Body Kindness®: Transform Your Health and Never Say 'Diet' Again

Body Kindness®: Transform Your Health and Never Say 'Diet' Again

This is a show about health, not weight loss. It’s time to redefine what it means to pursue health, where your well-being matters more than your weight. When you practice Body Kindness®, you create a more satisfying life by being good to yourself. Learn how self-compassion and acceptance help you cultivate a “caregiver” voice and quiet the “inner critic”. HAES Dietitian and Certified Exercise Physiologist Rebecca Scritchfield and her guests have interesting conversations about the cultural influences that keep you stuck in “diet prison” and how you can break free to create meaningful changes in your life. Instead of dieting, you’ll practice self-care, including better sleep, flexible eating patterns, having more fun, and moving in way that feels good, not punishing. Regular guest Bernie Salazar, a former Biggest Loser “winner” shares why he’s happier and healthier as a fat man.


October 31, 2023 40 mins

Reunion alert! Bernie and I are back with our first podcast in a minute. We actually recorded this October 20, 2022... but evidently the Switch B* (err... I mean...) The Switch Witch is still around... and we have thoughts.

My kids (then 8 and 9 years old) came to me and asked "Mom, do we believe in the switch witch?" I responded, "Never heard of her." They said, "Good, because she takes away your candy and that's just MEAN!." Afte...

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My guests Abbe Greenberg and Maggie a.k.a. “The Anxiety Sisters” have built a lasting friendship and a thriving online community over their lifelong struggles with anxiety. In this episode, you’ll learn about why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing anxiety and how their new book THE ANXIETY SISTERS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE can help you cope with anxiety and find ways to laugh along the way. Tha...

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Hey, listeners! Bernie and I continue our conversations on 'connection' and 'numbness' as we re-connect to each other after a year or so apart (thanks global pandemic).

This is episode 2 of 3 in our series where Bernie goes deeper in describing his feelings of numbness and explores more about where they are coming from, why they're there and what he can do now.

I chime in with my usual... 'it's OK to be here, wow look at your stren...

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We're baaaaaack! Bernie and Rebecca managed to chat one more time before the end of 2021 and it was bittersweet. Tune in and find out what a sh*tstorm it has been for us. Bernie shares how his coping mechanisms of shutting down and feeling "numb" have returned and Rebecca helps support a gentle kindness toward re-approaching self-care practices. This is the first in a three episode series. Join us as we go deeper into exploring thi...

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This is Episode 6 in a special Self-Care for Diabetes series on the Body Kindness podcast, with my guest co-host Dietitian Glenys Oyston.

This episode is about intuitive eating and why it works for diabetes concerns.

If you feel like you need more support, we would love to welcome you to our 3-month membership

Our next live group call is this Monday August 9th at 6pm ET.

Our 14 modules cover all things intuitive eating, movement,...

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This is Episode 5 in a special Self-Care for Diabetes series on the Body Kindness podcast, with my guest co-host Dietitian Glenys Oyston.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever felt what you can do with movement right now is "not good enough" - whether. you’re a beginner, or coming off an injury, or maybe you don’t have the time, or you feel left out of the fitness industry because it’s all about intensity and pushing yourself over...

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This is a special series on the Body Kindness podcast with Dietitian Glenys Oyston. 

The #1 thing that people stress about when it comes to diabetes and food? "Carbs".

In this episode we talk about some of the myths around carbohydrates and diabetes. We share a truth that your overall eating patterns, not individual nutrients, matter when considering how food is involved in your health, your well-being, and your diabetes concerns.


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This is a special series on the Body Kindness podcast with Dietitian Glenys Oyston. 

There is so much misinformation about diabetes… it’s no wonder if you find yourself confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

One source of stress we would like to help you take off the table is stressing over checking your blood sugars.

From figuring out how often to check to decoding what the readings even mean to deciding on medications and more, ...

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This is a special series on the Body Kindness podcast with Dietitian Glenys Oyston. We want to talk about weight and diabetes because it’s a myth that dominates diabetes care…  and there is so much to unpack.

We discuss…

  • What is weight cycling and how is it harmful to mind/body health?
  • Why do doctors stress weight loss for diabetes care and why don’t they ask for consent?
  • The marketing flaws and treatment advice that encourage...
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This is Episode 1 in a new mini-series for Body Kindness: Self care for diabetes. We need to talk about diagnosis shame because it’s real. Doctors, family and strangers on the internet make it seem like "it’s your fault" if you get a diagnosis of diabetes or a "warning" of "prediabetes' and it’s especially mean when your weight is to blame.

Tune in for our tips on shame resilience and taking meaningful action toward positive change...

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I'm so thrilled to welcome Sonya Renee Taylor back to the podcast. We talk about what's different in the second edition of The Body Is Not an Apology -- which is a New York Times bestseller! We also talk about the forthcoming Your Body Is Not an Apology Workbook.

Tune in and find out how Sonya started this amazing work and why she is committed to changing how the world thinks about bodies.

You can also click through to the show not...

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Today Bernie and I talk about emotional eating. What's normal, what's not, when is it time to make meaningful changes? Tune in and learn all about the protective system of emotion regulation and how Bernie's "inner caregiver" helped him find connection and community.. Check the show notes to watch the video version.

--- for a free starter kit to practicing Body Kindness.


Get the Body Kindness book

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Today on the podcast I’m diving into a fascinating topic that’s relatively new to me - Emotion Coaching, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), and Psychedelics. I’m joined by Dr. Adele Lafrance & Dr. Joe Tafur, two leading experts in this field. We talk about why EFFT is such a powerful tool for healing and they give us the lowdown on the Emotion, Spirituality, and Psychedelic Medicine 1-day workshop that’s happening this Saturday...

OMG! We did it. Bernie Salazar and I brushed our hair and did our first video podcast for Body Kindness! We talked about our "origin story" of how we met and how the Body Kindness philosophy came to be. Check the show notes to watch the video version.

In this episode:

  • Learn how Rebecca and Bernie met (and mistakes we made)
  • Find out how the Body Kindness philosophy came to be. (more mistakes)
  • Hear Bernie describe why he has nev...
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You aren't born feeling body shame. It's decided for you, conditioned in you, and you become entangled. Dominant culture’s body ideals can keep you ensnared in your own self-loathing. But what if you want out? Make a pivot and CONNECT to your body, even if you wish it was different. Braving body shame is leaning into your burdens with empathy and compassion, saying "it's OK, I'm here... I want to care for you."

My guest Julie Sween...

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Your body is an instrument not an ornament and just in time for the New Year, I’ll help you understand what you can do if you want new tools and skills to be kind to yourself. My guests Doctors Lindsay and Lexi Kite, co-founders of Beauty Redefined, share their wisdom from years of research in their new book More Than a Body.


Guest info
Twin sisters Dr. Lexie Kite and Dr. Lindsay Kite received their PhDs from the University of ...

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Bernie Salazar sits down with Rebecca to recap his year parenting a "quarantine baby" navigating his businesses, his health, and personal COVID losses.

Rebecca and Bernie discuss coping with stress, anxiety, and shifting intentions toward 2021.


Join Rebecca and Bernie in their Virtual Body Kindness Support Group Jan 9th 2021. Register here!

Self-care For Diabetes virtual course -- the only anti-diet course that integrates princ...

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In this emotional episode, Bernie Salazar, former “winner” of NBC’s The Biggest Loser share his regrets and what he has learned from reading Aubrey Gordon’s new book, What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat. We discuss how anti-fat bias shows up everywhere from air travel to our children’s schools and we envision a new world where higher weight people are treated with respect, kindness, and full humanity.


Show notes


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It’s been a year of testing so much for all of us.

Bernie and I catch up on how we’re making it through parenting and trying to stay distant (and connected) during COVID, which is relentless.

We also discuss the election stress, our self care plans, and why we need to “complete our stress cycles” — something we learned by reading the book Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski.

Get a replay of some key advice from our podcast chat on ...

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In the countdown to the 2020 election I interviewed Soraya Chemaly, author of Rage Becomes Her: The Power of Women’s Anger - an amazing book she wrote after 2016 election delving into the reasons why women can’t be angry without being called “unhinged” or a “b*”.

Our conversation includes:

  • how the progressive white male was most “shocked” with 2016 results
  • why the power differential between men and women hurts EVERYONE (hello,...
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