EmPowered Couples with The Freemans

EmPowered Couples with The Freemans

This podcast is all about Couples and the 3C’s: Communication, Conflict, Connection. These are not skills you automatically have when you get into a relationship, but that need to be developed to overcome the inevitable challenges that will come up. Couples who listen to the podcast say, “are they watching us?!” because of how extremely relatable and practical to your day-to-day life together these topics are! Hosts Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman are authors of The Argument Hangover and their programs and workshops have reached over a million people. They are parents to baby Skye Noël and live in Phoenix, Arizona.


September 29, 2022 20 min

Men, there is something you don’t understand about your female partners… Being completely honest here, this is something that women might forget in the moment as well.

When women don’t understand this about themselves then they don’t communicate in the best way or request what it is they need so that it can be received by their male partners.

Men, without understanding this need that women have, you will easily invalidate them and ...

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Women, there is something you don’t understand about your male partners… Being completely honest here, this is something most men don’t even understand about themselves!

When men don’t understand this about themselves then they cannot even communicate or request what it is they need and default to shutting down, being silent, or even leaving the physical space without so much as a word about what is happening. 

Women, without under...

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If you have ever felt that you needed to make a difficult decision or that you have been in the same place in your marriage longer than you’ve wanted, you likely need to identify your values and adjust your priorities!

Now this can be a very seasonal thing, even core values can adjust based on the season you are coming out of or wanting to enter into! Sometimes it even involves rearranging your core values to one’s that are more im...

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After going through the most challenging month of my life, which of course had a major impact on Jocelyn as we went through it together, this is one of the major lessons I learned. Though you experience different challenges and varying degrees of emotional stress around them, the fact remains that challenges themselves are temporary. This realization was a major turning point during this time. 

In this solo episode you will hear ab...

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Do you remember your wedding vows, could you tell us what they are and more importantly if you have been keeping them? Sorry if that feels like a bold and challenging question, but the point is that many of us have forgotten what we promised our spouse at the start of the marriage! 

There are a few reasons this happens, tune into the episode to hear what those are. But the more important thing is to ongoingly remake your promises t...

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You are familiar with those times where you go to ask for help or share a need you have with your partner. All of a sudden you find yourself keeping score of all the things you do, comparing how much you do, and making sure then see that it’s more than they do. Now you are in a battle for what is fair and where you feel things are out of balance. 

In this episdoe you will hear about where this dynamic comes from and the main tips t...

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The fall season has historically been a time of growing stronger or more strained as a couple. As a followup from last week, we want to cover 3 of the challenges that men are expressing in marriage right now. Does it address “everything” that every single couple is saying to us right now? Of course not. But these are 3 big ones that many are experiencing, so we thought it’d be helpful for you to know.

As mentioned in the episdoe, t...

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This episode is a dose of motivation and perspective change for your marriage and life. Book a Relationship Breakthrough Session with us. This is a private 2-on-2 session to overcome any challenge you’re facing as a couple. Read more and pick your slot here.

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The fall season has historically been a time of growing stronger or more strained as a couple. That’s why we want to cover 3 of the challenges that women are expressing in marriage right now. Does it address “everything” that every single couple is saying to us right now? Of course not. But these are 3 big ones that many are experiencing, so we thought it’d be helpful for you to know. 

Book a Relationship Breakthrough Session with ...

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Are we the only ones facing some “challenges” in life right now? Let’s talk about the real stuff going on. When you face challenges – whether in your marriage or life circumstances you’re facing – do you become smaller or bigger? “Smaller” meaning: you shrink down, become paralyzed, maybe even a victim mentality. “Bigger” meaning: you rise to the occasion, you get resourceful, you call on support/help, you shift your perspective an...

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Have you had the experience of being inspired for a short amount of time, then realize something was missing to actually create the actual change you wanted in your life and marriage? Or how about with your partner... have you been frustrated because they say they are doing to make a change, only to fall back into the same patterns in just a few weeks? 

This can be frustrating for both you and your partner, especially when they hav...

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Having hard conversations is a part of being in a marriage. These conversations come up when you feel disconnected, when a past conflict is unresolved, or when you are feeling disconnected and want to get back to connection. Depending on each of your styles of communicating, when you go to have these conversations, you might end up in the “Pursue-Withdraw” pattern. 

In this episode you will hear the dynamics of this pattern, where ...

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‘Emotional Agility’ is your ability to be with and accept your strong emotions while letting them better inform you of the next actions to take in your life. As you can already tell this is not an easy thing or a natural thing when you feel big emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, regret, or resentment. 

Typically what would happen when these strong emotions come up, we either: avoid or suppress the emotion and try to just move on, ...

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Before you click away from seeing the overused word “goals”, remember goals are the things you want to achieve in your life and marriage. So they are important, even though this conversation has been talked about so much. But there is a MISSING PIECE to all of this which is identifying your standards! 

This is a conversion that we are even going through ourselves as we redefine what we want our next season of life and marriage to b...

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A funny thing in a relationship is that in the beginning your differences attracted you to your partner. Some time later those differences become points of tension and butting heads. All of a sudden you want them to be less assertive and opinionated, more organized and to remember to put household things in the places you want, you want them to change their tone and sound less accusatory, or you differ on decisions to either go on ...

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Trips to see your in-laws… these are supposed to be times of fun, connection, and relaxation. Yet many times they can be quite the opposite. You might feel drained, depleted, constrained from being yourself and what you really want to do, and end up ending the trip without it being what you really wanted and would have fulfilled you.

The core reason for this is blurred or crossed boundaries. In this episode you will hear, after we ...

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The most important thing in relationships is repairing and resolving conflicts. Because conflicts WILL happen, it’s not about the amount or even having them.

Now true repair is not necessarily an easy thing, because of the emotion you both have, the different perspectives you have, and the complex dynamics that happen from making a few mistakes. 

These mistakes leave you feeling unresolved, that it’s your fault, blamed, or forced t...

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Having frustrations and feelings of resentment over your roles and responsibilities is a common thing we hear. One parter is frustrated about not getting help, then the response they get is: “just tell me what you need me to do” OR “I’m happy to help, just tell me what” OR sometimes “it’s your job, you stay at home, I work, so just get it done".

This is frustrating for both partners, and triggers defensivness and often a confli...

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You and your partner both do a lot of things for the relationship and marriage to work. A lot of these things are done each day and are very routine. But it’s easy to feel taken for granted, or even taken advantage of when you do not feel that your partner has acknowledged you for those things.

In this episode you will be reminded to acknowledge your partner more often AND 3 “things” to acknowledge them for that will progressively ...

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Would anyone actually raise their hand and say that they enjoyed failure? If any, it would be a small number for sure because we just don’t like that feeling that comes with failing. But what if failure wasn’t a separate thing from success? What if failure had to happen on the journey to success? 

In this motivational moment episode, Aaron goes into the idea he got from his experience traveling to Austin Texas for a crypto conferen...

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