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Mashing Wort and Pitching Yeast....It's Home Brewing Time!

August 5, 201746 min
Episode 84 By popular demand, we're talking home brewing this week!  Homebrewers Andrew Cooper and Michael Rothlisberger joined us in the studio to talk about the joys of brewing. We talked about extracts getting a bad rap, tips for entering contests, and the importance of having a brewing community around you.  Plus, we recapped Aaron's trip to Maine and our tour of Monday Night Brewing's newest facility, The Garage. Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week: Orono Brewing Company Lightning Tree NE IPA SweetWater Belgian Rose Sour Three Taverns Crave Hazy IPA Wild Heaven / Max Lager’s / Cigar City / Mazurt To Dan! - Double IPA with Coconut Homebrews from our guest, including a beet saison. Yes, a beet saison. Headlines - Brought to you by Your Pie Perimeter! GA Department of Revenue issues regulation guidelines for SB85 Anchor Brewing Sells out to Sapporo Monday Night Brewing shows off The Garage; new branding coming. Danner Kline, one of the Free the Hops Founders, is running for congress in Alabama, running an ultramarathon Macon Beer Company raising money for Goodwill during “First Pint Pour” event.

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