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How to Live a Dynamic Lifestyle with 10 Top Entrepreneurs

January 23, 201948 min
Ask Yourself This Question… ”WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME TO LIVE A DYNAMIC LIFESTYLE?” Everyone is going to have a different definition and that’s the beautiful thing about asking this question. When you look up the word “DYNAMIC,” it means non-static, strong, energetic, and constantly evolving! This is the lifestyle that we live and breathe daily. But we wanted to know what these top 10 entrepreneurs definition of a dynamic lifestyle, their daily habits, routines, non-negotiables, and what makes them play at such a high level. We asked the following 10 top entrepreneurs: -Amanda Bucci www.instagram.com/amandabucci/?hl=en  -Bedros Keuilian www.instagram.com/bedroskeuilian/?hl=en  -Billy Gene www.instagram.com/billygeneismarketing/?hl=en  -Sue B Zimmerman www.instagram.com/suebzimmerman/?hl=en  -Chris Harder www.instagram.com/chriswharder/?hl=en  -John Lee Dumas www.instagram.com/johnleedumas/?hl=en  -Mark Lack www.instagram.com/mark.lack/?hl=en  -Mike Arce www.instagram.com/mikearcelive/?hl=en  -Ortal Levitan www.instagram.com/workout_unicorn/?hl=en  -Craig Ballantyne www.instagram.com/realcraigballantyne/?hl=en IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: • 10 Top entrepreneurs’ definition of living a dynamic lifestyle • Their daily habits, rituals, and routines from sun up to sun down • How you can take some of these top 10 entrepreneurs lifestyle habits and apply them to yours to play at a bigger level than you though possible This is an amazing episode that is going to help you enhance your overall lifestyle, and if you enjoyed it, please help us share it 😊 Follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/chrisandericmartinez/ and checkout the full show notes at www.liveadynamiclifestyle.com/podcast/ep…epreneurs/ -Eric

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