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Baked and Awake


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Baked and Awake is a Pacific Northwest based YouTube show (and soon to be podcast) where we talk about cannabis and the lifestyles of the very regular yet incredibly interesting people who cherish it. We'll cover a wide range of weed related topics including strain reviews, general history of the plant and its many uses, recipes, cultivation, extraction and concentrates, and much more. If we have an over arching goal, it is to normalize the perception of daily cannabis users and what it means to truly tap into the amazing potential of this special plant, prized among diverse cultures from time immemorial as sacred, strong medicine. While taking this journey together, we will explore some of the myths, mysteries and misconceptions about not only this, our favorite plant- but indeed the very world we live in. Wait, what? Well, sure! We're gonna be (moderately) stoned, so we might as well solve the world's problems (Or at least talk about them!) while we a... Show More

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