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Calibrating Jared Petty

October 19, 201859 min
At the start of October Josh & Justin embarked on the wonderful opportunity of visiting San Francisco. The reason for the trip: a chance to co-host Kinda Funny Games Daily with Greg Miller. During that trip another opportunity arose: our wonderful duo was invited into the home of Jared Petty to record an episode of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast! The chat with Jared was delightful, ranging from discussions on visiting San Francisco, co-hosting Kinda Funny Games Daily, and into chats about our favorite words and a look at the effect of mental illness on our society. This podcast goes deep and pretty much all around, and it's an absolute delight. Oh, and Jared's wife makes a very brief appearance, so what's not to like? Oh, and for those watching the video...sorry. The quality of conversation was so high this week that all of our cameras started acting up in the weirdest ways possible. It's part of the fun!   Watch the show recorded live on

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