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Discover how shifting the focus off of weight in health care can greatly improve health outcomes for patients. It is increasingly evident that diets do not work, and that patients of a wide range of sizes can benefit from increasing healthy habits without weight change. With this evidence, we as medical professionals can more effectively and ethically treat our patients by changing how we interact with them around weight. We will explore how to do no harm to our patients of all sizes without recommending weight loss. This podcast is intended for medical professionals, but we welcome all listeners. DeAun Nelson, ND, and guest hosts will discuss relevant topics such as: obesity as defined by BMI, determinants of health, weight stigma, healthism, weight loss, Well Now, Health at Every Size¨, Body Trust¨, weight science, research, and more. The information in this podcast is not intended to provide medical advice. For more information, visit our website at www.d... Show More

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