Educators Lead with Jay Willis

Educators Lead with Jay Willis


136: Tim Elmore | When Students Take Ownership Of Their Own Learning, They Are Incentivized To Be Creative | Marching Off The Map: How To Teach And Lead Generation Z | Navigating Cross-Generational Leadership | Habitudes: Leadership Habits And Attitudes

January 15, 201844 min

44 min
135: Kris Murray | Vulnerability Inspires Your Team To Follow Your Vision | The Connection Between Extreme Skiing And High Performance Leadership | A Quick How-To Guide On Self-Publishing | The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide |

January 9, 201855 min

55 min
134: Chris Trieste | Take the Complex and Make it Simple | Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Students | 14 Great Coaches: Learn Their Lessons, Improve Your Coaching, Have a Lasting Impact | Best Practices in Teaching

October 17, 201752 min

52 min
133: Matt Bardin | Don't Ignore The Elephant In The Room, Address The Big Issues Head-On | How To Get Students Excited About Reading | Create An Experience For Your Students | The Link Between Reading Comprehension And Success In School

October 9, 201758 min

58 min
132: Connie Hamilton | Be Patient! Sometimes You Have To Go Slow To Go Fast | What A Tattoo Show Can Teach You About Leadership | Hacking Homework | The Path From Rocket Scientist, Counselor, Teacher, And Principal; To Curriculum Director & Author

October 2, 201761 min

61 min
131: Naphtali Hoff | How To Have A Great Work Ethic AND A Balanced Life | What You Wish You Would Have Known Before Going Into School Leadership | Becoming The New Boss | How To Have Sustained Success In School Leadership

July 24, 201756 min

56 min
130: Jeff Zoul | Start. Right. Now. | Know The Way, Show The Way, Go The Way, Grow Each Day | Work Hard. Have Fun. Be Nice. | How To Survive The Running Of The Bulls | What Great Principals Do Differently | There Are Always Many Sides To Every Story

July 17, 201748 min

48 min
129: Toni Cameron | People Trust You If They Know You Believe In Them | The Connection Between Math and Music | From Aspiring Concert Pianist To Educator | Origin And Highlights Of Agents Of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching

June 19, 201754 min

54 min
128: Tom Hierck | How To Win Over Cynical Teachers | 7 Keys To A Positive Learning Environment | Celebrating Victories Validates The Value Of The Accomplishment And The Sacrifice It Took To Get There | Every Student Is A Success Story Waiting To Be Told

June 12, 201770 min

70 min
127: Dr. Megan Slocum | How To Juggle It All | Care Enough To Engage In Relationships | Being A Good Human | Make Decisions Based On What Is Best For Kids, Not On What Is More Convenient For Adults

May 29, 201780 min

80 min

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Educators Lead is a podcast created to help launch educators into the next level of leadership. This show is for you if you are an assistant principal, principal, superintendent, teacher or someone who hopes to be a school leader one day. Educators Lead offers inspiration and practical advice to help you lead more effectively. Jay Willis interviews school leaders weekly to discuss the reason these educators made the decision to move into school leadership, challenges along the journey, and the stories of impact that have made it all worthwhile. Educators Lead is a great resource for any educator looking to make a greater impact with their students, other teachers, and their school.... Show More

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