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Ask Mom & Spawn


#22: @CrazyJewishMom and Spawn Celebrate the Miracle of Hanukkah by Lighting the Menorah and Singing, Plus Actual Advice & Craigslist Furniture

December 5, 201846 min

46 min
#21: @CrazyJewishMom: I Should Be a DJ and Send Me Botox! Plus, the Whole Family Comes for Kate's Uterus!

November 29, 201845 min

45 min
#20: Happy Thanksgiving From @CrazyJewishMom and Spawn, Plus Why CJM Shouldn't Be Allowed to Cook and More Wedding Ranting!

November 27, 201849 min

49 min
#19: Ovary Workouts, Menstrual Cups, and Dyed Pubic Hair: The Ladies of @CrazyJewishMom Get Down to Business

November 14, 201836 min

36 min
#18: If He Says You're Bad at Sex, It's Him — Plus How to Achieve Vaginal Orgasm and Being a Badass, Educated B*tch!

November 7, 201837 min

37 min
#17: With the Pittsburgh Shooting, Kentucky Shooting, and Bomb Scares, @CrazyJewishMom and Spawn Talk Hate, Anti-Semitism, Moving Forward, and Voting for Change.

October 31, 201845 min

45 min
#16: 4th Degree Assaults, Not Leaving the Perfect Man, and Loud Sex, @CrazyJewishMom Speaks Out!

October 24, 201833 min

33 min
#15: @CrazyJewishMom Talks Serial Killers, Ditching Your Ex's Mom, and Sexcapades In an Ikea Parking Lot (AGAIN)

October 17, 201833 min

33 min
#14: @CrazyJewishMom and Spawn Talk Pubic Hair, Halloween Costume Ideas (Kavanaugh and his beer?) and How To Ask for the Salary You Deserve

October 10, 201839 min

39 min
#13: Smashing the Patriarchy, Brett Kavanaugh, and Aunt Dolores Calling @CrazyJewishMom a Hoe to Round Out this Dumpster-Fire Week

October 3, 201847 min

47 min

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