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We live in a 3D world ruled by of drama, fear, anger, and scarcity. If you experience these negative feelings and emotions on a daily basis, you can rise above it all. The way you perceive events shapes what you experience, inside and out. When you shift your perceptions, you change the script you are living and your role in it. In this podcast, Michael J Russ and Glenn Brooks explore different ways of elevating yourself above the 3D world to experience more happiness, money, freedom,and intimacy---free of the negative feelings and emotions that weigh you down and inhibit growth. My occasional co-host for this intimate endeavor is Glenn Brooks (, an expert on relational intelligence and one of the original practitioners of life coaching. We will find and converse with “Zero Adversity Pioneers" who, like us, are living, creating, and demonstrating life beyond the 3D. I am Michael J. Russ, an international bestselling author, speaker, Master of the inner conversation, world traveler, and lifelong musician. You are the protagonist in your own life story. A story you can alter in any way you desire! My passion lies is developing and communicating simple, practical, and highly impactful methods and processes you can use to live a life free of everyday patterns that are inhibiting you from experiencing the life with freedom, happiness, and prosperity. If what you are hearing makes sense to you, my instructions for absorbing this podcast are simple: subscribe, listen, apply, share, repeat!... Show More

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