & Sense: A Woman's Guide to Living Anxiety...

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Anxiety shows up differently for all of us. Your anxiety is uniquely yours. Identifying the specific pieces of your anxiety puzzle is an important step in the healing process. Together, let’s take a look at exactly how anxiety is affecting your thoughts, your beliefs, your body, and the steep price you may be paying for all the time spent worrying.


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March 5, 2024 21 mins

If it feels like anxiety is keeping you a prisoner in your own life, please join me as we explore the internal causes of that anxiety, how those fears may be keeping you trapped in a prison of your thoughts and fears, how those fears affect your life, and the key to finally setting yourself free.



DOWNLOAD: What Is the Impact of Your Anxiety.pdf

LISTEN: Feeling Anxious? Trust Yourself (Episod...

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In the U.S., women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety, and the reasons might surprise you. While there are all sorts of things that can make us anxious, some of those things are specific to women. In this episode we explore those causes, and I also share one of the best techniques I know to calm anxiety instantly.


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While we all share important similarities, we’re also uniquely different. And it’s the same with our brains. Just the way no two of us are alike, no two brains are alike as well. Understanding these similarities and differences can offer us a new way to look at our relationship with ourselves, the people around us, and can deepen our understanding of how we respond to our anxiety.



READ: If you are interested in ...

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The holidays can be a tough time of year for those of us with anxiety. But there’s a way we can remove some of the stress and worry. Simply by changing the way we think about the holidays, we can lower our stress level and help us keep our calm through the holiday season.

The 6 Gifts: Filling Your Cup First So You Can Give to Others

1. The gift of lower expectations 

2. The gift of saying no 

3. The gift of healthy habits 

4. The g...

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Let’s get straight to the root of our anxiety. Understanding how our brains work, and how our brains are different, is a critical first step of addressing our fears to better manage our anxiety. In the second episode of this 10-part mini-series, we take a clear look at the science of how fear shows up in our brain.

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Anxiety shows up differently in all of us. This means that the plan to heal your anxiety is naturally going to be different from the plan to heal mine. Our work together is to find the plan that works for you and then to put that plan to work! This episode is Part 1 of mini-series of 10 episodes examining anxiety – getting at the root causes of what’s making you anxious and, more importantly, what you can do to feel better.


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This episode is the beginning of an important, ongoing conversation about how best to care for our mental health. We talk first about 1) how to identify our anxiety triggers and then 2) staying on track by focusing on the glimmers of hope that can light our way back on the road to feeling better.



BOOK: Chapters 49 and 50 of my book are all about techniques for staying on track.
The book is: Calm & Sense: A...

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Have you ever thought about seeing a therapist? Or maybe there’s someone in your life you think might benefit from talking to a mental health professional? In this episode I tackle the stigma of seeking help for our mental health in today’s culture. And I share the 8 reasons for talking to a therapist and how it can make a real difference in how we think and feel.


If you are having suicidal thoughts or plan...

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Fear can keep us feeling stuck, alone, and helpless. But having an effective plan of action can take us past those fears to get what we really want out of life. Please join me as I share my simple 4-step process for creating that action plan and then putting it to work.


In my last episode, I covered procrastination – which is also fueled by fear:
Procrastination: 4 Simple Steps to Reduce Its Power Over You...

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It may sound counterintuitive, but I believe that procrastination is the act of putting off what you really want in your life. It's a way of cheating yourself out of the life you were born to live. Procrastination can have a substantial impact on our self-esteem, so let's take a good look at its root cause and a 4-step plan for how to break free from procrastination's grip.


BOOK: Calm & Sense: A Woman's Gui...

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of love. But that simple truth gets buried under an avalanche of roses, candy hearts, expectations, and disappointments. But it doesn’t have to be that way – love comes in many different forms. In Episode 50, we explore some ways to put love back into your Valentine’s Day.


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Do the short, cold days of winter leave you feeling exhausted and “blah?” Are you feeling paralyzed with sadness? If so, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D.  Please join me as I share my story of how a tiny surprise reminded me how to find light and color on even the “blah” days.



Episode 24 “10 Ways to Beat the Winter Doldrums”

Episode 48: “Dealing with Holiday Stress and Anxie...

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If you’re dreading the holiday season this year, you’re not alone. The holidays are tough for so many of us. If you’re already feeling anxious and worried about how you’re going to get through the next few weeks, please join me in making 5 powerful commitments to help you meet the challenges ahead with a sense of peace and calm.



Chapter 51 of my book is about how to manage difficult relationships that bri...

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What you focus on in life is what you get. When you’re focused on the failures, blame, and shame of your past, you can’t be fully present in your life. What’s worse is that this can impede your future potential as well. Ready to stop living in the rearview mirror? Please join me as I share the one simple thing you can do to switch your focus from past to present and get a clear view of the road ahead.




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September 13, 2022 11 mins

Firefighters have an iron-clad rule about how to walk into a fire, which can be applied to those of us who suffer from anxiety: Never go in alone. As a cancer survivor, I know the power of community for getting through some very dark days. I know what it’s like to struggle with the loneliness and fear of anxiety’s flame. Join me in this episode as we apply the lesson, together. Having a community here in OUR Anxiety Connection mean...

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Did you know what you eat may play a role in your anxiety? We all know that what we eat can have a real impact on our physical health, but recent research suggests what we eat can have a real impact on our mental health as well.

Please join me as I share my three simple rules for what and how to eat to promote good health and to ease your anxiety.


I have three chapters on this topic in my book, Calm & Sen...

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June 14, 2022 11 mins

The people you spend the most time with have a real impact on who you are and what you think. Take a look at your closest relationships. Are they people who consistently fill you with joy and satisfaction? Or do they make you anxious or stressed out? Please join me in this episode as I discuss the impact negative people can have on our anxiety, and more importantly, the power of setting yourself free.


I cov...

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