Breakthrough Brand Podcast - Online Business Growth, Website Design Strategies, Grow a Podcast, Motherhood and Business, Passive Income, Christian Faith, Showit Templates

Breakthrough Brand Podcast - Online Business Growth, Website Design Strategies, Grow a Podcast, Motherhood and Business, Passive Income, Christian Faith, Showit Templates

Relatable, raw and tactical business trainings to keep you moving towards your big goals. I’m Elizabeth McCravy — a website designer and business strategist for female entrepreneurs. And, I’ve built a multiple six-figure web design business while in my early and mid 20s. I believe that how to build a thriving business shouldn’t be a secret. So, I’m here to pull back the curtain of all things successful business building. I'm a Christian business owner, a toddler boy mama (with baby #2 on the way), and I'm married to my high school sweetheart. I design and sell Showit website templates over at I teach fellow brand and website designers how to build an in-demand business in my course and coaching program, Booked Out Designer. And, I've been a podcaster/content creator for years now. I also do real estate investing and my husband and I own 5 long-term rental properties! I believe in working smarter, building wealth through scalable income, and building your business around your LIFE... not your life around your business. On this podcast, you’ll find solo episodes that are tactical, actionable, and easy listening! And you’ll find expert guest interviews and lifestyle-related episodes too. Let’s build a business that feels amazing on the inside and also looks great from the outside. We’re talking online marketing, brand and website design, podcasting, faith, motherhood, productivity, systems, growing a team, business strategy, and so much more! It’s time for you to build a breakthrough brand!


June 11, 2024 17 mins

If you’re early on in your business journey, this episode is for you. This is a huge and exciting step, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll look back fondly on these early days years from now. I’m nine years into my business journey, and I often reminisce about those initial days that felt so hard and confusing. 

Taking chances, being super scrappy, and putting myself out there—those memories are amazing. And you’re doing it now ...

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More peace and more profits - that’s what we're chatting about today. In today’s episode we are going to talk through tangible strategies you can use and questions you can ask yourself to get yourself more peace and more profit in your business. Plus, we dive into how to build a business that's what you WANT, instead of the one you think you should have (because someone else told you to?). 

Let's face it, so many of u...

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I’m all about growing your business with a team and not doing it alone! But just because you hire people (contractors or w2 employees) does not mean that business is all of a sudden easy peasy. In some ways, it actually makes your business more complex. 

There are a lot of challenges that come with having a team, especially with remote teams. I have team members who I’ve literally never met in person but I’m in communication with da...

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At the time of recording this, I’ve been a part of a monthly book club since December of 2021 and we’ve met a total of 31 times since we started! Last year, we even had a “book club retreat” where we got to hang out outside of our usual meetings and honestly, it was so much fun.

Being able to start a book club and just have FUN with it has been such a blessing, so if you’ve been looking to start something like this (or you’re part o...

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If you're a mom to little's who wants to start a business or you're a mom already with a business trying to figure out how to grow your business while still prioritizing your family, this episode is for you! 

I'm chatting with the lovely Amy Hanneke of Hello and Co Creative. Amy is a brand new website designer for wellness professionals and she's also a wife, a boy mom, a cat mom, and a St. Louis native. She...

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Today, I have a special episode in store! This is an interview I did with Becky Hoschek on her podcast about plans, pivots, and really trusting God in motherhood and business. Although we talk about motherhood and business stuff a lot, we talk about plenty of other things as well if that’s not applicable to you.

We covered things like:

  • how I make money online
  • the time I felt like throwing in the towel
  • how I merge having a more...
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I’m so excited to share Ethan’s birth story with you! I’m a new mom again (and we are officially a family of four). Baby number two, Ethan Daniel McCravy, is absolutely so wonderful and amazing and it’s been fun doing this all again (but with more experience than my first go around). 

If you listened to Colin's birth episode (episode 148), you know that my birth did not go according to plan but God still showed up in ...

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Today, I’m doing something NEW on the podcast. I don’t think I’ve ever shared an interview from another person’s podcast with you, but this episode from Mara Kucirek’s podcast (Create a Better Course) was so good that I knew I wanted to share it with you today. If you want to see the nitty-gritty behind the scenes of launching an online course, this is one episode you do not want to miss.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to also listen...

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I've been producing The Breakthrough Brand podcast for over 5 years now, and let me tell you, it's become one of my absolute favorite parts of my business! Funny enough, I  was re-listening to an old podcast episode to prepare myself for a speaking engagement earlier this week (at the time of recording), and I literally talked about how much JOY podcasting was bringing me 20 episodes in. Now 260 episodes later? That’s STI...

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Hey moms, this episode is for you. It can be a lot to be juggling work, motherhood, no matter how many kids you have, how old they are, what type of work you do, how much childcare you have or don't have, it doesn't matter. I often have moments now as a mom (which I've been a mom for about two and a half years now) where I'm genuinely like, “what was I doing before being a mom? Why did I feel so busy?” Because t...

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Whether you're a brand new course creator or you've had lots of success in selling online courses already, this episode is for you. Mara really knows all the things about creating quality courses that give your students wins and help you ultimately grow your business. I learned a lot from this interview (as someone who's made courses already and has had success with online courses). So let me just say, that regardles...

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Whether you're in the early days and months of your business, or you've been at it a while, we all unfortunately do things that make business harder than it has to be. These are things that both new and established business owners all do, and today, we are adding them to your “To Quit” list, because they're taking up your time, energy, and ultimately making growth slower.

Today, I’m sharing 14 things as a business own...

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This is PART TWO of last week's episode, with 4 more ways to be bolder in your faith as a Christian business owner! 

If you feel like your faith is a secret because you don’t know if it’s ok to share it as a business owner, you’re worried you’ll alienate clients/customers who disagree with you, or maybe you feel God calling you to share but you’re like “what does that practically look like when I’m a photographer? Or a designer...

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Today’s episode is inspired by a question I got over and over again in my audience survey last year because a lot of you guys are like me. You are a personal brand business or other type of business but you are not a ministry, and what you do may have literally nothing to do with your faith on paper, but you ARE a Christian business owner and your faith is an important part of who you are and how you show up in the world. It also i...

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What makes a great website? What makes a dud? 

Besides all the obvious things like don’t make your text too small, don’t use 1,000 fonts at once, and things like that… What are the major keys?! 

No matter what you do in your work, if you have a website, you should be asking yourself these questions. Today I’m sharing 3 things that I consider TOP things to making a great website, and people often miss them. 

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Are you looking to grow your email list this year? Quizzes have a MUCH higher conversion rate than the typical lead magnet, and in this episode, I'm walking you through EXACTLY how you can create one for your business!

I've been creating quizzes since the beginning of 2018, so over five years now. Since then, I've made new quizzes, revamped quizzes, and helped other business owners make quizzes for their bus...

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I posted a reel on Instagram all about a week in the life with my schedule in the last year and a half as a working mom who owns a business but works part-time from home. Today, I want to expand on what I explain in that very short 90-second clip to tell you more of the nitty-gritty details about what my week is like running my business, taking care of my son, recording this being very pregnant, and how my team and my husband fit i...

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In this episode, I’m teaching you how to create a launch debrief for your business. If you’re not 100% clear on what I mean by this - don’t worry! We’ll talk about what it is, why you should do one, all the STEPS, and I even have a new resource to share with you — a ready-to-go Google Doc template of my ACTUAL launch debrief process that you can use as your starting point! 

Whether you’re just getting started and debriefing your fir...

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Have you ever wondered if you could run your business without Instagram? Thinking about a social media detox? How much time would you get back? How would it affect things like your revenue, your website traffic, and your overall visibility as a business owner? What other marketing tools would you use instead of social media? 

As someone who uses Instagram a lot in my marketing, I'm like the rest of us in that I have d...

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Today, I’m sharing three ADVANCED podcasting strategies - one for show growth, one for boosting efficiency, and one for making money for your podcast. Sounds pretty good right? Honestly, it was SO hard to narrow it down to just one tip from each category because I really do have SO many that I share inside Podcast Success Blueprint (which the doors are officially open to, if you’re reading this in real time, until February 2nd!).

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