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Todays Co-host Is Trace Mayer

November 29, 201843 min
On todays show my co-host is Trace Mayer. Join us as we talk about Bitcoin and the bitcoin Network. Trace has been involved with Bitcoin almost since the beginning. By being involved in Bitcoin so long he as a great perspective on Bitcoin and the crypto world in general. Trace produces the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, and is the creator of the term Hodler Of Last Resort. You can follow Trace on Twitter @ SUBSCRIBE EVERYWHERE @ YOU CAN WATCH ON YOUTUBE @ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: • Twitter: @GaryLeland - @Crypto_Cousins • Facebook: /CryptoCousins - /GaryLelands • Facebook Group: /CryptoCousins • LinkedIn: /in/GaryLeland • Instagram: @Gary_Leland • Email: • Phone: 747-777-9471 DONATE CRYPTO: If you would like to show your support of my efforts at The Crypto Cousins go to I use the Trezor Wallet @ I also use The Binance Exchange @  Receive $10 worth of Bitcoin FREE when you open an account with the Coinbase Exchange @ VISIT MY WEBSITES: • • • • • • Find out more about Gary @ Take a look at my new website This is a Production Podcast edited by John Bukenas Outro and intro by Elsie Escobar DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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