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10 Marketing Predictions for Online Coaches

February 5, 201939 min
Have you heard this before… “Whoever experiments the most in life wins” The quote above was from one of our mentors Tai Lopez. We remember he told us this a couple years ago when we were in his year long mastermind and it stuck with us ever since. Things are constantly changing and evolving these days in the online world and if you are an online coach, you should be doing the following: A) Keeping up with all the changes and evolvement with technology, social media, marketing, and business B) What Tai said, don’t be afraid to experiment a lot We’ve been online coaches for close to a decade now and we have seen A LOT of things change every year and we have experimented A TON. We wanted to share with you our 10 marketing predictions for online coaches based off what we saw in 2018, talking to our coaches and mentors, discussions with colleagues, our team, our own experiences, and more. If you are an online coach, you are in for a treat on this one 😊 In This Episode, You Will Learn: • Our top 10 marketing predictions in 2019 for online coaches • Practical tips and nuggets from some of our top 10 marketing predictions • How you can take some of these top 10 predictions and apply them into your online coaching business and practices This is a very practical episode with a lot of take aways and nuggets to apply to your online coaching business right away, take a listen and if you enjoyed it, please help us share it 😊 Follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/chrisandericmartinez/ and checkout the full show notes at www.liveadynamiclifestyle.com/podcast/ep…e-coaches/ -Eric

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