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Lessons from a Pro Skater to a Serial Entrepreneur with Mikey Taylor

March 12, 201970 min
Did you ever watch the X games? To be honest, I didn’t really either. But whats cool is Chris and I sat down with Mikey Taylor, an ex-pro skateboarder that participated in the X games, and he’s now a serial entrepreneur. Imagine the good majority of your entire life was centered around skate boarding. Literally, skateboarding every day for 5 hours. That’s the kind of work ethic it took Pro Skateboarder, Mikey Taylor, to get to the X games! Mikey had a successful professional skateboarding career and now he’s a serial entrepreneur. He’s doing some cool things with his new investment company “Commune.” We had a blast talking with Mikey and some of the lessons he’s learned being a pro skateboarder and how he applies it to life and entrepreneurship now. In This Episode, You Will Learn: • The amount of work it took for him to get to a pro level and how you can do the same • How Mikey took his pro skating experiences and applied the mindset to his day to day life • Mikey’s real estate and storage unit investments have built him long term wealth and why you should start investing as well • Hitting rock bottom after his pro skateboarding career and how he got out of it and started his own business Follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/chrisandericmartinez/ and checkout the full show notes at www.liveadynamiclifestyle.com/podcast/ep…ey-taylor/ And follow Mikey on Instagram  Instagram.com/mikeytaylor and checkout more info on him here: Other places to connect with Mikey: Websites: communecapital.com/ www.avniintelligence.com/ I am excited to share these amazing lessons Chris and I learned from ex-pro skateboarder and serial entrepreneur, Mikey Taylor, listen HERE and if you enjoyed it, please help us share it 😊  -Eric

Chat About Lessons from a Pro Skater to a Serial Entrepreneur with Mikey Taylor